Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Dreams

These are things I wanted to do or see a month ago some will be marked that I already did. They will be marked if I did it with a *.

* See the Big Dipper
Meet Bindi Irwin in Australia
* Meet Adam Lambert my favorite rock star
Get a dog
Be a fully trained animal rescuer
Get rid of my panic disorders
Get a new cat
Win the lottery in Oregon
* Help an animal shelter
Go camping
* Do yoga
Make a big fancy cake
* Read 100 animal books
Go to Germany
See a shooting star
Get a bug car
* Get a Hexbug
Get 200 pet shops
See an Oregon Ducks football game
* Go to Wicked the play
Be a pet babysitter
Fly an airplane by myself
* Meet a dog bigger than a Great Dane
* See a wild owl
Make a huge dinner
Be in a play
See a wild coyote
* See a wild deer
* Pick up Fuzzy my cat
* Go on a scary roller coaster
Get a huge pack of pet shops with a house
Get my own coffee mug
Make Kiki my friend

That is all but you could have your own dreams and record them. Have a great day! Bye!

Ginger the Dog and Back from Vacation

Hi! Back from vacation. It was so fun! When we got there my friend Isabel was asleep already. Which sucked. So we went to sleep but I stayed up and red for 2 hours. Then I ended up falling asleep. Anyway we had fun and we played pet shops, played with my Hexbug, played Zhu Zhu pets, played with the Wii which was Zumba 2 and Just Dance 3, jumped on the bed, played puppies, played with the big red ball, groomed Pepsi their dog, took him potty, did walks with Pepsi, jumped roped, went swimming, went to the park two times, went to see my grandparent and we played Goldfish, walked their dog Sammy, and played pet shops with Bailee my cousin, I went to a boring meeting, went to the grocery store, went to two school plays, and babysat a dog named Ginger.

About Ginger well it all started at Willow Creaks Park. We were playing with kites. Which was very boring to me. I sat there in the grass waiting for everybody to put the kites away and walk to the car. Finally Isabel was done and was playing in the park. She jumped onto the mini tractor. I ran after her and we played Follow the Leader. It was fun but then little kids were playing with the kites! We ran to my mom and she said it was fine but the little kids were trying to tangle the kites! I hate little kids when they take my stuff or my friends! Maybe I should ban them with kites! Anyway we walked back to the park very very upset.

 We saw a woman with a dog that had blondish fur like a Golden Retriever and had very pointy ears. We wanted to throw the tennis ball to him. But then the dog came to us and dropped the ball. I took it and threw the ball. She ran after it and came back with it to me. My sister threw it then Isabel did. The lady asked if she could watch her dog while she talks to her friends at the park. I agreed but not Isabel and my sister. They are not very interested with animals like me. She gave me the ball holder to throw with and the leash for her. I asked what is the dogs name. She said Ginger. I said hi to Ginger and pat her. She was very soft! I threw the ball and she came back with it. We did it over and over again until she was tired. I ran to the drinking fountain and filled up a cup. She knew two commands sit and stay. I said stay and she stayed. I came back with water and she drank big gulps. I threw the ball and then out came out a black dog and gave it back to me. I looked at the tags and her name was Nanny. I threw the ball. Now I was taking care of two dogs! But out came a stubby woman and yelled " Nanny! Bad girl! " The dog whimpered and came. She said sit and stay and the dog sat there alone and bored. " I will play with you later or never!" yelled the woman. I threw the ball for the dog and she came up and ran. What a mean woman she brought her dog here for nothing! Well then she is having a big problem there! I wanted to come up to her and yell at her. Well I did play with both dogs for 3 hours! It was so fun! But I had to go so I gave back Ginger with her leash on. I took some walks with her for your information. Then I held Nanny by the collar and gave her back to the mean lady. She said thank you and yelled at her dog again. I rolled my eyes and she glared at me. I walked off. Then I left but my mom told me she is Facebook friends with Ginger's owner! Great! But also when we left for Oregon she was Facebook friends with another lady! My gosh!

So anyway about that you should babysit dogs and cats and other animals just like I did! It really is fun! You could do it too and I know you can! So I have to go the battery on this computer is running out! In about 1 minute and 8 seconds! Yikes! Bye!

Monday, March 26, 2012

How to Save a Dog

Sorry I didn't make the other post soon enough but here it is.

