Saturday, February 25, 2012

Funny Francisco

So hi guys. Guess what? My grandma told me some new stuff about Francisco and I will like to tell about my cats.

So you know Francisco likes to follow my grandma? Well guess what my grandma went in the shower one day and guess what? He walked right in and then he noticed he was getting wet so got out and just stared at my grandma and she laughed and laughed and laughed.

He also likes to stare into the toilette and watch it flush. Because when he looks at the poop and pee he thinks they are prey. So he just stares at them until they disappear.

Also when he looks at a laser pointer he just can't resist it and pounces at it and try's to meow. It is funny.

He also can't jump onto the counter and keeps on missing.

Okay so you know my cat Kiki? Well guess what she likes to sit in bowls and likes to lick lollipops and eats cat nip and she also likes to sleep in boxes and she used to chase her tail but not anymore. Also she likes to see your shadow on the wall and pounces on your shadow.

Okay you know Fuzzy? Well he once perched on top of a skinny couch and he looked like a bird.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Francisco and Talking to Dave and Field Trip 4

Hello! Guess what? You know Francisco? Well he sleeps in the sink at his new home. Also he bats my grandma in the face for food in the morning. Also he wakes her up at 4:00 am in the morning! Wow! He also is a great friend. He also won't get of my grandma's lap when she sits down! Wow again!

Also I was talking to Dave my bus driver 2 days ago and he told me about this place that you can go to so you drive inside a big place and it shows animals like grizzly bears and elephants and giraffes and deer and lions and other animals. He also told me to go on youtube and type in Porcupine. It will show you 2 funny porcupine videos that I watched! They are funny! Like the one with the corn and says weird voices. Also another one that acts like a dog! Very unusual.

Next I had another field trip at the capital city of Oregon which is called Salem. Really fun! So we went in the bus for like 45 minutes and I sat next to Kennedy my best friend. We red together and drew together and talked together and we even played with her eyeball ball. I squashed it because I was bored. We even looked out the window together. But after like 20 minutes I had a really bad headache. It hurt really bad because I was very hot. It was like 55 degrees in the bus! Really hot! Also Ashley sat next to me. After the dramatic bus ride we went out and it was cold and nice. There was big buildings around us and lots of cars. We parked and I went with my chaperone my mom. Ethan was with me and Jack was with me and they are not my friends. But at least Kelsey my best friend was with me. Yay! So we went in a huge building with a golden man on top who turned out to be a pioneer. There was big steps as we went up and I got tired quickly. When we made it to the top we went inside the building which was very fancy and lots of marble things Mr.Rogers class was also with us. Then Mr.Rogers class left with a tour guide person that looked pretty old. Then I went to a fancy girls bathroom and saw a person come out and she had white hair and it looked like she worked here. I couldn't wait until the tour started. So after I used the bathroom we met a guy that looked young and had black hair his name was Aundrey. He said he will be out tour guide. So we went to see the Senators first and they had a meeting in this court like place that was huge! People were sitting in desks with computers while a man talked and the people called him President. Also he brought in a guy to play with a ukulele and he sang Over The Rainbow. It was funny in a meeting. After that people talked. After about 20 minutes we walked out of the Senator room and went to see the House of Representatives. They had a meeting also and they had the same room as the Senators but in a different spot in the building. People were talking and then somebody told about us and why we were here. It was cool. After about 18 minutes everybody clapped for a reason and my mom told me that they passed a bill or a law. Then I started to clap louder. After 3 more minutes in the room we left to go see this thing in the middle of the main room. It was like a big golden structure flat down on the floor and he explained about it. But then a camera man came to video tape the scenery and guess what he filmed everybody but me. I tried to hold back the tears. But they burst out after the field trip. After that filming man left we went to say good-bye to Aundrey. We left for lunch and I had a yummy sandwich and fruits. Then I saw a man talking and he was a news man! My mom and I went over to watch and as we watched my mom wanted to take a picture of me and him so I did which was very embarrassing. After that we went in the bus to home. But Ashley and Brianne the two twin sisters fought on the way back. Ughh!

Okay I have to go! Oh also we took our class pictures there from the field trip okay have to go! Peace out girl scout! Jillian

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Elephants are Dying

I red a Scholastic News magazine and it said that elephants are becoming extinct in Asia and Africa. If we don't stop killing them for their horns that make jewelry and medicine and sculptures then they will become extinct in 2020. They are the African Elephants that are dying. 2,500 of them dye each year and now there is 50,000 left.

