Monday, December 26, 2011

Chihuahua Found and Big News

Okay guess what? Remember the chihuahua was you know unleashed. Well guess what? It was found. When the dog was unleashed people were searching for it and after 2 days after the dog was unleashed they found it by a mall. Sorry I couldn't tell you after a couple of days because I forgot about it.

Now the big news is that an animal has become extinct. Extinct means gone forever. The African Rhino has become extinct. People were wiping them out for their horns. Plus their lands were being built with buildings and roads. The other news is that the Spotted Owl is so close to being extinct. Their homes are being cut down from loggers. Plus people are using poison spray to kill their food that they eat so food becomes scarce. Scarce means very little.

Now lets help this animal and have a funeral for the African Rhino which is extinct. By the way my friend told me this animal is extinct. So if I am wrong blame my friend. Bye!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Time Animal

Sorry I have't typed in 2 weeks it is just that I was busy. So anyways Christmas is coming right and Hanukah? So we have to celebrate. Give yourself a pat on the back if you celebrate Christmas. Now give yourself a pat on the back if you celebrate Hanukah. Good. Lots of people for Christmas and lots of people for Hanukah. Now we are going to talk about some animals that live in the cold days of Christmas and Hanukah. These animals I am going to talk about do not hibernate. Hibernate means sleeping a long time. Maybe we would do just one animal.

1. The Snowy Owl. Family: Strigidae. These owls are really big for their family which is Strigidae. Some people call this owl Arctic Owl, Great White Owl or Harfang. It was so close to be related with the Great Horned Owl. But recently they are in different groups. These beautiful owls have yellow eyes and black bills ( beaks). They have speckled black and white on their body and they can twist their heads all the way if there is any danger. Their faces are almost shaped as a heart not exactly but almost and around that heart is no black only white. They even have black claws. The Snowy Owl does not have any teeth. Their sharp beaks help them stab their prey ( food ). The Snowy Owls are about 52-71 centimeters long. They have a 125-150 centimeter wingspan. Also these magnificent birds weigh 1.6 to 3 kilograms. They need to weigh less or they will be too heavy to carry when they fly. These owls are one of the biggest owls on North America and are the heaviest. To tell the deference of a female and male is that the male is almost pure white while the females are speckled with black and white. The Snowy Owls have lots of fluffy feathers on their feet this helps them walk in the snow and camouflage them from predators. They act as snowshoes. Theses owls have barked calls when danger is near it is like krek-krek. This noise almost sounds like quacking. The krek-krek is for males but for females their call is pyee-pyee or prek-prek. They may also clap their beak in the air. Some people think it is the tongue that does the clapping or the beak. The Snowy Owls are typically found in the Northern circumpolar region. These owls make nests out of mound or boulder. They put on the nests eagle feathers and gravel bars. They will also need a lack of snow. Then they lay their eggs up to 5-14. These owls eat rodents and lemmings. These owls also eat small mammals, meadow voles, deer mice, hares, rodents, muskrats, marmots, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, prairie dogs, rats, moles, grouse, ducks, geese, shorebirds, pheasants, coots, grebes, gulls, songbirds, other owls, fish, carrion and entrapped furbearers. These owls can eat the fur and bones and then they puke it out to make pellets. Snowy Owls have very few predators. Some predators eat their eggs.
You like that information? Good. Well do you remember the skull I had well guess what? We figured it out it was a cat skull. I just found it so what? I didn't kill it I just found it sitting there in the ground. Bye have a Merry Christmas and Hanukah!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mystery Skull and About Skunks

Hi! Today I am going to talk about my mystery skull. Well let me tell you more details of the story. I was watching T.V. I was watching Nickelodeon and Spongebob Squarepants was on. We were watching Mr.Crabs talk to Spongbob when my dad came inside the house with muddy boots and leaves on his shirt and he had a rake in one hand. He also was sweating. We looked at him. He said," I found an animal skull in the backyard." I got out of the couch and grabbed my flip-flops. My sister wasn't paying attention she didn't even listen because she was staring at the T.V. My Dad and I went on the deck and down the stairs and then we both ran to the fountain I have and we ran down a dirty hill and right beside a tree was a skull. My dad had gloves on so he picked it up and put it on a table in our backyard. I said", I will ask Mom if we could keep it and put it in a jar." So I ran to the house and asked mom and she said yes and I grabbed a big jar and we put it in. Then we looked at it. My sister and my mom and my dad and me all looked at it. Then I put it on my desk in my room. Then I went to my dad who was searching for his Ipad. Then he found it upstairs on his counter by his bed. So he took it and we did research on it to find the right skull for the skull we had. Then we found it! It was a CAT skull! It looked like a year old and we don't know how it died. It could have died from disease or got eaten from a predator or it died from old age. We don't know but we are going to keep it.

Now lets talk about skunks. You know skunks spray a stinky smell? Well you want to know how much the stink lasts? It lasts about weeks or months but it depends on how much you get sprayed. Also the spray goes about 10-15 feet I think. Also skunks weigh about 2.5 - 14 pounds and are 13 - 18 inches long but excluding the tail. Skunks have 1 stripe that goes to the face then it splits into 2 stripes on the back then goes back to 1 stripe on the tail. The rest of the body is black and it's eyes are black like the body. They are omnivores and munch on mostly insects like grasshoppers, beetles and crickets. It also eats earthworms, snails, crayfish, wasps and ants. It also eats frogs and small mammals which includes voles, squirrels, mice, moles and rats. They also eat bird eggs. They also eat plants like blackberries, raspberries, black cherries, blueberries, grains, corn and nuts. They also like to scavenge in garbage cans for leftover food left over from humans. Sometimes they eat pet food. They even eat bees to get bees they have fur that protects them from bee stings. Also it is common for skunks to dig holes in backyards to find food. Lots of skunks live in North America. They live in South Canada from Nova Scotia to British Columbia they also live in the United States and parts of Northern Mexico. Skunks can live in a number of habitats which includes woodlands, grasslands and agricultural lands. The skunk has increased it's range with the cutting of forests throughout North America. Skunks drink water from fountains and creeks and sometimes small rivers. They also drink water from water puddles and ponds. Skunks look cute but try not to go near one. I know you want to squash one but don't they will spray you. Also skunks have birth to about 4-7 babies before being born the mother skunk will make a den for her babies and female skunks mate only one male and that is all about skunks.

Now I have to go. Bye!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mystery Skull

Hello! Today we are going to talk about a mystery skull I found in my backyard. I was walking in my backyard when I found an old skull and it was a little bigger than a squirrel skull and also it had huge eyes. I have no idea what it is but I will tell you in my next post.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

About Owls

Hello! Today we are going to talk about owls. So should we start?

Owls are carnivores or meat eaters they eat voles, mice, rats, snakes, small rabbits and sometimes eggs. They lay about 3-7 eggs at a time and they come at night which means they are nocturnal. If you see an owl with ear tufts on each side then that means the category is a true owl and if you see an owl without ear tufts then the category is false owl but it doesn't mean that it is not an owl but that is the two owl categories. Some of the false owls are barn owls, Great Gray owls, snowy owls and others. Some of the true owls are great horned owls and others. Owls are sometimes brown, white, black, yellow or orange in color. Owls have beaks and talons ( claws ) that help them catch their prey. If a very small owl like the saw-whet can't find food they will eat insects instead. Owls live for about 8 or more years and they have feathers to keep them warm. They have beaks that are shaped like a crooked fat nail. They are threatened by habitat loss and other animals eating their food they need to eat to survive. Most animals eat their eggs and trees are chopped down to kill owls and owl eggs. Owls are also my favorite animal and I have seen a barn owl. Some people believe that if you hear 2 hoots of an owl you get bad luck but I don't believe it. I think it is a legend or some early travelers just thought of that. But that is about owls.

I got to go now Bye!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Messy Garden Tending and more Squirrels

Hello! Today I am going to talk about a messy garden tending day at my school and about squirrels. Let's do messy garden tending first. I was outside listening for instructions from my teacher. Then he gave each of us a group and the group does their job. I had Kennedy and Jillian T. as my group and we were picking out flowers and ripping them into tiny pieces ad putting them into the compost bin where  worms and other animals will eat them. After we finished Kennedy went to help somebody else. I and Jillian T.  decided we should make a motto which was "You bring it we'll break it." so other people will bring the flowers and vegetables and we will tear them for them and put it in the compost bin. I also heard that another group made a leaf pie shop. They collect leaves and bring them to us and we break the leaves and put it in the compost bin. Kelsey also brought huge barrels of leaves and we break them. James gave us scoopfuls of leaves and other people gave us flowers and vegetables to break for the winter. Some of the roots of vegetables were hard to tear so we used sharp metal small shovels to break them by chopping them. It felt like we were cutting celery and putting them into a giant bowl of soup which was the compost bin. We teared a lot of stuff including flowers to roots and vegetables to stems we even broke red stems and green stems and yellowish stems and we broke yellow flowers and red flowers and blue flowers we broke white roots and yellow roots. Then Hannah and Nina came to help me and half the time Jillian T. went to help some other people rake leaves. When we were finished the whole place looked plain the only thing left was some pear and apple trees and plum trees and that is the story. The End

Now lets talk about some squirrels. The first thing is about squirrels they are about 5-10 inches tall and weigh about your phone or an Ipad or maybe a book. They live for about 10-15 years and they like to eat berries and nuts. Their favorite food is peanuts and walnuts really! I have a wild squirrel and she likes to eat peanuts and walnuts her name is Mishca. They have about 3-8 babies. When they are threatened by a dog or a cat they will have their tails puffed and they will make a ruckus. They also jump really long like about 4 feet wide. Sometimes they bite or scratch. Their dung, poop or poo are very small they are about 5 centimeters long and weigh about a pencil eraser they sometimes are green but mostly brown. They are shaped like an oval. Their teeth are about 6 centimeters long and their claws are about 2 inches long. They also have black eyes. They look so cute and brown. Some squirrels are tan.