If you find a lost or stray dog in any breed like Dalmatians or German Shepherds here is how to save it. If you see a collar then you know it has an owner. But try to walk slowly to it to look at it's tags. If they bolt from your reach then you have to try to call an animal specialist or catch it by driving in your car or motorcycle. If read How to Save a Cat then use the same tricks to coax the dog. But if it bites and is mean you have to call an animal specialist or you might be killed. Don't use cat food instead use dog treats or dog food. You may use cat food if you can't find dog food or dog treats.

Okay I met Adam Lambert today! Here is how it went.

We were supposed to get at the Z100 building at 9:45. But we thought we might get lost so we left at 8:44  and we got there at 9:15. But there was no parking spots. So we had to park at the back of the building. Then we walked for 10 minutes. We saw a two people get out of a red car there was a red haired lady with brown glasses and another lady with blonde hair that was cut short and turned out to look like a mohawk. She also wore a silver earring on one ear. She even had two rings in each hand. They were walking toward the Z100 building and were talking about Adam Lambert. We walked and saw a sign that said Visitors Go Upstairs. We saw stairs going to a deck. We walked up and went on the deck. Then went in a door. We went to the receptionist and we checked in our name. It turns out that me and my sister Brooklynn were the youngest ones here. All the seats were taken so we had to stand. Then the red haired lady that came out of the car asked to use the bathroom. My mom asked if she could too. So they left with a man. They walked in a long hallway to the girls bathroom. Then they came back. Then it was 9:30 and we saw Adam Lambert in a glass window room doing an interview. OMG he was so cute! He had jet black hair that was shaped into shaggy hair looking mohawk. With black painted fingernails and earrings and a bunch of rings. He also had black mascara on his eyelashes. Then finally we were brought to a room with chairs and we sat in the front finally he came and sang a song and his guitar player, Tommy, played the music. Then he asked for questions here they are. Q. What is your favorite candy? Answer: Dark Chocolate Q. What is your favorite animal? Answer: Wolves Q. How many albums do you have out? Answer: Two Those are ones I can only think for now. Then he sang a song called Coocoo. Then we got his picture and left.

Okay have to go! I am leaving for Utah! BYE! SEE YOU IN FOUR DAYS!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to save a Dog or Cat

Here is some information of how to gather up a stray dog or cat or a lost dog or cat. Lets start with grabbing a cat.

First you have to spot the cat and if your in a car park as slowly as you can or if your walking stop slowly. Next if the cat is scared it will hiss, arch its back, have fluffy fur, growl, meow madly, or even run or attack. So be careful. If it seems nice walk slowly up to it and see if you can pick it up or put it in a basket or bag or even a blanket and small box. If it is scared try to walk slowly but if it looks like it will attack back away or when it looks like it will bolt. If you do get attacked please go home and wash very well and bandage it with cream. It probably will have fleas or mites or other bad problems. So you might need to go to the doctor. If it swells its common. If it bolts and then stops somewhere good when you know it. If it went up a tree or you lost it then contact some animal specialists they could track it down and get it. If it doesn't bolt and just hisses or the other things above then just stay there. Here are ideas for a cat that does these things above.

1. The first thing you could do is ask anybody in the neighborhood if they have cat food and a basket and explain about the cat. Next try to coax the cat to the food. By stepping up to it and handing it. Let it trust you. Watch it eat right by your side so it will know you won't hurt him/her. Then when it finishes coax him to follow you with another piece of cat food into the basket or bag or box. Then get into your car or walk your way to your house. If somebody is allergic to cats in your house ask somebody else if they can take the cat if they can't hold him for a few days then bring it in a room where the person who is allergic might not get his allergic reactions to burst.

2. Another idea is to make a path of cat food to the car or your house or your bag. That will work mostly. Wait for him if he is way back eating cat food or treats.

3. Toys might work and playing is fun. So drag the cat with a toy into the bag or house or car.

4. You can call some people who deal with cats that are stray or lost. Tip: If it has a collar call the number.

5. Another way to make a cat nip line some cats will play with cat nip and lose interest so you can pick it up. Or some cats eat it so you can make a path first try to sprinkle some cat nip with the cat to see what it will do.

6. Do something interesting to the cat and it might come to you to see whats happening. Like move your hand like a mouse. Or make a shadow with your foot or hand or head and wiggle. That might interest the cat.

7. You can set up a trap with cat food inside and the lever will clamp down when the cat is in.

8. You can get strong smelling chicken nuggets or turkey or roast beef if it works and the cat might not resist the smell of food.