Also did I tell you that the black rhino is extinct? My friend Cecilia just told me a second ago. Really sad!!! Oh and also I forgot to tell you that I just tried a crayfish just yesterday and I squashed the eyeballs which was gross and I am not eating one again because they are disgusting when you eat them and also there is not enough food in them for a day. Millions die each day for now on.

Also I went with Jillian T. to a lake and we saw a dead crayfish and clams and we even saw a green big smooth rock. We even saw some shells and I almost fell in the water. Also there was big currents. I also saw bait and people fishing for fish. I even saw lots of rocks and I even found lots of garbage like bottle caps, bottles, a macdonalds drinking cup, some cans, wrappers, paper, grocery slips, banana peels, chicken nuggets, a sippy cup, and some socks and gloves. We even found a hat and a airhead wrapper. GROSS!

Okay bye!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dead Mouse

Hello last week my sisters mouse died and the mouse was named Cupcake and you know Cookie? Well she is very very sad and would not sleep or eat pore Cupcake and Cookie.

SAD! Jillian :(

Fransico and Paws Animal Shelter

So you know Fransico well guess what we figured out that when he was in the car he was trying to meow and could not. He was opening his mouth and gagging like puking. But he knows how to hiss and bite and scratch and purr but he can't meow. But he doesn't bite or scratch he is very gentle. But when my grandma got him he was starting to sleep in the sink. He also will pat my grandma in the face with his paw in the morning for him to eat. He also rubs on your legs and will love you straight away. But most of all he is a puffy furball that is lovable and uses the litter box.

Next of all remember the animal shelter that I went with Crystal and my mom's haircutter? Well do you want to know more? Well when I got there was some missing cat signs and advertisements. Wierd. Then I saw a person talking on the phone and a kitty looking through a window in another room. So we asked to go in the other room and look at the kitties. We saw a white kitty that nips but I fell right in love with a cat named, Micheal who will climb on your shoulder and ask for attention and he will purr. So I cuddled with him and a worker came out of the room. She showed everybody a trick that Micheal could do. So she called for him and he came then she said sit and he sat and then she told him to jump up and he jumped up onto her shoulder and then purred and got some love. OMG that was so cool! Then we saw a cat with a wierd looking mouth. He also was very shy. Then we saw a big meowing cat who jumped onto a person's shoulder and grouled. We also saw a pretty ginger cat and I played with the cats with a fishing pole. Then I saw another cat run up a ladder and onto a shelf. I also saw lots of cats sleeping. I also saw a cat with an extra toe. I even saw a lot of kittens all playing. As we walked out we saw a new meowing cat coming in the shelter. So sad! Okay see ya!

Bye! Jillian

Saturday, February 18, 2012

IFAW Animal Rescuers

I was watching a comercial on TV about IFAW the animal rescue place. It was so sad about abused animals and abandoned dogs and cats and animals that are severly hurt. If you want to search for the blog and donation center go on google and type IFAW rescue and help the animals that need help.

Also the phone number is 1-800-932-4329. Hope you help the animal rescuers! Thanks!

Jillian O. P.S Jillian T. helped me with this! Thank you! Oh and she says " Why do you mention me all the time?"

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Other Book Reviews

More book reviews!

Fox in the Frost from Animal Ark books by Ben M. Baglio
Mandy helps her parents with the vet clinic and helps animals in all shapes and sizes.
Mandy was grabbing Christmas holy and tripped into a ditch and Blackie, James's Hunter's dog which is Mandy's best friend grabbed her hat. He ran away with it and while Mandy and James ran after him they found Blackie scaring birds but no it was two foxes! Finally an evil man came and startedto shoot the two animals! Will they be killed? Also a puppy needs to be put down but is lost! What will happen to the pup?

Read Tabby in the Tub from Animal Ark books by Ben M. Baglio
Mandy helps her parents with the vet clinic and helps animal in all shapes and sizes. But when Mandy Hope rides her bike to school she finds a bolting blurr of brown fur and it is a cat! Finally their parents help catch the cat but miss! Their parents give up and it is up to Mandy Hope and James Hunter to save it! Will they? But then they decide to name it Blossom. But then Blossom the stray cat gives born to 3 kittens! Will the kittens be saved too?

Read the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling
Harry Potter 1 The Sorcerers Stone
Harry Potter 2 Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter 3 Prisoner of Askaban
Harry Potter 4 Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter 5 Order of the Pheonix
Harry Potter 6 Half Blood Prince
Harry Potter 7 and the Deathly Hollows part 1 and part 2

Read Husky with a Heart from Animal Ark books by Ben M. Baglio
Mandy Hope helps her parents with the vet clinic even though she dreams to be a vet. Also she helps animals in all shapes and sizes. But when somebody named Hannah is getting ready for a dog race she sees Quiver her dog being pregnant. After that happens a week later her lead dog named, Leo I think gets hurt. Will they do the dog race? Will Leo recover before then? Read the book!!!