Now I have to go. Bye


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Ceremony and Animal Facts

Hello! Today is the time for the Halloween Ceremony for the first place second place and third place people. The first person for first place is my sister who was a skeleton cat.
For second place is my friend Sydney who is a gypsy.
For third place is my friend Isabel who is Lagoona Blue from Monsters High. I really like her wig and fins most.
Now that is the end and also thank you for participating.

I also have something else to talk about which is Animal Facts first of all have you guys heard about the Galapagos Turtle? It is one of the biggest turtles in the world and is 1.8 meters long and it lives for 200 years or more. It eats grasses, leaves, cacti and fruits. It weighs 150-200 kg and the turtles are threatened by non-active cats and feral pigs that eat their eggs and pigs and goats eat their vegetation and are also killed by forest fires.

Another fact is have you seen the Axolotl? They are white or black and they are fish. They have four legs  and have like 2 fins on their head that looks like fin ears and they have a tail. They look like half tadpole and half salamander. They live in freshwater lakes and they die from pollution and habitat loss. They are also very endangered. They even eat tadpoles, worms, insects, crustaceans and small fish.

Another fact is have you seen the Marabou Stork? They are like vultures but have legs like ostrich's. They are 1.5 meters high and weigh 9 kg. They eat carrion, birds, fish, reptiles and insects. They die from habitat loss, they are also losing their carnivore diet because the numbers are dropping down from hunters and other animals eat their food but the good news is they are adapted to town life so they scavenge in garbage cans and abattoirs.

Another fact is have you seen the African Grey Parrot? They are about 33 cm long and weigh 400-600 g. They even live for 60 years. They eat fruits, seeds, berries and flowers. Their numbers are dropping down from habitat loss and too many are taken away from the wild and are put in pet stores for the pet trade. They are also declining.

Another fact is have you ever seen a Serval? They have pointy ears and small faces. They look like house cats and they have spots like a cheetah. They eat hares, rodents, frogs and birds. They live in grasslands and are dying from hunters for their shiny coats they are also declining too which is very bad. They are also wiped out from eating small animals in farms. Most of them were wiped out in South Africa and North Africa were they live.

I got to go. Bye! I will write back soon!

Jillian P.s. Thank you so much for reading in my blog!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Making the Halloween Party

Hello! Today I am going to talk about this Halloween party I made for Isabel my friend that is from far away. Well first of all it was my sister Brooklynn who decided it and Isabel was going to come in 5 days. It was Monday by the way. Well after she said that me and Brooklynn made a meeting so we made a list of things to do on the party on Saturday. We chose 10 games. It was Halloween Bingo, Art Competition, Pet Shops, Halloween Brainstorm, Hot Potato, Manicures, Freeze Dance, Watch a Movie, Hide and go Halloween and Witches Potion. But then the list was too long so we narrowed it down. We were going to do Halloween Bingo, Art Competition, Pet Shops, Halloween Brainstorm, Hot Potato and Witches Potion when she just barely comes from the plane. Then if we have time we will play Freeze Dance and Hide and go Halloween. Then the next day we are going to Watch a Movie and do Manicures. See it is all situated. But I wanted to do Halloween Brainstorm first. Brooklynn was making Halloween Bingo. I needed some paper with squares on it, some paper with Halloween questions on it and 2 stuffed animals that are squishy. The way it works is that there are 2 people who are the costumers and 1 person that is the question person. The customers need a square paper. They each even need a pencil. They each have a stuffed animal too. So the question person which is me is going to ask a question. The harder the question is the more points you earn. The customers draw what they think it is. Then when they are finished they squash the stuffed animal. If they get the question right they earn points if wrong you take away 5 points. There is even points for quickest and neatest drawers which means 10 points. So that is how you play Halloween Brainstorm. So I made the game less than 30 minutes. When I finished Brooklynn came with the Bingo game. Oh my she made only 6 squares. I said " Brooklynn would you please add more squares?" But she kicked me and started to cry. Oh well I guess I need to make the party by myself. Well I was busy on the rest of the days at school. Until it was Thursday and we needed to get to work. I started to put the Halloween music on my radio so it is ready for freeze dance. Then I dumped all my pet shops on the floor and I took each of my 104 pet shops and put them in a line. Then I had to do my homework. The next day was Friday and Jillian my friend came over and said she could help me on the party before girl scouts started. We went to work. I told Rebecca and Brooklynn to get the crafts and put them by my bed so that we could make the art competition. While they worked me and Jillian went to mix foods for the Witches Potion Game. Our first creation was mint ice-cream mixed with ketchup. Thinking about it is grossing me out. Then we put each 5 creations and put them in the fridge. Then we checked on Brooklynn and Rebecca and they were doing great! Me and Jillian were starting to decorate the pet shops for the Halloween party. Then Brooklynn and Rebecca finished and they both went to get the hot corn sack for hot potato because we were going to burn it in the microwave so we could make hot potato. They brought the cold corn sack and we put it by the game Halloween Brainstorm. After they did that me and Jillian just finished decorating the pet shops. All of us started to put away the rest of the crafts. Then it was time for me and Jillian to go to girl scouts. After girl scouts I started to make a new bingo and grabbed candy for some of the games. When it was time for bedtime I couldn't finish my bingo game. So then the next day was Saturday and I finished the bingo game. Then Isabel my friend came and we had a great time. The End. So how did you like it? I got to go bye!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My 3rd Field Trip and Surprise Thing

Hello! Today I am going to talk about my third field trip that happened 2 weeks ago. Well it was at an apple orchard called Hood River County and it was organic apples they didn't just have organic apples but organic pumpkins and pears. There are different types of apples, pears and pumpkins. They were so hard to choose. But here I will tell you everything. Lets start when I got up in the morning. I got up on a cloudy day on a Thursday in October. I swung out of bed and started to take my pajama pants off. Then I got my clothes on. After I just barely put on my pants and got out of my bedroom with my homework folder in my hand I went downstairs for breakfast. I had cereal with cut up strawberries inside with some lemon yogurt and some water. I started chomping away on my food hearing my sister yelling upstairs. After eating my delicious breakfast I went upstairs to brush my teeth with some mint toothpaste. I scrubbed and scrubbed until it looked clean enough. Then I went to brush and comb my hair and use some cream to smooth my hair out and also to use the flat iron. After that I went downstairs and put my homework folder away and some other stuff and then I put my dark pink rain coat on with my pink owl backpack on top. Then my sister came whooshing down the stairs and put her homework in her backpack  and put her light blue rain coat on and her pink spotted backpack on top of that. Then we raced up to the bus stop. My mom came up 3 minutes later with her pink jacket on. We waited for the bus then there came the bus whoops wrong bus that was bus 49. We waited then there came the bus whoops wrong again that was bus 93. Then the bus came that was our bus. Bus 40 here we come. We jumped in and said hi to Dave my bus driver. After we said hi we jumped in a seat in the bus. I looked out the window my sister was playing a hand game with a friend. We waited and waited until there came the school. Our normal school sitting there waiting for us. Bus 40 stopped and we said thanks to Dave and jumped off the bus. We walked into the school and in a long hallway and then I went to my classroom and hanged up my backpack in the hall. Then I took out my homework folder and put it in the In Box for Mr.Q my teacher to look at. After putting my homework folder away I went to my desk and started pulling out a book called Super Fudge and I started reading a funny chapter I even laughed a little. We finally heard the honk on the honker Mr.Q honked on to give us attention. We dropped our things and stayed quiet for a minute while he talked ", Hello class right now it is time to go on our filed trip to the apple orchard. We cheered and then he announced for us to line up. Then we walked down the hallway again and went to a bus I really never met. Then we climbed in one by one and picked a seat. Kelsey sat with me. My new best friend. We sat together and talked and played hand games and red together and wrote together and we made movies up on her camera. Then the bus stopped and Mr.Q gave instructions and Mr.Rogers too who is another teacher in another class in fourth grade. Then we clambered one by one out of the bus and went to our chaperone or our group. Then we started to our stations. My group went to station B. We made apple cider with apples. We even get to have 2 tiny cups of apple cider to try. There were bees and wasps everywhere and some kids were very scared of them. I quickly drank my apple cider so the wasps won't get it. But the cider was so good and my breath smelled like apple cider. Then we went to station C for a hayride and we picked 3 apples on tiny apple trees. We put the apples in our blue plastic baggies. Some kids got 2 or 1 apples. After picking we went to the rest of the hayride and saw some animals we saw a bull, a horse, a billy goat and 3 tiny goats. After seeing them we went to station A our last station and we learned more about apples and tried some. After that we went shopping for free at a little market filled with apples and pears and pumpkins and apple cider and some cinnamon apple crackers and more. Then we went back to the bus and ate some lunch on the way back to class at school. The End

Now lets go to the next story of the surprise and it is really cool. You know I have a forest backyard? Well when I was getting dressed for school on a Tuesday morning that was really foggy I looked out my window and what did you know I saw a cat? No how about a coyote? No that is bigger. Oh my gosh I saw a DEER! A DEER a DEER! This is big it looked like a teenager to me but it was a female  trust me ad it had coal black eyes. Cool huh? But I got to go. Bye!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Food Problems

Hello! Today we have a big food problem we have 5 problems and you guys are the only ones that can help the world. The first thing is if you are allergic to any type of this food don't eat it still.

Number 1. This is a tuna fish problem. You know there is 2 different types of tuna I think but the first one is getting over caught and the second type of tuna is way far away then the other tuna and nobody wants to eat them. So I got a plan. Can we do this? Can we save the tuna? Will this plan work? Well we don't know yet but this is my plan. The over caught tuna should not be eaten anymore and we should switch to the other tuna which is Wild Albacore Tuna and everybody should do it. Then we eat them for 3 years and after 3 years the other over caught tuna would have big numbers while the Wild Albacore Tuna will have lower numbers and we eat the over caught tuna again while the Wild Albacore Tuna reaches big numbers again for 3 years. So we go back and forth each 3 years. Then if we eat just the over caught tuna we won't have any of that tuna anymore so we switch to the other tuna and we won't switch anymore and then all the tuna would be gone and we won't eat them anymore and anyways both the tuna taste the same. Oh please eat the other tuna and we switch it will help me so much.