9. Stroke the fur and talk to it. It might calm down and you can pick it up.

10. Also you could even put out human food and it might smell good but don't make it eat it.

11. Drag the cat food so it could probably chase it for the food and you might get him in the bag or your house or in the car.

If you have other ideas comment me below. Then some people can read them for more information. The dog part will come soon on another post. Sorry.

Saved a Worm and Slug and more

I just saved a worm and slug! Well it all started when I was cleaning twigs and leaves and mud and garbage out of the creek I have. While I was almost done my sister, Brooklynn, found a worm in a deep part in the water drowning. So I said " Pick it up!" She picked it up by the tail. I said to give to me. She gave it and said that it was getting cold. So she left. Then I decided to make a little home and habitat that a worm will just love. First I had to find a place. I didn't really know if it was a water worm or an Earth worm. So I splashed it in the water once in a while for a second. But then I found the place it was between land and water. The water was dripping from the mud and the mud was best for a worm. There was even dry mud. So I got some rocks. Then I made a little half circle around the water part and out stuck a bit of water like a pool. So if he was a water worm he could get in the pool and not go so deep in. Then I grabbed some big sticks to make bridges around for him. Then I added some nice green plants around it so he could have shade and shelter. Then I added some mini sticks. But then in the middle of the water was something squishy. Like a slug. But it moved like a caterpillar. So I took it and put it on land for air. He seemed happy. Then I went back to work. So then I looked to see if there was any other worms or predators in the lurk. Nothing except a worm that was fat. I took it and put it in another muddy cold spot with shelter and sun. Then when I went back the slug was gone. I looked everywhere but he was gone. So I went back to work and put nice moss in for beds. Then I took mud and splattered it on some stuff. Next I found little twigs and flowers to make as floaters just in case if the worm gets in the pool and drowns. Smart huh? I put rocks around so he can't get any further into the water again. Then finally after half and hour I found the slug and he looked like he was dead because he was in the water again. So I put him on a little coast by the water and covered him with leaves from predators if he was alive of course. Then I put the worm down named Wormy and he slithered into the pool. He was drowning and I found the problem. There was a crack in the rocks so more water came in and was over flowing his new home. But there was no escape entrance for the pool so I made a crack and most of the water drained away. Now he was safe. Then I put him down again and said good bye. But he slithered onto a stick and was high on a big bridge he put his head up and said good  bye then slithered down some sticks into the dirt and away he went in the dirt. Tears formed up in my eyes as I said bye to Wormy. Then I checked on the slug and it was gone! I checked the water no slug. Then I found him in grass. He was gone then. I knew he was going to be safe. Then I went in the house still with tears.

Okay now I have to go but what I have to say is if you win Adam Lambert tickets then you can't bring your cameras or your phones or any electronics. Some news people and camera people will take videos and pictures for you and then send them to you. So don't worry.

Bye! Jillian

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We Won Adam Lambert Tickets!

We won Adam Lambert tickets! Hooray! Here is the story of what happened:
I was at a quiet office building in a room talking to my psychologist because I have panic disorder and when I went to get my mom she said she had really great news. So we sat on the couch in the room and she told us she won Adam Lambert tickets! She just saw it was 4:19 and she could just call. She called and they said she was caller number 4. Then she called again and the phone said " Hello how are you today?" She said " Good?" She didn't know what was happening. The phone said " What is your name?" She said " Jen." The phone said " Hi Jen you won tickets to an Adam Lambert Concert!" Then she screamed in the quiet waiting room full of people. They just stared at her. She was about to explode. Then I started to explode. But my mom asked how many tickets and they said 2. So she asked if they could have 3. Then they decided to have a meeting about that. So they will call her later. Then half an hour later they called and said we could have 3 tickets and will meet us at the Z100 building on Monday but I will be on vacation so we will be late maybe. Or plan on another week.

Guess what? My mom found Fuzzy's doctor papers and guess what? My cat actually is not a black tabby he is a Maine Coon. Fascinating isn't it? Also Fuzzy is doing great today.

Bye I think we will meet again soon.


Sunday, March 18, 2012


Hi here are other Lps's you should get:

You can also get the triplets they are fun. They come with three pets that are like twins. They have like bears, kittens, puppies, piglets, hamsters, and others. They are really cute by the way.