Bye I really have to go!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Book Reviews

Here are some great books many people would like.

Read Hound at the Hospital from Animal Ark books by Ben M. Baglio
Mandy is a helper at Animal Ark with her parents and she helps animals in all shapes and sizes. But when she goes to London for a vacation at a big animal hospital she meets a dog named Sasha that is a beagle. But Sasha gets hurt will she survive? Read the book to find out!

Read Rules by Cynthia Lord
Catherine is a big sister with her little brother, David. Catherine has a new neighbor and David goes nuts! Like he pulls his pants down in front of people and puts toys in the fish tank! But when their new neighbor goes to the school dance Catherine doesn't want to go but another friend named, Jason wants to dance with her. She says no and will her friends be her friends again?

Read Dog Whisperer: The Rescue by Nicole Edward
Emily an eleven year old girl sits out of her bedroom window it has been 3 nights in a row and she has had drowning nightmares. But she is urgent to go outside in a storm. She goes out and finds an animal like a polar bear on the sand near the ocean but it is a.. Read the book to find out what is the mysterious animal that is hurt.

Read 11 Birthdays by Wendy Mass
Ten year old Amanda is having her eleventh birthday. After her horrible birthday the next day comes and the day is the same day as yesterday! The next day is the same day! Will she get this horrible curse off her head? Also Leo another boy that is Amanda's x-friend is having this bad curse too!

Read The Dog With No Name from the Pet Finders books by Ben M. Baglio
3 kids are playing on their skateboards when one of the kids fall off. He skids onto some mud but their dog, Buddy spots something in the thorns and spots a puppy! The puppy is very injured. Will they save it's life?

Read Where the Red Fern Grows by I forgot
A boy wants 2 blood hounds super bad. Finally he affords some money to buy some after he gets two blood hound puppies he keeps them and finally they turned to grownups and then they go to a competition. Will they win? Also the blood hounds face a pair of green scary eyes. Will they kill it? Or will they be killed?

Read Number the Stars by Lois Lowery
Anne marie and her best friend, Ellen are walking down the road from school. But they meet some soldiers that tell them to halt. Well these soldiers are defeating their country what will the evil soldiers to do to them? Will some more soldiers come and tell them to get out? Will they be killed? Read the book!

Read Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Clearly
Ralph a mouse walks up a telephone cord at room 15 where a boy and his parents stay for the weekend. Ralph then finds a toy motorcycle and sits on it but then he falls into a garbage can when the phone rings and the motorcycle comes crashing in too! Will he get out before anybody finds him and kills him? Read it!

Read The Magical Ms. Plum by I forgot
A magical teacher named Ms. Plum has some kids in her classroom. When she asks the kids what she needs from her closet something comes out to teach each student a lesson. What will it be? This is a funny book.

Read Igraine the Brave by I don't know
Igraine is having her twelfth birthday and her parents are witches and she is not. Igraine wants to be a knight. But then her parents accidentally turn into pigs. But they need giants hair to turn them back. Will Igraine do it and survive?

That is all I can think at the moment!



Here are some poems from people.

By Jillian T.

Valintines is here
it's time for love and candy
Valintines is here
February, the love month
smile, it's Valintines!

By Jillian T.

Purple, pink, and blue
red, orange, and yellow too
colors of rainbows
all the colors are pretty
opps, don't forget green

By Jillian T.

It was brown, mis-shaped
it smelled musty, felt bumpy
and crisp it crunched just
like Autumn

By Jillian T.

I love to read books
I love fantasy, all then
I really love all

By Jillian T.

The wind was blowing
it was snowing now

By Jillian T.

A swan in the lake
going far, far, far away
i'll never see it again

By Jillian T.

Six stitches at once,
I think it is probably hard,
but she claims it didn't

By unknown

Along the beach
footprints fill witht the sea
fill with the sea
until they disappear
leaving only sand, only sea

By unknown

Lighting splits the sky
and for a moment we see
an empty playhouse
and just as suddenly
the back yard is black again

By unknown

Early October
a sugar maple ablaze
at the end of the pond
its fire reflected
in the still water

By unknown

The chestnut vendor
must shout to be heard above
the October winds
his words rise, sail away
like the thin smoke from his stove

Hope you like them! Jillian O.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Francisco's New Home

Hello! Today we found Francisco a new home. Well first we had 3 phone calls who wanted him. The number one person who wanted him was my grandma. The second person was my mom's friend named Crystal. The third person was my mom's haircutter. But my grandma called it first. My mom promised to tell Crystal and her hair cutter about another animal sanctuary. So they went and they are deciding about some cats. Well anyway my grandma loves the cat and they are already bonding. Next of all I went to the animal sanctuary and they had a lot of cats. Also I helped play with the cats. Next week on Sundays we will help the sanctuary play with the cats and feed them and clean the cages and even clean the litter boxes. Okay now if you want Francisco too late! You will have to go to another sanctuary. Bye!