Number 2. Fruit problem here. Well this is bad news for nature. We need to buy fruit local because fruit from far away places takes the fruit in trucks or planes and the trucks and planes put more gas in the air for global warming and the global warming melts Antarctica and if that happens the polar bears fall from the ice and die. Then we won't have any polar bears or maybe penguins and other animals. While the fruit comes the fruit turns old and when it is put in the store it doesn't have any nutrients anymore and nobody wants to buy the fruit anymore so then we waste gas and fruit and cause global warming. So buy local and local means the place you live like if you grow apples from Oregon for example and they only come in fall so you eat apples only in fall and not in summer, winter or spring. So that means that it is local and the trucks and planes don't have to come with yucky fruits and vegetables.

Number 4. Global Warming is here. If you want to help stop global warming you are at the right place. Here is a list of things you can do to help the world stop global warming.
1. Try to ride a bike, scooter, and skateboard or you can walk or run.
2. Ride the bus to school or somewhere because if you ride a car that causes more global warming but a bus that is just fine then 100 cars.
3. Try not to put on the heater in your house that causes global warming put on some clothes, wear a blanket or some other way instead.
4. If you don't have a heater and have a fireplace instead try not to use it put on some blankets, exercise because it warms you up, put more clothes on or some other way.
5. Thanks for participating. Will you help stop global warming? Also try not to use your car too much!

Number 5. Meat problem here! People are eating too much meat. Meat has protein I know but it has lot's have fatness. You can get protein from different foods not just meat. Also meat means killing animals! So try not to eat meat. Thanks! You can try to be a vegetarian like giraffes, hippos, elephants, caterpillars, butterflies, kangaroo's, some types of lizards, cows, horses, bees, sheep, some types of birds, deer, moose, antelopes, squirrels, buffalo, worms, bulls, goats, manatee's, pigs, seahorse, some types of fish, fruit bats and others.

Thanks for reading my post. Bye. P.s The Halloween competition is almost coming. So try to write back! Bye!


Friday, October 14, 2011

My Big Messy Play-date

Hello! Today I am going to talk about a messy play-date that I had 2 days ago. Also something is funny with my friend's name we both have the same name! We are both Jillian's and soon she is getting glasses like me. That is why we have to say our first name and the capital of our last name. So my friend's name is Jillian T. and my name is Jillian O. in the story. Also don't forget my sister Brooklynn has a friend over too her name is Rebecca. She is my friend's sister. Now let's begin now.

After Parent Teacher Conference's at my school my best friend Jillian T. was coming over. She was coming half an hour after Parent Teacher Conference's. After the half an hour we heard the doorbell ring and we answered the door. It was my best friend and my sister's best friend plus my mom's best friend. Then all of us went in the kitchen looking out the window but not my mom but her best friend left. So Jillian T. suggested ," How about we go outside." All of us agreed. So we went outside. It was warm. We walked down the deck and went on the gravel and on some stone steps and went over the fountain bridge and sat on some little chairs, looking around the backyard and enjoying the breeze on our faces. We also were wondering what to do. Then Jillian T. asked ," How about we go in the little creek down there." I said," What a wonderful idea." So we walked down slippery mud and my flip-flops kept coming off my feet and then I stepped in the mud with my bare feet. Jillian T. said," Maybe I should put on some of your shoes on because I don't want my boots to get muddy." I said," Sure." So she ran off and Rebecca went off too to put on some new shoes. Then I went searching for black shells that have baby water slugs in them that got washed off the water and I put them back in the water so we could save them before they die without water oxygen. Brooklynn my sister asked," What are you doing Jillian?" I answered back saying," I am saving little shells that got washed up in shore and in the shells are baby sea slugs see like this one in my hand." I held out my hand and my sister looked in. Then she said," Can I help too?" "Sure" I said. After about 10 minutes Jillian T. and Rebecca came back Rebecca was wearing zebra striped flip-flops and Jillian T. was wearing hello kitty boots. I told both of them about the black shells and what is in them and when they get up on the shore and rescuing them. Both of them wanted to help too. Remember that face we have on the tree? Well there is an eye and eye brow missing on the face and do you want to hear something funny? Okay I will tell you. Well while we were searching for the black shells Jillian T. said ," Why is there an eye in the mud?" Brooklynn ran to see what it was. We saw an eyeball right there in the mud. Brooklynn said she will show mom and then we will hang it up on the tree again and in the back of the eye there was a hook so we could hang it up on the tree again. So now we are happy. Then it was time for lunch we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit snacks, water, grandam crackers and some rolls with organic sugar and butter and jam. I and Brooklynn also had macaroni and cheese. After that we played littlest pet shops by making our own little cities. Jillian T. and I made our own city together while Brooklynn and Rebecca made their city by themselves. We named our city Petspurg and Brooklynn and Rebecca named their's Paris. After we just barely finished our city it was time for Jillian T. and Rebecca to go. So they left and it was such a messy time. Jillian T. had the hello kitty shoes right? Well they were really muddy. All our shoes were really muddy and some parts of our wood floor got muddy too also some of our clothes got muddy too.

So it is time for me to leave. Bye I will come back soon!                      Jillian O

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Second Field Trip and Another Skunk Sighting

Hello! Today I am going to talk about my second field trip and another skunk sighting in my backyard at 6:00 pm. It was strange though because skunks come late at night when it is dark outside. Also don't forget the judging of your Halloween costume just go to comments below this post and type in what you are going to be for Halloween the judging is over at the first day of November and then if you win I will wright you on my post of first place second place and third place and everybody that is an animal rescuer in my blog will read about you. Sounds cool huh? 

Now let's start about my field trip well I got up on a cool cloudy morning and I put some warm clothes on because it was supposed to be very cold that day. Then I went to eat some chocolate cereal with milk on top and some banana's and I had water for a drink. After eating I brushed my hair and my teeth. Then went to put my shoes and socks on and my coat and backpack. My mom said we had to go in the car because we had to be there early. After a short time of having gas in our car we drove to school. Then finally about an hour later we went in the bus to Eagle Creek and it took about an hour or so to get there. So after about an hour we got out of the bus and got instructions from Mr.Q and headed for our stations. I was in station b first. There was a guy who told about salmon which we were supposed to learn about which was very interesting. He showed all the different types of fins on a salmon with a real dead fish that died of old age. He showed the fins and what they do and he showed the Pectoral Line and after looking in the outside of the body he cut open the fish and we looked in the inside. He showed us the heart, intestines, blood, spine, eggs which were dead, lungs, breathing sac that makes the fish go up or sink and a few more that I forgot and this field trip was 2 days ago. Then we went to station c and went to see real living mother fish making nests for their eggs called Redds. We even saw some males and females chasing each other. We just took a short hike around to see them. Then we went to station a to see the habitat the salmon live in but it was a shorter hike then station c. After that we went to the bus and had lunch and drove to a salmon sanctuary to see salmon in water cages. After we stopped we cleaned up our lunches and went to our chaperone. Chaperone means the parent you are with. We looked around the sanctuary and saw some salmon jumping up and down in their cages. We fed them some crumbs of salmon food. We even watched a little movie about salmon. We even saw one of the biggest salmon which is named Herman the Sturgeon.  We saw some smolts and fry's which means that probably the fish are teenagers. We even saw a few trouts. After time was up we went back to the bus for the field trip to be over. The End 

Now about the skunk that came at 6:00 at my house in the backyard. When I came home from school and played with my toys my mom was closing the blinds. Then she yelled", Jillian come here look a skunk!" I ran downstairs and saw the skunk it looked like the same one I saw a while ago before I went to bed. Well I am wondering why did it come in the morning? That is so strange. You could probably guess on comments by going to comments on the bottom of this post and click on it then do a guess and I will answer back. Bye! 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Dumb Sore Legs

Hello! Today I am talking about my sore legs from a big run at school which is called the Jog-A-Thon. Well it was in a Friday last week. My sore legs lasted for two days. Well it started at school that the Jog-A-Thon was big. You had to wear pins on your back and connected to the pins was a blue sign that had numbers on the back with your name and date. The way the Jog-A-Thon works is if you run a lap the mom or dad has a marker in his or her hand and they check a number so they will know how many laps you did. Also your mom or dad or anybody in your family pays how much laps you did for the school. While I just barely ran it felt good to run for some reason then after twelve laps it got badder because I got tired running and my feet had blisters. But I ran more not giving up my dad ran with me also for the rest of the Jog-A-Thon. When the Jog-A-Thon was finished I ran 24 laps in all. I was happy it finished. Then we got blue wristbands from not breaking the rules. After the Jog-A-Thon my blisters on my feet hurt a lot. After school I put my feet in some rest. The next day was Saturday and I didn't know my legs hurt when I was sleeping in my bed. When I got up I put my glasses on and got out of bed my legs hurt so bad I could just barely stand. I took a few steps and it hurt. But I got a little used to it. My dad who ran with me at the Jog-A-Thon had sore legs too even my sister. My mom was just fine. It hurt so bad we couldn't go to Jhon's Incredible Pizza Place for fun. So I and my dad went to a restaurant to eat instead and it was a Thai restaurant. It was at I think 5:00. When we were driving back to the house there was a hill and I told my dad I could climb to the top with my sore legs so I did and it wasn't that easy as you think. That Saturday I almost sat the whole day. The next day which was Sunday my legs were still sore but a lot better. I was so happy. I almost played the whole day. The next day will be Monday but I think my legs will be better by then. But I need to go to bed now. Oh I almost forgot to tell you two things on that Sunday we went to Jhon's Incredible Pizza Place that day and since it is almost Halloween I have something to tell you. First is go to comments on the post at the bottom and click on it. Then type in what you want to be for Halloween and I will wright back on another post to see the best costume yet. Okay I got to go. Bye. Jillian