They even have Blythe pets. They come with owners that are people. They are adorable. I have 2 Blythe people. One of them came with a collie dog and the other came with a dog and a lizard. It was really cool.

They also have regular pets that are just plain pets and plain stuff. But sometimes they can really be adorable.

Also go to and watch littlest pet shop videos because they are really good. But look for littlest pet shopslover and you will find an awesome clip of a funny pet shop acting sleep over clip. Also look for Littlest Pet Shop Truth or Dare because they have funny truth or dare ones too. Also find other videos and comment me below this post to tell me really cool videos.

Have fun watching and playing! Bye!


The rest of the 147 Pet Shops

Hi here are the other pet shops:

67. Violet-purple sea horse                                                            114. Natalie-purple chinchella
68. Jessica-purple and pink cat                                                       115. Diego-coyote
69. Orange-orange cat                                                                   116. Bo-pink/black mouse
70. Midnight-black and white cat                                                   117. Lagoona-blue sparkly fish
71. Twinkles-gray cat                                                                     118. Merlia-pink fluffy rabbit
72. Ruby-pink cat                                                                         119. Charlotte-purple/white dalmatian
73. Crystal-gray cat                                                                         120. Morgan- Shih Tzu
74. Duster-gray sheepdog                                                                121. Shiloh-woodpecker
75. Lula-Shih Tzu                                                                           122. Kitty-pink/white cat
76. Maximus-collie dog                                                                  123. Elizabeth-Emperor Penguin
77. Coacoa-doberman                                                                     124. Rebecca-brown raccoon
78. Catherine-collie dog                                                                   125. Orbi-brown deer
79. Max- Dalmatian dog                                                                126. Nate-orange poison dart frog
80. Cloudy-Scottish Terrier Dog                                                     127. Karon-zebra                              81. Paris-pink poodle                                                                      118.Switzerland-ferret

82. Cutie-Mutt dog                                                                        129. Petunia-purple swan/rare
83. Guarder-bulldog                                                                       130. March-brown/tan wiener dog
84. Puddles- Cocker Spaniel Dog                                                  131. Batcula-purple sparkly bat
85. Tanner-mutt dog                                                                       132. Travis-black horse
86. Decorations-dalmatian dog                                                        133. Megan-sparkly sea turtle
87. Hot Dog-Wiener Dog                                                                134. August-brown/white dog
88. Rodeo-Scottish Terrier Dog                                                       135. Aladdin-brown coyote
89. Carly-LPS Person                                                                       136. Firefly-glowing draonfly
90. Stella-LPS Person                                                                       137. Candy-colorful giraffe
91. Zeus-Rainbow Monkey                                                               138. Samantha-shaggy dog
92. Kennedy-purple hamster                                                              139. Mark-flying squirrel
93. Chili-baby yellow hamster                                                            140. Flippers-whale
94. Golden-Yellow Otter                                                                    141. Raspberry-duckling
95. Emma-White Rat                                                                          142. Maddy-Yippy dog
96. Jewel-yellow parrot                                                                       143. Nightmare-raccoon
97. Mountain-Hippo                                                                            144. Mckenzie- brown koala
98. Scribbles-Monkey                                                                          145. Stacy-pink ferret
99. Kiki-orange tabby cat                                                                    146. Grape-purple koala
100. Spotty-purple mutt puppy                                                            147. Juice-baby purple koala
101. Tegress-yellow and orange cat
102. Mittens-purple and white kitten
103. Maggie-walkable seal
104. Feathers-sparkly rooster
105. Cherry-walkable snail
106. Beaky-giant penguin
107. Yogurt-pink parrot bird
108. Gracen-Boxer pup
109. Lucy-Yorkshire Terrier Pup
110. Sunflower-yellow frog
111. Bucky-beaver
112. Lily-Bulldog
113. Lacey-anteater or aardvark

My 147 Pet Shops

Here is all my pet shops lets start with:

1. Purpleicous-purple pig triplet                               34. Strawberry-baby pink rabbit
2. pinkalicous- pink pig triplet                                  35. Chocolate-baby brown rabbit
3. Goldalicous-orange pig triplet                              36. Vanilla-baby white rabbit
4. Buttercup-white and pink bear                             37. Apples-hamster
5. Honey- yellow bear                                              38. Carmel-Rabbit
6. Lady-ladybug                                                       39. Rainbow-Parrot
7. Delilah-collie dog                                                 40. Fuzzy-Hamster
8. King Aslan-lion                                                    41. Mountain-Chinchella
9. Blueberry-blue butterfly                                        42. Mrs. Hoppers-rabbit
10. Lilypad- green frog                                             43. Marshmallow-rat
11. Strawberries-pink butterfly                                  44. Blossom-Orange Hamster
12. Frozen- blue seal                                                  45. Fluffy- Orange Rabbit
13. Lemondrop- yellow seal                                       46. Hoppy- Purple Rabbit
14. Binx- fox                                                              47. Jenny-black and white rabbit
15. Grapejuice-caterpillar                                           48. Coffee-brown puppy dog
16. Bluebell-caterpillar                                               49. Mailer-Pigeon
17. Kiwi-Kiwi bird                                                     50. Snowflake-white horse
18. Daisy-Owl                                                            51. Lightning-yellow horse
19. Jennifer-Ostrich                                                    52. Storm-Gray Horse
20. Chicky-Chick                                                       53. Rosy-pink horse
21. Pinky-Flamingo                                                    54. Shelly-Armidello
22. Lightbulb-gray monkey                                        55. Foxy-raccoon
23. Painter-chimpanzee                                               56. Pouncer-Tiger
24. Adam-monkey                                                      57. Pause- turtle with a pause sign on shell
25. Bananas-monkey                                                  58. Sundae-turtle
26. Scrambled-monkey                                               59. Traveler-Mutt Dog
27. Fancy- Hamster triplet                                          60. Barrel-St.Bernard
28. Nancy-Hamster triplet                                           61. Komodo-lizard                                                29. Posh- Hamster triplet                                             62. Licky-fluffy cat
30. Squishy-gray mouse                                              63. Sunshine-yellow sleek cat
31. Wishy-tan mouse                                                   64. Sparkles-sparkly cat
32. Woshy-tan mouse with bruse                                 65. Greenie-green gecko
33. Cheezy-brown mouse                                            66. Sally-Whale

I will do another post for the next pet shops! Bye!

Adam Lambert Tickets and Lps Time

Hi again!

Guess what? Adam Lambert is coming to Portland Oregon! But if you want to see the pop star you have to win tickets from Z100. Number 1 is to call them at 4:20 every day but that is over and done. But there is another decision you can go to their website and type your email for the drawing at the end of next week! You only put your email once a day. But you can put your husbands in or ask your family and friends if you can too. But he is only coming to Portland Oregon for information but don't worry if you don't win one guess what? When his new CD comes out sometime soon you can but tickets to his concert in Portland Oregon. So you will see him soon too. But the website is from Z100 and go under the post Breakfast with Adam Lambert and click the link. Then type your email address.

Now guess what? Littlest Pet Shops are now selling moms and babies. Like a purple mommy koala with her baby that comes with a pillow and blanket. Also a deer and baby. Also a purple poodle with her baby. Also a blue and yellow penguin with her baby. Also the last one is a peach colored swan with her baby and a tub with a soap bar.

They even sell Littlest Pet Shops with hair on top. Like a pink sheep with curly pink hair and a dog with fuzzy ears. Also a porcupine with shaggy pines. It is awesome! Anyway you know the babies? I got the koala while my sister has the swan. She named her mom Peach and her baby Tree. Like Peach Tree. I named mine Grape and Juice. Like Grape Juice. Get it?

Well also they have sparkle pets like a sparkly octopus and a sparkly anteater. Also they have a sparkly Dalmatian, a sparkly bat, a sparkly sea turtle, a sparkly fish, and others. They really are cool oh and I forgot one a rooster!

They even have walkables and they are walking pet shops! Like a chipmunk or snail or a crab or a fish or a dog and a cat. Or even a snow leopard or a seal.

But the awesome pet shops are the rare ones which are called Special Edition Littlest Pet Shops. Or for short I call them SELPS. They are hard to find and I have one. I have a purple swan. That is rare. They are about $16. But they have a walkable sparkle zebra that is rare which is AWESOME! They even have ants and crocodiles and dogs and cats and seahorses and horses and a lot more that are hard to find.

I think I should go because my mom needs her computer and I love her computer because mine sucks. It is way to slow and you don't want to know anymore about my computer. So have to go! Bye!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Dads Funny Dream and My Lps's

My dad had a really funny dream last night at 6:45 in the morning. He dreamt this. My dad will tell the story. Here he is.