Jillian. Also Happy V-day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Stray Cat Results from Vet

Okay we got the results from the cat. Here are the list of things of what happened to the cat.

1. The vet assistant fell right in love with it and decided to name it Francisco. Perfect name!

2. No sign of microchip. So it was a stray.

3. He weighs seven pounds.

4. The cat let the vet pick it up.

5.  It fell asleep on the counter at the vet's office. Which is unusual because animals sometimes feel stressed at the clinic.

6. Very good cat.

7. It ate the treats that the vet gave it.

8. It was a boy.

9. No sign of Feline Leukemia. Which is a disease for cats that are outside cats and if they get it you have to put them down. But you can give them shots to make them go away.

10. He needs a lot of shots.

11. He has lots of fleas and ear mites and ringworm. You can fix it easily.

12. He is not neutered.

That is all the results if you want to you can look at the bottom of this post if you have questions about Francisco. Go on comments and write in your question. I will answer them after I get up to 10 comments and I will answer them on my next post. Also we do not know what type of cat he was. But we think he is just a regular cat then. Okay ask then! We are also fixing this cat and bring him up for adoption. We are picking him up tomorrow. But if you want him call in 2 weeks or so because he needs to heal. But if you know me call us please! In two weeks! Bye!

Jillian oh and p.s. I have another blog called

Monday, February 6, 2012

Stray Cat and Cat Hip

Okay today was a very big day for me. We will get to the stray cat thing later. But 2 days ago I went to my little creek in my backyard. My friend Nikki was here too. We decided to find some shells or rocks in the creek. While we were playing I went to go sit down. Nikki was searching in the far back of the creek were I never go. I asked " What are you doing?" "Searching." she said. Then she told me to come here and quick. I ran as fast as I could and you know what was in the creek? Another cat bone of course. It was a hip bone and very fragile. I grabbed a shovel and container and put it in. Then showed everybody. I t was interesting. Thanks Nikki!

Next I was going to bring my dad to the airport. So after that we decided to ask mom if we could pick up her cups she needed. So she hurried to the store and came back with a lot of cups. So we drove home and while we drove we noticed the back of Macaroni Grill. There was a garbage can next to it and a cat! The cat looked starving and was very dirty. So we figured it was a stray. We parked as close as we could to the cat. It was a black cat that had long fur and had a white fluffy muzzle on the nose. So it was a black and white cat. My mom went in the trunk and grabbed some cat food. She approached the cat and it hissed and it's back arched. She placed the cat food in front of it. The cat smelled it. Then ate it in big gulps. She ate slowly. While she was eating a mall police person came and asked us what we were doing. She actually thought we were feeding a skunk since it was black and white. My mom explained that we were trying to help the pore cat. The officer gave us ideas and gave us good luck. So after she left the cat was finished eating. So when the cat finished my mom got another can of food. She then made a path of cat food and the cat started eating the whole path. Finally she jumped in the front seat. Mom quietly closed the door and got in the car she turned on the engine. The cat jumped in front of mom on the window. Now mom could not see. So then she drove and the cat jumped down right on my feet. Then it laid down and relaxed.

We got home and everything was all right. The cat was all tired. We even named it Nikita. We were tired. My mom got out of the car and closed the garage door. Then we got out and in the house. Mom coaxed the cat out of the car with food. It jumped down and ate. Then mom pet the cat. It didn't seem to mind. Then my mom grabbed a water bowl and some cat litter. We predict the cat was abandoned. Then my mom made a bed out of blankets. After that the cat ate and drank then slept under the car. It was all tired from the car ride and cold outside. It fell asleep in the warm garage. Mom crept out. Then called the vet for an appointment. They said in 2 days because they were busy tomorrow. So we agreed because we had yoga tomorrow. Then we waited for a couple of hours to make the cat calm down. After that my mom checked it again and you know what? The cat looked beat up. It looked like it had a hard life. So we knew more that it should not be with it's owner ever again. Period! So I will report after we get back from the vet! Wish me luck that it's a stray so we could give it a new home!

Bye! Jillian