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Backyard

Hello! Remember the post about my new house? Well you know my new backyard? So today I am going to do more details of my backyard because my other post was supposed to tell more details about it but I didn't think you could read all that so now is the chance. My backyard is pretty cool. It is a forest backyard with many trees but not very much people get a forest backyard it's kinda rare. So as I was explaining about my backyard that it has a fountain sometimes if my sister and I find a dead bug like a grasshopper or ant we pick it up and drop it in the fountain for the bug's death bed. Sometimes I put my feet in the fountain or hands but after that I have to go in the shower or bath. One time we saw a cat in the backyard and it dug a hole in our plants and we didn't know what was happening and it picked up a dead bird and dropped it on the ground and left it there and then the cat left. So we took a photo of the bird and put a flower by it and then left. After four days we checked to see if it was there and there it was sitting there at the same spot. So I guess it was a present by the cat a bird. So my dad took a shovel and scooped it up and then we buried the bird. We also buried the flower with the bird. We put the bird in a spiky leafy place were animals can't get it and if the animals tried they will get a thorn. We also have 4 squirrels in our backyard 3 of them are scared of us and the other one is opposite she is brave my dad told me one day that he put a peanut in his hand and Mishca is what we named her took the peanut out of his hand and ate it. Also we have pet Steller's Jays they come from morning to evening when we throw peanuts out they swoop down and munch on their meal. We have fat ones and skinny ones and small ones and big ones. The Steller's Jays are blue and a black feathery mohawk on it's head the females are small and lighter blue with no black mohawk. But there are a lot more males then females. Females are very hard to find. We also have a hummingbird feeder witch is filled with nectar. But we haven't seen one yet but we noticed it went lower. We also have 8 bird feeders for tiny birds. It has millions of tiny seeds in there. We also have a squirrel feeder. You just put peanuts or anything else that squirrels eat and they go inside and the squirrels go munching away. Also we have lots of flowers and bushes in the backyard and also a table with four chairs on the deck and one table with two chairs by the fountain. We are also thinking of getting a fire pit or a hot tub outside. We even have hairy spiders out there that have black and white striped legs and red on the rest of the body and are about 2 inches or one inch. We even have a buddha by the fountain. We also have a real creek that runs down the forest backyard and my family believes that skunks,raccoons, deer, coyotes and owls come at night. We even have rocks under the deck and a green fence witch means you can't go any farther in the forest backyard. Sometimes we see an orange cat named Bonnie witch lives somewhere in my neighborhood comes in our backyard. You know that cat that had the killed the bird and we buried the bird well that cat lives in this neighborhood somewhere too but we don't know his name so we gave him a nickname witch is Tylon.

Okay I need to go because I playing with my sister of falling off the couch with tricks game. So bye!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Field Trip and Skunk

Hello! Today this is so much fun stuff in here there is about this hike or field trip and about a skunk sighting. Well you know when you are at school you get on the bus to go on a field trip but my mom came to so that is awesome. I also almost missed the field trip. Well I guess I will tell you the whole story. I was getting ready for school but it took forever for me to get up and get ready. My sister went to the bus while I went with my mom in her car. My mom said on the way to school she needed gas. So we went to the gas station. It took us a while then finally we went to school. When I got there everybody was there luckily. Then in about 3 minutes we left and walked in the hall to the bus. On the bus we had a different bus driver then my bus driver. My bus driver's name is Dave. But this one is a girl with red hair named June. When we went in the bus Cecelia sat next to me. She told me that she brought a book with her so she wont be bored. So Cecelia read the book to me. After that we got bored reading the book. So we played bubble gum, chopsticks, coconut and said a poem. It was fun. Then we got bored and just watched out the window hoping the bus will stop soon. Then after 10 minutes watching out the window the bus stopped at the Vista House witch was a big building and there was the Columbia River next to the Vista House we also saw Seal Rock in the Columbia River. There was lots of forests around the Columbia River too. Then a man stepped in the bus and he was a tour guider. He told us about the Gorge and he said, "Well at Montana there was a big lake and there was ice around the lake. Then on a very hot day the ice melted and the river crashed through. But the river crashed through making the Columbia River. Then when the pioneers were on a boat and went to Seal Rock they saw seals and they were happy because they were almost to sea. That's why Seal Rock is called Seal Rock. That is when they camped and admired the beautiful place they thought it was so beautiful they made the Vista House born. They bought glass windows and marble floors and everything they wanted even bathrooms then when us came we made the Vista House a little different. So after looking in the building and the river we went to the bus again and had a snack in the bus while it was driving to a forest path. When the bus parked we got out and Mr.Q gave us instructions he said," Okay class there are some hazards here there are 2 main hazards the first one is that some other hikers don't take the path they go past or over the path you could get lost if you don't take the path. Also if you are lost take the left path instead of the right path because the left path will take you to the beginning again. The second hazard is that there is lots of cliffs and mountains you could fall off so be careful. On your camera you may take 16 pictures the groups are find 4 types of bark, 4 types of living things, 4 types of rocks and 4 types of foliage witch means the things that are sticking out of the branches. I will be the head leader. Any questions? " Nobody raised their hand. Everybody was silent. Mr.Q said," Lets go then." Everybody followed him I was with my group witch were Mia, Logan, me, my mom and Kelton. While we were walking Mia had the camera taking a picture of a rock while I was day dreaming. We were walking a big hill then we saw a waterfall my mom said I could borrow her phone and take pictures then we went on walking. I was taking pictures of the green foliage while Mia was taking pictures with the school camera while I was using my moms phone. Pretending not to help Mia with what Mr.Q said about the 16 pictures. Just being free to take as many pictures as I want on my moms phone. Anyways Mia wanted to do the camera and her job by herself. That is why my mom let me use her phone. Then after a short period of time we saw a wooly bear caterpillar witch it is it's full name. Then a boy I didn't know came and flicked the caterpillar. The caterpillar was already dead. Then we saw slugs and snails everywhere and they are huge. The slugs are spotted with black and are squishy. The snails are not spotted and our moving slowly on their pretty shells. There was funny types of trees and bark. Some living things looked weird. The rocks had many types of shapes and sizes. There was moss growing everywhere and very few hikers. Two people found some types of frogs by them selves. Witch were a boy I didn't know and me. I found a frog that was brown and small. The boy found a warty toad that was black and green. We saw lots of waterfalls and only 1 dog. My mom found a squirrel. After the long hike we had lunch at a field. After we ate we played games at the field. I just talked with Mr.Q and my mom and a couple of friends. After lunch we packed up and went back to the bus. My legs were so sore and I was so tired. Then we came back to school and did some free time. Also thank you Mr.Q and Mr.Rogers for the field trip! So how was that story? Okay so now breaking news in my backyard. Last night I was getting ready for bed. I was talking to my mom when she said," Jillian be quiet. I see something. It looks like a skunk. Let me get to the window. " She tip toed to the window trying not to scare the thing. Then she said," It is a skunk. Come here Jillian. " I came too. Then my dad came. I got scared and ran back to my bed and under the covers with my head down. My mom said to come here but I said no. But I came back and saw the white stripe on the skunk's back and tail and saw the black coat. We had lights in the backyard so we can see it. I ran to my bed again scared of the skunk. Then the skunk left. So that is the breaking news of the skunk in my backyard. Okay I got to go. Bye.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Moving to a New House

Hello! Today I moved to a new house but I moved a couple of days ago but I am here right now. I will tell you about the house if you like. I have a bigger room now. I painted my room green as grass on the wall and on the ceiling blue as the sky and my mom didn't paint this long white strip on the wall because it is for flowers. At the end of this post I want you to guess what type of room I got. Also I have an owl bed with a pink owl pillow and yellow owl pillow with a flower blanket and flower pillows. I also have an owl rug. I even have an owl picture frame. I even have white furniture witch is a bookshelf, two drawer sets one is big and one is small and a desk witch I am getting soon with a chair. I even have a remote for turning on my fan and my light that is on my ceiling. I even have a white flower lamp and another white lamp but is taller. On my big drawer set I put my clothes in the drawers and my play horses on top with my d.s. and headphones. On my bookshelf I have 5 books in the bookshelf and some glass stuff on the top so my sister wont take them I even have two blank spaces on my bookshelf. You know why I have a few stuff on my bookshelf because I have some boxes with lots of books inside to unpack and I don't have them on my bookshelf yet. In my small drawer set I have my crafts, journals, birthday cards, bracelets, keychains and drawings. In my closet you know toys exploding everywhere. Next we have my sisters room she has dark pink walls and gray walls. She has a fashion room but her room is a total mess. Next we have two closets in the hall one has games and the other blankets. My mom and dads room is next to my room they have a master bedroom. Why don't kids have a master bedroom while the grownups do they even have a master bathroom. I and my sister have a tiny bathroom that is close to us. Next is downstairs the downstairs has a laundry room and is also the way where the cats use you know bathroom in the kitty litter, the kitchen witch is huge, the living room is bigger then the kitchen and the backyard. We have a forest backyard. We even have a pet squirrel named Mishca a girl squirrel. She even has a couple of mates. Even when we throw peanuts outside the squirrels don't eat it the blue jays do. We even have a humming bird feeder witch we didn't put outside yet. We even have 7 bird feeders for tiny birds and a squirrel feeder for the squirrels to eat out of in a jar. In our forest backyard we have a fountain witch is cool you get it cool the awesome cool and the cold cool. Well when me and my sister find a dead bug we put the bug on a leaf and put it in the fountain for his sacrifice. Well so far we only sacrificed two bugs so far. Well it has been a hard typing day I better go bye!