I was a scientist and my lab partner was made out of Elastic which means that she was a big rubber band. She couldn't move being made out of Elastic. So she went and had lots of surgeries. The surgeries were successful and she was even able to run. There was a man who liked her but I didn't like him. I then went on a spaceship with the guy and my lab partner. But he got thirsty. Since I didn't like him I gave him a different drink that made him dizzy. After the trip we went back to Earth. Then on the same day my lab partner went on a jog. I went to watch her. Then the guy I hated went on a jog with her. But my lab partner was faster and didn't notice. But then when the guy was about to tap her shoulder he tripped and fell. I laughed like crazy. But the reason he fell was because of the dizzy drink on the space ship I gave him.

So lets say bye to my dad and thanks! The reason it is funny is because my mom and I were about to wake up when we heard giggling which sounded like a preschooler laugh. It was my dad laughing. So we woke him up and he told us about the stupid dream and he was laughing in his sleep when the jogger guy fell. So that is why it was funny and weird. He usually forgets his dreams but we woke him up in the dream. So funny huh?

Well lets talk about Littlest Pet Shops. I am getting two new packs of pet shops on Tuesday. I am getting on the first pack a purple whale, a pink and gray fluffy dog, and a light pink duckling. It also come with pink binoculars, a yellow hay, a pink cap, a yellow seashell, another blue cap, a sunshine pink hat, a pink toy duck, 2 more yellow seashells, 2 yummy blue fish, a pink oar, a big blue boat, a fishing pole, a orange bucket, 2 blue fish that are tiny, and hooks for the whale. The other pack has a raccoon, a koala bear, and a ferret. It comes with a rock climber, a blue tunnel, a orange jump through hole, 2 floaters, a orange flag, a orange drink cup, another orange flag, 3 pink drinks, a purple sparkly drink, a pink flying disk, and a yellow slipper. Okay got to go! Bye!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Pet Names

Here are some lists of pet names:
Mrs. P
Star Blaze
Apple Seed
Lady Meow Meow
Lady Bark Bark
Chew Chew
Lima Bean
Yip Yip
Woolly Bear
Chick Chick Chickadee
Chick Chick
Del Gato
El Gato

All I can think of!!! Bye! Jillian

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Queen of Sleepovers

I am the queen of sleepovers and I know how to make one sleepover into a good one.

1. Always have some games ready like the best games to get is Twister, Mouse Trap, Forbidden Island, Survive, Hedbanz, Apples to Apples, Operation, Uno, Ticket to Ride, Air Hockey, Puzzles, Cootie, Battleship, Blokus, Smart Ass, Carcassone, Scrabble, Ker Plunk, Pandemic, Whac-a-Mole, Chess, Agricola or you can get Connect Four.

2. Always have your bedroom clean and have these items set up on your bed or on your desk or shelf:

Some books you love
Some colored pencils or markers
Some pencils
Some erasers
Colored paper or plain white
Finger Nail Polish
1 hair brush
A comb
Nail clippers
2 big bowls full of hot water
Foot cream
Some files
Your pet
Stuffed Animals
For your pet you brought like your cat or dog or reptile or fish bring food and water and bedding and toys or a leash and kitty toilette or doggy toilette.
An Iron
If you have Littlest Pet Shops, Squinkies, Zoobles, Japanese Erasers or what you call Gomoos, or a dollhouse with things in it bring right away.

Also you should make a sleeping bag or a mattress or a blanket bed right next to you if you have a small bed built for one. Here are some other ideas were to sleep.

Sleep in a tent inside or outside
Sleep on bare ground
Sleep on top of pillows
Sleep on blankets
Sleep on stuffed animals
Sleep on a mattress
Sleep in a sleeping bag
Sleep on the couch
Sleep on top of toys or books
Sleep on a extra bed
Sleep on a playhouse
Sleep on a park slide or other things in a park outside
Sleep on your sisters or brothers bed or your parents bed
Sleep on a couch that can make a hida bed
Sleep on the carpet in your toy room or a big roomy spot
Sleep on your dogs bed or on your cats bed
Sleep on sheets
Sleep in the kitty litter box without kitty litter
Sleep under a tree
Sleep in a hiding spot outside or in a bush
Sleep on shelves in a closet
Sleep in the bathroom tub or shower
Sleep on the grass
Sleep on your deck
Sleep under the house
Sleep in your garage or in car
Sleep on a chair
Sleep on your bed
Sleep on pavement
Sleep with your pet

Here are some friends you could invite for a sleepover.