Jillian P.s I forgot to tell you what type of room I got if you guessed nature room you are right. Bye!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New School

Hello! Today I went to a new school. My teacher is Mr. Q. Mr.Q is super nice and I also have new friends at school. My new friends are named Kelsey, Kennedy, Ashley,Yasmine, Jillian and this one I forgot. Oh I forgot one more Mr. Q. I love this school my other school didn't teach me that well like an array. I didn't know what it meant and like yesterday Mr.Q taught me it in a better example now I know what an array is now. I won't tell you because you probably know. At school they have a garden. Today we harvested them I harvested the tomatoes. In case you don't know what harvest means it means that you pick them off and put them in a basket. Now you know. The playground has jump ropes, balls and hoolahoops. There are two playgrounds you can go to the small one and the big one. The small one has no slides, one broken climbing thing, one climbing thing, logs to sit on, one big play house, one little play house, steps and a giant spider that lives there that me and Kennedy discovered. The big one has a giant rock climber, swings, bars to climb on, lots of other climbing things, basketball court, barn and don't forget you can walk around the garden. The school also has a big gym with a cool gym teacher. He is so nice we see him twice a week. On a Friday's and Saturday's is when we meet him. Then there is the library. There is lots of books and lot's of couches and bean bags and I checked out two books. One about cougars and another that is called Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Also we have to bring lunch boxes or you can get a lunch but we eat in the classroom because there is no lunch room. I also really like the classroom because I get to sit with two if my friends Kelsey and Kennedy. I hope you like my post. See you soon.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Cowabunga Bay

Hello! Today I went to Cowabunga. Do you know what that is? It's a place you go to. It's a water park. I love water parks. Cowabunga has a lazy river. The Lazy River is like a swirly pool. It also has tubes you can go on and you can relax. You can swim in it too. It has a car in it a real car but it can't drive. The car squirts water at you. My favorite squirting object is the shower one. It is like a shower. Also there is water slides at Cowabunga. There is a big purple one but it is pure black inside. There is 2 big yellow water slides that are the same but inside is pure black. There is two small yellow slides for tiny children to do races and you can see. There is a tiny purple one that is tinier then the two little yellow slides for tiny children. There is a blue water slide my first favorite. You can see too. There is also the green water slide. It is my second favorite one. You can see. Then there is a medium purple slide witch is my third favorite you can see. Then there are 2 big water buckets. There is a yellow and a blue one. The yellow one is the second biggest one while the blue one is the first. I never went in one. The warning call is a when one of the buckets are going to spill is a bell so when you hear you either go in or not. Cowabunga has yummy food too. They even have sweets. But you are not allowed to bring your own food there. Cowabunga also has a few red cones that are tiny. They spill on you. They are the third ones from the other giant buckets. So see you later hope you can go to Cowabunga soon. I warn you it is fun there.

Jillian. P.s. You make new friends there. Also the time to go there and leave is between 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Bye now!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lagoon Visit

Hello! Today I am going to talk about my visit at Lagoon. The first ride was The Bat as usual. My glasses almost fell off. It was also my first roller coaster I went on a year ago. Next we went to the brand new roller coaster Bambora. There was a lot of steep turns but it was fun. Then we went on the White Roller Coaster. I was so scared on that ride. There were a lot of ups and downs and it was totally straight. It was also the second scariest roller coaster at Lagoon. Then we went on Wild Mouse. Let me give you a clue it's a roller coaster. But it was fun! Then we were about to go to The Spider roller coaster when I didn't want to go. So my mom and dad took me to go to get a snow cone. I got Tiger's Blood it is not real tiger blood but that is what they call it. Then while I was eating my dad went on Colossus. It has a steep hill, two loops and 3 really steep turns. Then my mom went on Colossus. After eating my snow cone we went on a music ride but it is not a roller coaster. My sister and my dad went with me. It went up and down and then faster and faster and then we got squashed. After that we went on the gondola and went across Lagoon to the other side. Then we went on a parachute ride. You go around and around but no loops and is a little fast. After that my dad and my sister went to a car race. My sister was a passenger and my dad the driver. They won first place against other racers. Then we went to get lunch and do a bathroom break. After lunch and the bathroom break we went on The Bat and then Bambora and Bambora was busy. After that we went on Jet Star. It had 5 steep turns, 2 big hills and a twisty thing. On that ride my mom hurt her neck super bad but didn't break it and I bonked my head on something. After that we went on a plane ride it just turned around and around. After that we went on a water slide two times. After that we went to a fountain and played in the water. We had our shoes off when a man said that works here to put our shoes on in a rude like way. After that mean man did to us we went home. Oh do you want to know the 3 scary roller coasters there? Okay well first is Wicked. Second is White Roller Coaster. Third is The Spider. Now that is all to tell you about my fun time at Lagoon. Bye!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane in New York

Hello! Today I have something to talk about. There is a hurricane coming in New York, North Carolina, Maryland and Rhode Island there is some more but I don't know all of them. It is coming tomorrow morning at 9:00. It is going to hit North Carolina first then Maryland and so on up the east coast. Did you know scientists name each hurricane that happens. This hurricane is named Irene. If you don't know what a hurricane is you came to the right place here it is. A hurricane has lots and lots of rain witch makes it flood. When it floods lots of things come rolling around in the salt water. There is a big storm too. Lots of lightning and thunder happens. The biggest thing of all is the wind. The wind is so strong it could sometimes make a house fall down. The hurricane lasts a couple of hours and goes 100 miles per hour that's a long way. But not as big as the whole entire world the whole entire world would be like thousands and thousands of miles. Now that you know what a hurricane is you could read the top part again. Also did you know that all the airports are closed for going for vacation there. So don't go there for vacation just cancel your appointment. Also if you live in one of those places pack up and leave now! Bye!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Website to the Oyster Crash and Mice

Hello! Now to tell you the website of the Giant Oyster Crash it is then go to Giant Oyster Crash and your there. Read the article and there is others you can look at. Now I am going to talk about my brand new mice from my two friends who are brother and sister Janae and Adain. I got Adain's mouse witch is a girl. My sister get's Janae's mouse witch is a girl too. I named mine Cookie and my sister Brooklynn named hers Cupcake. Now Cupcake here is a very scared mouse but Cookie on the other hand is scared not as much. We play with them each day just one time or they will bite. Cupcake is one fast, skinny, scared mouse and Cookie is slow, fat, brave mouse. Once Cupcake was so scared she did a full flip she also is one crazy mouse witch does like impossible things. The mice poop on you when they are scared. Today Cookie pooped on me twice! We got the mice three days ago from today. I love those mice I am so attached to them. They are like white with black spots and cute pink noses with black eyes. They are so tiny. They look just the same but Cookie is fat and Cupcake is skinny. Bye! See you soon!

Giant Oyster Crash and Lost Chihuahua Puppy

Hello! Today I have lots of things to say. Well, first of all if you live in Park City please find a chihuahua that has a collar on with her leash still on. I will tell you the story. I have a friend named Janae and she was helping walking dogs at an animal shelter. She was walking a chihuahua puppy when she let go of the leash. It ran away and she is crying now. So please find it and I know it has a tag on her collar of the animal shelter. So Janae if you are reading this post I have something to say. It is okay you let go of the leash that happens to lots of other dogs. But don't cry just because you lost her because just one dog thats fine but if you lost thousands of dogs that is bad probably but that doesn't mean you are the bad guy. So cheer up and be happy the people out there will find her. Okay now that is settled. Let's start about the giant oyster crash. Now if you want to learn more of this story go to well I will tell you on my next post. Well you know oysters there like clams. Well you know pollution it can effect water you know. So all the marine animals have dirty water but there is this disease that effects from that pollution to the animals but mostly oysters. Now there is not very much oysters now. Well there is one more problem. People eat oysters a lot now. Each year they eat seven million and four hundred oysters now that's a lot of oysters. Now people are trying to change the menu of oysters to protect them from people eating them. So we need to help them save the oysters. Bye! I will see you soon.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cute Dogs to Tell About.

Hello! Today to talk about these dogs I know that are cute. 1 Owner: Bailee my cousin. Pet name: Sammy. B or G: boy. Type:Yorkipoo. 2 Owner: Isabel my half cousin. Pet name: Pepsi. B or G: Boy. Type: Maltese. 3 Owner: Bruce. Pets names: Murry and Howard. B or G: girl and boy. Type: I have no idea. 4 Owner: Ellie. Pet name: Mimi. B or G: girl. Type: Maltese. 5 Owner: Ashtyn. Pet name: Zeus. B or G: boy. Type: Yorkie. I think that is all I know just wanted to share it. Hope you like these cute dogs. Bye! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mouse Accident

Hello! Today I have some really funny news from my sister. This is for real life. Well we were going to my friends house witch was Adian's house with Porter you know. But they took Porter with them and so we need to take care of their mice. So we took them out of their cage and put them on the carpet witch took for 10 minutes. Then I needed to help my sister pick up the mouse. So I put down the mouse I had and helped her. While the mouse was on the floor he crawled up my sister's pants. I picked up her mouse when I heard a scream. She was standing up and wiggling like she was doing a dance. The mouse fell out and landed on the floor near a book. I picked up the two mice. I thought the mouse in my sister's pants was going to fall and die but it didn't. I picked them both up and put them back in the cage. My sister was crying now. She hated that mouse. After that big mouse accident we left very soon. So that is what happened to my sister that was about 4 hours ago today. Bye. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacation and Horrible Animal News

Hello! Today I am going to tell you my vacation I had 2 days ago. Well I was going to Oregon again. We went to visit our grandma mouse. I named her that when I was a baby. I said, "Mos Mos." My mom and mouse thought it was mouse. So we called her mouse. Thanks to me. Also my friend Isabel was coming too. But they had to get a rental car. They got a white car. But me, Isabel and Brooklynn my sister went in mouse's car. Plus my dad and mouse. Mom, Shon and Nicole Isabel's parents is Shon and Nicole went in the rental car. We drove all the way to mouse's house. Isabel's parents went in the hotel for free. We had so much fun playing. We went in the shed. All of these things are fake in the shed that I am about to explain about. There is a fridge, stove with a sink and oven, a washing machine, two couches, two chairs, a table, brooms and dust sweepers, fake food, fake drinks, a princess tent, babies and two strollers. We took the princess tent, strollers and babies outside of the shed. It took a lot of room in there. She also had other things outside. These are real things that I am about to explain about a sand box, a giant wooden castle, a eagle nest witch is a big play house, balls, rackets and a table with chairs and a big umbrella stuck on it. We played for 6 hours outside. Then the next day we went to a trampoline place and Jhon's Incredible Pizza Place. It is when you eat then you play at the arcade. It was fun. Then the next day we were driving to the cabin. It is a 3 hour drive. We drove and drove until we were there. We were staying for a week. What we did in that week is we went jet skiing, went to Crater Lake, bought toys at a gift shop, went to restaurants and stayed at the cabin. We drove back for 3 hours and what a fun vacation we had. The End. 

Now we are going to tell the horrible animal news. Did you know each minute there is 6 meters of trees cut. That might kill 100 animals. Also there is bug spray in airplanes that kills thousands of bugs because they eat the farmer's crops it is also poisonous for bald eagles, monkeys and many more animals. Also when people cut trees for farm land in a rain forest rain kills the crops and they don't want the farm anymore. Also they make timber for houses. That is why that is bad for killing trees. Because trees, plants and animals don't want to die. We humans put these animals in danger, cutting trees more and making the world a bad place from garbage, killing animals and cutting trees and we got to do something about it. 

Bye see you soon enough. Jillian

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Giant Sleep-over

Hello! Today I have to tell you about a 2 day sleep-over. Well Isabel had a mom and a dad and she is my friend and her mom and dad were going somewhere. They had to go for their work to keep it. It was for 2 days. So Isabel decided to come to our house for 2 days. Well Bailee our cousin wanted one too. She could only stay for 1 day. So at 10:00 Bailee arrived. We played pet shops for an hour or 2. Then we played school. I was the teacher. I was giving them their school supplies when the door knocked we screamed for joy that it was Isabel. It was actually a teenager boy that was wondering to come to make us go to his concert. Mom said, " Sorry we are moving. But thank you. You are so very kind." Well that was stupid. So I went back giving supplies when mom said about a text that Isabel was going to be late because she is helping walk dogs. So when we were almost done giving supplies the door knocked again. It was Isabel! We were so happy. Then we played school and what we did is we did math, art contest, wipe art, book report, recess and I taught them multiplication. I did easy ones. Then we cleaned up. Then we played pet shops again. I came down to tell mom I was bored. Mom said to tell the girls we are going on a Field Trip. So I told the girls and they were wondering where we were going to go to. I gave them a clue that we were walking there. It was not a park. Not a play date. Not another sleep-over. We were going to see Porter! We walked there. His owners were still on vacation. So we petted him and made him go outside. Then we went back home. So then we went to play pet shops. Then we decided to play dress up, makeup and hair making. Then we decided for me to be the jaguar because I was wearing one and we could play games. Then it was time for bed time. We went to go to sleep. Isabel and me were on my bed. Bailee and Brooklynn were on the mattress. We slept until it was morning. We had french toast and then played pet shops. Then we played jaguar and then it was time for Bailee to leave. We said bye and went to Ellie's house she is my friend. We played on the trampoline. But then it was time to leave and Brooklynn twisted her foot. So we went home and went to bed. Then we got up and played pet shops. Then we went for the store and then it was time for Isabel to leave. So she went home and that is the end of the story. The End. Bye it is time for me to leave. Ps That was 2 days ago you get it 2 day sleep-over and that was in 2 days. Ps Bailee came for a play date here and she is really bossy. She said, " That is no fair you get to play on the computer." Then I said, " I am doing work." I was writing my blog when she said that. Bye see you soon. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Funny Things at the Store

Hello! Today Fuzzy is feeling much better. He is eating more because it was better with that tooth out. That is why he won't eat much and if he doesn't eat much he will be hungry and if he is hungry he will be skinny. He is skinny anyways you can feel his ribs. He is eating more and he is full and soon will be fat. 

Now lets talk about when I went to the store with my mom. We were going to Target. I get to have a pet shop also my sister. We get only 1 and it has to be small and 2 dollars. So first we bought sun screen then some smell good candles then we bought pet shops. I got a monkey and it was one of the best fashionable pet shops. I named it Zeus. My sister got a cat. It was a calico cat. It came with a giant cat food can and a small fish. She didn't name it yet. I think my monkey was purple with decorations on it. Then we went to the underwear section. They were for my mom's sister Kirsten she is my aunt. It is so funny. Then we went to check out. There was a teenage boy on the counter. He slashed the underwear and said," Awkward." He thought it was funny slashing girl underwear. I thought it was so funny I could not hold my laugh. But I did. If you want to continue on the next store thing you can. 

We went in the car and drove to Petco. That is a pet store. We got out and went there. We saw cats first. There was a gray kitten. It was so cute. It was a tabby. There was a fat orange tabby. There was a black cat. There was another black cat. I think that is all. Then we went to get cat food. On the way I saw parakeets. I saw some fish too. Then we got our cat food. Then we went and saw cute lizards and turtles. I even saw a tarantula. Then we went to the corner of the store. My mom thought there was rabbits here. We went there and it was actually ferrets sleeping. We also saw rats,mice,fish and guinea pigs over there. Then we saw two dogs getting groomed. There was a black poodle and a small dog I didn't know. Then we were at the check out counter. The lady had to slash a lot of cat food cans. She told us it was free slurpy day.

 We went to get a free slurpy and a treat. I got air heads and my sister. Then we went to the car and drank then went home. Oh it was busy there too. It took us a long time to find a parking spot. The end

How do you like them? Well on halloween you have to tell me what you are going to be and ask other people too. Then tell me and I will pick the best one at the end of October. Bye. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fuzzy got Another Bad Injury

Hello! Today I saved a cat and to tell you a story about Fuzzy when he had surgery from his tooth. Well I was at my friends house they where on a vacation. I had to take care of their cat named Porter. He is a fat, gray, fluffy cat. He is a big breather. He also is a outside cat. My mom thought to bring him outside because he was in the house for a week! So he went outside. He jumped over the fence to somebody's house who had no pets I think. Then we came back after a hour to take him inside the house. We were in the car driving and it was raining! We rushed to get Porter in. We were calling him "Porter! Porter! Porter!" He still would not come. Then it rained more and more every second. Then we heard thunder. Then we saw lightning. There was a storm! We went inside. Still no sign of Porter. There was people coming to look at the house because they were moving. We ran to the car and waited until they were gone. When they left we went back and it was just sprinkling rain. We called and called mom was looking in a bush. Brooklynn was looking at mom. I was still calling. Then I heard a bell then a meow then a bell again. I saw Porter! I called mom and Brooklynn to let them see. We cried with joy. We picked up Porter and put him in the house. Then we left for home. The End. I saved the cat from the rain.

Okay now about Fuzzy our cat. I was sleeping and it was 7:00 am. I was so tired. My mom took Fuzzy to the veterinarian so his teeth can be cleaned and some to be pulled out because eating hurt his teeth. So I heard the garage door and I was so tired to say good bye. Then it was 9:00 am. I got up. Fuzzy was not here but mom came back. I got up and when it was finally 5:00 p.m. We got Kiki our other cat into the carrier. She needed a check up. We were picking up Fuzzy in the end of the check up for Kiki. When Kiki was there she was shaking then she turned around in the very corner. Then we got Kiki to the room. They weighed her, listened to her heart, touched her and got shots well two at least. Then we saw Fuzzy! He had a thermometer in his butt. Mom said to get it off and they did. There were a lot of fur on it. Fuzzy had his paw shaved for DNA for fluids. We got pictures of his mouth, special medicine, a chip, a sticker, papers and a manual. I saw a tube in his throat in the pictures. My sister asked why. It's because so he can breathe. They only pulled out 1 tooth. His teeth looked so white then yellow. They said he had to stay inside because he had stitches and he can't chew hard stuff. Like cat toys, hard food, grass, leaves,cat nip and many more. If he doesn't poop in three days we had to call the vet. We have to bring him back in two weeks so he can be checked to see if he is in a great condition. We have to squirt medicine by his token out tooth by opening his mouth in a way. He has to have medicine each 8 hours in 5 days. His tooth will be better in 10 days. We had to take him because he chews funny and very loud. He has too stay away from Kiki for 2 days so she doesn't hurt it. So he has to stay in my moms room. When he came back he was messy, his paw was shaved for DNA, very hungry, very thirsty, had to use the bathroom bad and he falls and wobbles. He was very tired too from that busy hard day. In 10 days he will be normal again. He didn't get to eat for 10 hours only had fluids such as water. He was cold too. Kiki is scratching the door to get in. She wants to suck her blanket and meet Fuzzy. Fuzzy is sleeping my mom had to sleep with him to make him sleep. The End. He was very hurt. So we are taking good care of him.

Bye have a great day. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

3 Fun Things

Hello! Today I have to tell you about something. Well I went to a pool yesterday and I found a new friend. Her name is Zoey. She has blonde hair and I think green eyes. She wore a bikini that was spotted with brown, light pink and white. She is a really fast swimmer. I also was the first one at the pool with my mom, dad and Brooklynn my sister. When we walked to the pool it was freezing cold! I loved it when I swam. I used goggles for seeing underwater. I liked my floating board best because I swam better and I floated better and I liked sitting on it I had to balance really good and it was pretty hard I had to swim up and balance or else it will flop out of my bum and floating in the water by itself until I catch it. I also get to go on my dad's back and he will go up and down like a dolphin and go underwater for three seconds. Also he will pick me up and throw me in the air and he will catch me. That was awesome!