Your BFF
Your neighbor
Your most hateful friend
Your best friend
Your friend
Your girlfriend
Your boyfriend
Your friend across the street
Your friend down the street
Your friend at school
Your friend closest to your house
Your friend that played in the park with you
Your friend with the big backyard
Your friend with lots of toys
Your friend that is fat
Your friend that is skinny
Your friend from a different state
Your friend that moved
Your friend that lives in a different country
Your cousin
Your half cousin
Your pet
Your sister or brother
Your tree or plant or bush
Your toys
Your stuffed animals
Your grandma
Your grandpa
Your mom or dad
Your lastest friend in the list
Your friend at the top of the list
Your brand new best friend
Your half sister or brother
Your friend in girl scouts or boy scouts
Your pal or buddy
Your partner at your table
Your friend with black skin
Your friend with white skin
Your friend that is crazy looking
Your friend that is always bored and lazy
Your friend that makes mistakes a lot
Your friend that likes to annoy you
Your friend that has brown hair, red hair, white hair, colorful hair, black hair, blond hair, yellow hair, ect
Your friend that broke up with you
Your wife or husband
Other friends I haven't mentioned

 Okay see ya!!!!

The ' Great ' Sleepover-Not

Me and Jillian T. had a big fight and it sucked. But luckily my dad was here. Well anyway we were playing a fashion show pet shop thingy and it was round 2 and Jillian T. had to go in the bathroom while we make the decisions. But she didn't want to and kept telling me no. I told her I went in there and she had to do it. Finally she said " I am done!" and she ran off, crying. I didn't really mean it that badly. She told her parents and I went wanted to go home. So I grabbed my things and left. Looks like it was a non-sleepover. What should I do? I really need information to make her my BFF again. I really should of you know said sorry and now she is really upset and won't talk to me. Please help me! I really need solutions and I am sad without her. I gave you info so you should give me info and a lot. But today she is coming over and cross your fingers she would talk cause I invited her. Bye!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Animal Cops and Animal Planet

I have to tell you this animal program and it is a TV show. There are like two animal planets so it is good because if you go to one of them and you don't like whats on you could go to the other one. The channels are 43 and 743. They have Finding Bigfoot, Hillbilly Handfishing, Animal Cops, Too Cute, 101 Dogs, 101 Cats, Monster Fish, My Cat From Hell, this man that catches things with his bare hands, American Stuffers, these forest rangers, Bindi, Infested, Pit Boss and more. So I hope you watch it because they save animals ( almost all of them do ). So hope you watch it!

Also I love to watch Animal Cops in the morning at like 7:00 because they save animals in all shapes and sizes. Like for example horses, dogs, cats, frogs, fish, turtles, pigs, cows, goats, birds, and other animals. Then they put it for adoption. Well they find strays or abandoned or abused animals. So if they are abused they bring the people who own them to court. The Animal Cops almost always win. Sometimes they have to put an animal down and also sometimes they even see dead animals. Also when they find the animals they bring them to the vet and then after that they put them for adoption if they can but the animals sometimes get good endings. So you should watch it.

Also you should watch Too Cute because they have mother cats or dogs and then they get babies then they tell stories about the cats or dogs. Then after the babies open their eyes and play and hear they are so cute!!! You should really see it.

You should also watch Cats 101 and Dogs 101 they both tell you about types of cats or dogs and that will help you find the right pet. So they are really informational. They tell their medical problems or how much you have to groom them or even how nice they are and how much exercise about them after that they give an example. Every day they show different dogs and cats.

If you watch American Stuffers it is not bad it is good because there are people who have old and dead pets. So these stuffers come to stuff their pets and so the people could keep them and look at their stuffed pets but sometimes it is not good because sometimes the people kill their pets and want them to be stuffed.

If you watch Infested it shows you about some people who have lots of pets or bugs. Like big snakes or millions of cats or even ants or scorpions or even also mites and mosquitos. Or even wasps. Really kinda scary.

If you watch My Cat From Hell it is so good. I am watching it now. They show cats that are really evil to their owners and this is informational. Then a guy named Jackson Galaxy comes and teaches the owners what to do with their cat. They have like Lady Meow Meow and Stella and other cats. Trust me they are really evil and it is kinda funny.

So hope you watch these! Bye hope you watch these! Really they are good believe me. Jillian