 Also last night I watched fireworks. My dad still has some. I did sparklers. You hold these sticks and you put fire on it at the very top. Then it will shoot fire out. It is so cool! We also did fireworks in the sky. We did fireworks in the bottom. One of the fireworks on the bottom is like a fast top with rainbow colors. Then it stops and shoots sparkly stuff and it scares the crap out of you. Well it mostly scared Sammy. He is half yorkie and half poodle. He looks like a little lamb that is white. He is as small as a basketball and as long as a basketball. I liked watching the fireworks and petting and walking Sammy. We liked the parachute fireworks. They have to be in the daylight were you can find the parachutes. You have to light it up. Then it shoots like a rocket in the sky. Then you see a small parachute come out. Then you have to grab it and throw it away. Don't leave it there it could be a fire. I ran with Sammy to catch them. 

Now for our surprise guest who reads my posts a lot and our second guest that likes my posts most. The first guest is... Brian! He reads a lot of them and enjoys them. Our second guest is... Caleb! He loves my posts a lot and reads them. Well hi Caleb and Brian! Good job you earn a great responsibility and you can throw a party with your friends or mom and dad or uncles and aunts and cousins and grandpa's and grandma's or your pets or stuffed animals or yourself or sisters or brothers or girlfriends or boyfriends. Or your wife or husband or somebody you really like that you maybe love and marry. Great job you can go somewhere to celebrate it. 

Bye have a great day and those who had a great responsibility will have a better day! Bye and have a shine of happiness no grumpy aloud. Bye!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Fair Fun Hello! I went to a fair. The fair was so fun. I went there at 7:30 I got scared because my dad wanted me to go on a twisting thing and it turns around and around and you rock and spin and go upside down. He also wanted me to go on the upside down roller coaster. What it does is it goes forward then back then goes higher forward then farther back. Then turns completely upside down 5 times forward. Then backwards completely 5 times then it is done. It is scary.

Car Ride
I had to go with my sister on a baby ride. It was a car one. You had to pretend drive on it. It moves but is not scary. The best part is when you turn steep it looks like it is over but it turns more and you squash yourself. But we giggle a little. We went around and around over and over again 5 times. We laughed at first then went lower to giggles and then got bored and didn't laugh or giggle just frowned. We looked grumpy. Then finally it was over. I was like "Well that spend our tickets."

Big Slide
We went on a huge slide you had to sit on a blanket and slide down. I gave my tickets and got a black,ragged,broken and dirty blanket. It was gross. I carried it anyways. Up the stairs I went with the gross blanket. At the top my sister slid down already. A lady took my blanket and laid it down on the slide. It was big,scary and yellow and bumpy. It was hard to climb on. I thought the blanket would slip away and I had to go down the slide without one. I went down it was so better then the car ride. I thought I would fly on the bumps. But I didn't I curved. It was amazing. At the bottom I tried to stop but it won't it stopped at the very edge of the grass. I gave the blanket back and went out the exit door.

Chinese Dragon Then we found a chinese dragon ride. It was bumpy and slow. It was like the car one but no driving. I was not scared at all. I gave my tickets. Then I climbed on. We were at the very back. I wanted to go in the front. My sister was happy I was not. It started. We went up and down and up and down over and over again. It was like a small roller coaster that was babyish. There were toddlers and little kids and some babies and grownups. I felt like the oldest kid here baby-sitting their kids and bringing them to the fair. Well finally it was over. We climbed out the exit door and down steep small steps. 

Twister Ride
 Then we went past games and other rides that I wasn't interested with. I found the perfect ride of all. The twister. You spin around and around and turns around and around. It was a fast turner. It was super fast. I gave my last tickets and climbed on with my sister and dad. Dad said," That guy was so nice he let me have this ride for free." Then it started very slow and boring then stopped. Then went really fast all of a sudden. I screamed and my sister. My dad yelled. Then he got sick he almost puked. Then we went faster and faster and I squashed dad. Then we stopped it screeched a sound of a dragon. Then we turned backwards faster and faster. My dad was about to puke. Until it stopped with that screech of a dragon. We got out and then I said to mom,"I need to use the bathroom really bad." Dad said,"Look at that ride come on let's go see it."
Bathroom Break
We walked there. It was scary then mom said,"Troy let Jillian use the bathroom she might pee her pants on that ride." Dad said,"But we have to get out of the fair and use it then walk a big walk. " Mom also said,"That twister ride you went on that guy there was so nice he gave us extra tickets and there is plenty more."  We went anyways to the bathroom and dad ran to catch up with us. I used the bathroom it was so gross when I opened the toilet seat there was poop and pee in there. I hold my breath. When I went out I got a gulp of fresh air. Then went to wash my hands. There was no soap left. So I only used cold water.

Up And Down Ride
Then I went back to the fair and decided if I wanted to go on a another slide or that ride that dad explained earlier. It was a ride you went up then down then around but you don't go upside down it you go up and down and it really tickles your tummy. I decided the slide then I thought I was a baby. So I did the up and down ride. I was so scared my sister wanted me to come or she would cry and I would ruin her day at the fair. So I did. I became brave. I gave my tickets. Then went on the ride. My sister saved me a seat. I sat down. I was like is there no seat belts or holders!? Then holders came down I said,"Wow I did not notice that." I pulled them down. I was next to a boy with a orange shirt and my sister. Next to her I saw a girl with a purple shirt. She was also by me. Then it started. The girl said,"If you scream it will go faster." It tickled my tummy so bad. I went really high. I squeezed my eyes shut. Then the tickling went away. I was used to it. I opened them. I saw the whole entire fair. I saw the rides I went on. The rides that my dad wanted me to go on. Games and other rides. I loved this ride most. It was a beautiful sight. Then it stopped and went the other way. I screamed and shut my eyes I was not used to it my tummy tickled really bad again. Then it went away I opened my eyes didn't scream anymore and the tickling went away. I saw the whole entire fair again. Then it stopped I was sad I could go on it forever.
 Up And Down Ride Again
Then I wanted to go on the slide. But my sister wanted to go on that ride again. I took my last and only tickets. There was one more ticket left. No rides had one ticket cost and my sister would be sad if I went on a extra ride and not her. I will also be sad if she got a extra ride and I didn't. Well we went on that beautiful, fun awesome ride. I enjoyed my last ride of all. 

Then we went for cotton candy. But my sister wanted to go on another ride! We didn't have enough tickets. Mom didn't want to buy more tickets. So mom said we could get a prize from a game. I decided to go on the one when you fish for the fish when they open their mouths. I caught a red and blue fish. That meant I got a medium prize. Also my sister too. I wanted a Dalmatian stuffed animal. My sister wanted one too. Dad reached for one. But then cut his finger. It bled really bad. He said," There is a needle thing hooking them how can we get them?" The woman asked , " What would you like?" "Two Dalmatians" said mom. She grabbed them with a hooker. She gave them to us. Then said thank you. We left. I saw a girl that won putting balls in colorful fish tanks. She won a real living goldfish. That was awesome. I saw men climbing ladders to grab big huge stuffed animals. They kept falling from those twisty and small ropes. They almost had but then fell. I saw dad playing basket ball to win a big stuffed animal. He payed 5 dollars and threw them. He missed and missed again and missed. You pay 5 dollars and you get 3 shots. Then he payed more. He missed them all. He payed again. He missed them all. He said the hoops were to small. The guy let him have one free shot. He missed. Then asked our mom to try for free. She missed them all too. But we already have prizes we had our Dalmatians. 
Cotton Candy
We bought cotton candy for 8 dollars. Then ate our cotton candy. It was white and a little blue. Mom said we gave 50 dollars away.
Waiting For Fireworks
When we were at the car we waited for the fireworks. We ate cotton candy and talked. Then we heard a noise. It sounded like a monster. Dad thought it was just sound effects for the fireworks and they are about to start. Mom checked her phone she said, " It is at 10:00." We waited for 10 minutes then dad said," Lets go where those a million people are." We walked and left our Dalmatians in the car. We brought a blanket and sweater. Also our cotton candy. We ate and got warm. The sound affects was actually a giant television of a movie. People were watching to wait for the fireworks. They were watching How To Train A Dragon. I loved that movie. But I couldn't see. I stood up. Then moved to dad where I could see. Then boys stood up and I couldn't see. So I played and hid in my blanket. Dad said," Mosquitoes are coming hide me with the blanket!" So I did. I moved in his lap and hid him. 3 mosquitoes got him 1 mosquito got mom and 0 for me and 0 for my sister. Then we asked a lady if there was fireworks she said," No it is tomorrow." So we went in the car and drove home and went to bed. The End. 
Bye Bye
How do you like it? Well this was yesterday. Bye got to go. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Beluga 2 and the Danger Ahead

Hello! Today I have the story of Beluga 2. Brian write it down. Then tell the people who work movies. Then tell me if they like it. Then tell me if they are making it. Then I want to be the first person to watch it. Good let's get started. This is my 2nd dream of her and Lillie.

I was going back to South Carolina. I was excited to meet Lillie and Beluga. I was 12 still and I get to drive the car. My parents were going to New York this time. When I was there I was so happy to see Mike, Staffon and Aunt Pam. I said, "Hi Mike! Hi Staffon! Hi Aunt Pam!" We did a group hug. Then my parents said," Bye." Then they left.

Then we walked to the river. It took 20 minutes to get there. While we were walking we talked. I said, "I wonder what the orca hunters are doing now?" Then Staffon said, "I asked the jail if they were there but they said they escaped." Then Mike said, "We think they are around here killing orcas and they are breaking the law." I said," That is terrible."

When we were there we saw Lillie, the baby, and Beluga. I said," Hi Beluga! Hi Lillie!" I gave them hugs. I said, "Here is some fish I brought. I snuck them from my mom and dad." Everybody laughed. Then I saw that Beluga got a mate. I said, "Guys look. Beluga has a mate. What should we call him?" Aunt Pam said, "We should call him Hunter because he is big and looks like he could hunt good." I said, "Good idea Aunt Pam." Then we left. They were playing.

I was hungry. I said, "Do you guys have lunch because I am starving." Aunt Pam said, "Yes we do let's stop under that coconut tree in the shade because it is hot." We all sat down. Then Mike said, "I have peanut butter sand...ouch!" A coconut hit him on the head. Mike said again, "I have peanut butter sandwiches." Then another coconut hit him. He saw a bite mark on it. The other coconut looked old to eat. Then another fell. It was split in half. Then another fell. It was all eaten but not the outside. Then he looked up. It was the orca hunters. Mike said, "Guys we have some company up here on the tree." Everybody looked up.

Then everybody ran to the orcas to keep them safe. I said, "Orcas! Hunters are coming hide in the water!" All the orcas were so scared of the loud noise they hid in the water. The orca hunters came by across the street in the car and drove far away. Then I said in a quiet voice, "Orcas come out now they are gone." The orcas came back up. I read it in the orca book about that.

I brought my compass and my camera and the orca book. I brought my swimsuit, beach-ball, floater, bucket, my fishing pole, my pieces of bread, pajamas, clothes, stuffed animal orca, welcome card and antiseptic cream and bandages and a map I bought myself. I was ready for a adventure. I said to everybody, "Guys I think we should do an adventure." They all agreed.

We packed up. I needed a rope, phone, food, water and sleeping bags. We went to a store. I bought food, water, phone, rope and sleeping bags. I also bought fire wood, matches, a flashlight, batteries and a book about survival. We packed the stuff we bought. Then we were ready.

We went to the river and camped there. It was the first day to camp. We laid down the sleeping bags. Got the fire on. Then put the bags by our sleeping bags. We went to sleep. I heard a noise. I woke up. I said, "Hello. Who is it?" I took out the flashlight. The orcas were sleeping. I heard a crack of a twig. The voice said, "Stop that I want to see the orcas." The other voice said," Well be quiet." I heard a leaf crack. Then saw another flashlight.

I saw two boys that were twins. I said, "Hello. What is your name? Can you keep secrets? Are you criminals? Do you kill orcas? Stop where you are." The twin said, "My name is Max and this is Jakob and we can keep secrets. We are not criminals and we do not kill orcas and um do you want to be friends?" I said," Sure.

Here is the secret I have 3 pet orcas named Lillie, Hunter and Beluga. They each have flowers on them. Can you help us protect them?" Jakob said, "Sure I love orcas and Max does too." I said, "Okay then pack up here is a list of things you need." Max said, "Thanks we will start right away." They ran. I went to sit down on my sleeping bag waiting. After a hour they came back.

Jakob said, "We got them." I said, "Lay them like ours. "So they did then all of us went back to sleep. In the morning I told everybody about Max and Jakob about rescuing with us. Everybody welcomed them.

Then we saw the orca hunters. We told everything to them about the orcas and the orca hunters and everything. We hid behind a tree. They walked past. They saw the orcas. They aimed their guns. I karate them. I took their guns and knives and throwed them in the deep water. Then they were chasing me. I jumped in the water. I grabbed Beluga on the fin and swam with her.

The orca hunters were so mad. I laughed and laughed. Then they grumbled something. I thought it was get a orca to swim with. They jumped in too. They took other orcas and swam with it. I said softly to Beluga, "Faster Beluga faster." She went full speed. They dived in the water. The orca hunters did not know they were under water that they breathed water and swam up for air. They did not know how to swim. They scrabbled. They were like dogs not swimming.

They finally went on land. Coughing and breathing fast from all that energy. They ran away. To the swimming class, so next time they will get the orcas.

I climbed off Beluga and went to my friends. I said, "That was a close call." Then Max said, "Ya right they almost grabbed you and you did not know." We went to have lunch which was tuna fish sandwich. It was delicious.

It was a happy ending. Then my parents were here I left said good bye to everybody and left driving the car. The End. Brian you can change it a little bit. Bye.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beluga the Orca

Hello! Hey Brian I want you to wright this post down on a paper. Then tell the movie makers my idea for a movie. Tell me if they like it. Then tell me they are making it. Then I want to be the first person to watch it. Thank you! Now for the movie or dream I should say.

It is called Beluga the Orca. Here it starts. I was going to Alabama to South Carolina because my parents are going for vacation to Africa and they thought it was dangerous for me to go. I did not like my aunt who lived in South Carolina, Charleston. It was by a beach. My parents drove me there and I was only 12 years old. I could drive though and could use a compass and map. But they won't let me. When I was there I was not happy.

"Oh I missed you Jillian" Aunt Pam said. She gave me a hug. I had to hug back. I said, "I missed you too." Then Aunt Pam said, "Get your bags and come in the house I made your room upstairs. You will see a surprise in a box. Why don't you guys come in too." "Sorry" said my mom," We have to go catch the plane to Africa." Then Aunt Pam said, "Okay bye then. Be safe." "Bye Pam. Take good care of Jillian" Said my dad. I watched them leave.

"Why do I have to stay with Aunt Pam for two weeks." Jillian said in a whisper so she would not hear. I came inside with my bags and went upstairs. The box was cardboard. Inside I saw a welcome letter and a stuffed animal orca. I hated them. I put them in corner of the room. I read the letter. I threw it with the orca. I packed away with the door locked.

When I was done I heard Aunt Pam say," Dinner is ready. It is fried fish and lemonade." I yelled, "Hold on I am coming." I left my room. Leaving the door unlocked. I went to eat. When I was done I went upstairs. Then put my pajamas on and went to bed.

When it was morning I saw in my window Aunt Pam swimming with a fin. It looked like a orca fin. I dressed up in my clothes. I found eggs and toast on the table. I ate quickly and went outside. Then I yelled, "Aunt Pam there is a orca chasing you!" She looked and shrieked and came out of the water. She called the aquarium to trap it. She said on the phone. "Hello there is a orca by the shore of the ocean and it chased me. Would you go trap it away." Sure" said the answer.

After 1 hour they were here. "No, don't trap it I don't want you to take it. Please bring it back in the ocean please." Jillian said. I fighted them. " Hey." Said a man," There is no orca." They left. "Come back I did see one you won't believe me." Said Aunt Pam. They were gone already.

Then I ran upstairs in the house putted on my swimsuit and went to swim. Then I found a female orca. It had a scratch on its fin and dorsal fin. There was a net stuck on her too. I got off the net. Then went to get fish and stuff for the scratches. When I came back Aunt Pam saw me and said, "What are you doing that thing can eat you." " Sorry I am helping it." Jillian said. " Well stop that." Said Aunt Pam.

I went to help it anyways. I petted it for it to calm down. Then put antiseptic cream on her scratches. "There that will make it all better." Jillian said. Then she fed it all the fish. Her sonar worked fabulous. Then she found people coming. The orca swam away.

Then I came out of the water. They looked like hunters. They had guns and knives in their pockets. They came to Aunt Pam. "Hello." Said a hunter," Have you found a orca around here. We are the orca hunters." I was making a face no. "Um" said Aunt Pam," I didn't see one." "Okay bye then." Said the other hunter. They left.

Then the orca came back up to me. "Hi there I will call you Beluga because you are as nice as a beluga" I said. Beluga did a flip in the water. I laughed. Then it was lunchtime. I went to eat. I had macaroni and cheese. Then I went fishing. I caught 30 fish. I gave them to Beluga. She did tricks when I threw them. After that I played with her. I went inside and brought a beach-ball, a bucket and a floater. I sat on the floater. Then I taught her how to do tricks on the beach-ball. She did flips and holding it on her nose and twirled with it and jumped. I got super wet. She once flipped me over on the floater. Also I put the bucket on her so she would not see or hear. She just was crazy.

Then I took the stuff and went inside for dinner. I had shrimp and broccoli. Then I fed Beluga fish. After that I went to bed. I slept with my stuffed animal orca.

In the morning I was going to meet an animal rescuer. His name was Staffon. Before we went there I got dressed and had pancakes for breakfast. I asked, "Would you Aunt Pam let me buy something there?" "Okay but not an animal." Said Aunt Pam. " Yes" I yelled. Then we went in the car. It was old and wrinkled. It did not have a clean wash. It was dirty. "This stinks" I murmured.

When we were there we saw another boy there. He said, "Hello my name is Mike would you be friends with me?" "Uh sure?" Then I explained everything but not the orca. Then I asked, "Can you keep secrets?" "Yes I can." Then I said," Good then I have a pet orca named Beluga and I need somebody to help me help her." "Oh I will." Mike said. Then we went to the tour.

After that I went to buy something. I got 3 things. I got a book about orcas, a camera and a compass. Then I asked Staffon Mike's father if he could play. He said it was all right. Mike went with me and Aunt Pam in the car. When we were there we saw Beluga. We ran to her and got wet in our clothes. I hugged her. Mike got fish. We both fed her. Until it was time for lunch. We ate hamburgers. It was delicious. Then after lunch they washed the car and fixed the wrinkles and it looked new now. Aunt Pam said," That looks great thank you."

Then after a week later it was night and then I heard a scared voice from Beluga. I ran downstairs and out the door. I saw the orca hunters. They were capturing Beluga. I yelled, "Stay away from my orca!" Then they shot with their guns at Beluga.

I called the vet. "Hello my orca got shot from two mean hunters in the night please hurry." They came in ten minutes and the hunters were captured by the police. They took Beluga to the vet. After 3 days it was Wednesday. We went to pick up Beluga. I drove with Mike. I drove the car when Aunt Pam was still sleeping at 9:00 in the morning. We picked up Beluga and she was fine. Then we put her back in the water. It was hard work though.

Then It was time to leave South Carolina. I said bye to Mike, Staffon and Aunt Pam. I packed up with the welcome card and orca stuffed animal and my camera, book and compass. I said bye to Beluga too. We thought it was dangerous in the ocean so we brought Beluga to a river. There were other orcas too.

I said, "I want to say bye to Beluga one more time." I did. I put a flower on her head so I know her. But I saw something small behind her. It was a baby orca! She got a baby. I put a flower on the baby orca too. The baby was a she and her name was Lillie. I said bye to Beluga and Lillie.

Then I went in the car to Alabama. Sometimes I visit them. The End.

How did you like my dream? Well Brian you can make a little bit different. But not too much.

Well bye.