Monday, June 27, 2011

Beluga 2 and the Danger Ahead

Hello! Today I have the story of Beluga 2. Brian write it down. Then tell the people who work movies. Then tell me if they like it. Then tell me if they are making it. Then I want to be the first person to watch it. Good let's get started. This is my 2nd dream of her and Lillie.

I was going back to South Carolina. I was excited to meet Lillie and Beluga. I was 12 still and I get to drive the car. My parents were going to New York this time. When I was there I was so happy to see Mike, Staffon and Aunt Pam. I said, "Hi Mike! Hi Staffon! Hi Aunt Pam!" We did a group hug. Then my parents said," Bye." Then they left.

Then we walked to the river. It took 20 minutes to get there. While we were walking we talked. I said, "I wonder what the orca hunters are doing now?" Then Staffon said, "I asked the jail if they were there but they said they escaped." Then Mike said, "We think they are around here killing orcas and they are breaking the law." I said," That is terrible."

When we were there we saw Lillie, the baby, and Beluga. I said," Hi Beluga! Hi Lillie!" I gave them hugs. I said, "Here is some fish I brought. I snuck them from my mom and dad." Everybody laughed. Then I saw that Beluga got a mate. I said, "Guys look. Beluga has a mate. What should we call him?" Aunt Pam said, "We should call him Hunter because he is big and looks like he could hunt good." I said, "Good idea Aunt Pam." Then we left. They were playing.

I was hungry. I said, "Do you guys have lunch because I am starving." Aunt Pam said, "Yes we do let's stop under that coconut tree in the shade because it is hot." We all sat down. Then Mike said, "I have peanut butter sand...ouch!" A coconut hit him on the head. Mike said again, "I have peanut butter sandwiches." Then another coconut hit him. He saw a bite mark on it. The other coconut looked old to eat. Then another fell. It was split in half. Then another fell. It was all eaten but not the outside. Then he looked up. It was the orca hunters. Mike said, "Guys we have some company up here on the tree." Everybody looked up.

Then everybody ran to the orcas to keep them safe. I said, "Orcas! Hunters are coming hide in the water!" All the orcas were so scared of the loud noise they hid in the water. The orca hunters came by across the street in the car and drove far away. Then I said in a quiet voice, "Orcas come out now they are gone." The orcas came back up. I read it in the orca book about that.

I brought my compass and my camera and the orca book. I brought my swimsuit, beach-ball, floater, bucket, my fishing pole, my pieces of bread, pajamas, clothes, stuffed animal orca, welcome card and antiseptic cream and bandages and a map I bought myself. I was ready for a adventure. I said to everybody, "Guys I think we should do an adventure." They all agreed.

We packed up. I needed a rope, phone, food, water and sleeping bags. We went to a store. I bought food, water, phone, rope and sleeping bags. I also bought fire wood, matches, a flashlight, batteries and a book about survival. We packed the stuff we bought. Then we were ready.

We went to the river and camped there. It was the first day to camp. We laid down the sleeping bags. Got the fire on. Then put the bags by our sleeping bags. We went to sleep. I heard a noise. I woke up. I said, "Hello. Who is it?" I took out the flashlight. The orcas were sleeping. I heard a crack of a twig. The voice said, "Stop that I want to see the orcas." The other voice said," Well be quiet." I heard a leaf crack. Then saw another flashlight.

I saw two boys that were twins. I said, "Hello. What is your name? Can you keep secrets? Are you criminals? Do you kill orcas? Stop where you are." The twin said, "My name is Max and this is Jakob and we can keep secrets. We are not criminals and we do not kill orcas and um do you want to be friends?" I said," Sure.

Here is the secret I have 3 pet orcas named Lillie, Hunter and Beluga. They each have flowers on them. Can you help us protect them?" Jakob said, "Sure I love orcas and Max does too." I said, "Okay then pack up here is a list of things you need." Max said, "Thanks we will start right away." They ran. I went to sit down on my sleeping bag waiting. After a hour they came back.

Jakob said, "We got them." I said, "Lay them like ours. "So they did then all of us went back to sleep. In the morning I told everybody about Max and Jakob about rescuing with us. Everybody welcomed them.

Then we saw the orca hunters. We told everything to them about the orcas and the orca hunters and everything. We hid behind a tree. They walked past. They saw the orcas. They aimed their guns. I karate them. I took their guns and knives and throwed them in the deep water. Then they were chasing me. I jumped in the water. I grabbed Beluga on the fin and swam with her.

The orca hunters were so mad. I laughed and laughed. Then they grumbled something. I thought it was get a orca to swim with. They jumped in too. They took other orcas and swam with it. I said softly to Beluga, "Faster Beluga faster." She went full speed. They dived in the water. The orca hunters did not know they were under water that they breathed water and swam up for air. They did not know how to swim. They scrabbled. They were like dogs not swimming.

They finally went on land. Coughing and breathing fast from all that energy. They ran away. To the swimming class, so next time they will get the orcas.

I climbed off Beluga and went to my friends. I said, "That was a close call." Then Max said, "Ya right they almost grabbed you and you did not know." We went to have lunch which was tuna fish sandwich. It was delicious.

It was a happy ending. Then my parents were here I left said good bye to everybody and left driving the car. The End. Brian you can change it a little bit. Bye.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beluga the Orca

Hello! Hey Brian I want you to wright this post down on a paper. Then tell the movie makers my idea for a movie. Tell me if they like it. Then tell me they are making it. Then I want to be the first person to watch it. Thank you! Now for the movie or dream I should say.

It is called Beluga the Orca. Here it starts. I was going to Alabama to South Carolina because my parents are going for vacation to Africa and they thought it was dangerous for me to go. I did not like my aunt who lived in South Carolina, Charleston. It was by a beach. My parents drove me there and I was only 12 years old. I could drive though and could use a compass and map. But they won't let me. When I was there I was not happy.

"Oh I missed you Jillian" Aunt Pam said. She gave me a hug. I had to hug back. I said, "I missed you too." Then Aunt Pam said, "Get your bags and come in the house I made your room upstairs. You will see a surprise in a box. Why don't you guys come in too." "Sorry" said my mom," We have to go catch the plane to Africa." Then Aunt Pam said, "Okay bye then. Be safe." "Bye Pam. Take good care of Jillian" Said my dad. I watched them leave.

"Why do I have to stay with Aunt Pam for two weeks." Jillian said in a whisper so she would not hear. I came inside with my bags and went upstairs. The box was cardboard. Inside I saw a welcome letter and a stuffed animal orca. I hated them. I put them in corner of the room. I read the letter. I threw it with the orca. I packed away with the door locked.

When I was done I heard Aunt Pam say," Dinner is ready. It is fried fish and lemonade." I yelled, "Hold on I am coming." I left my room. Leaving the door unlocked. I went to eat. When I was done I went upstairs. Then put my pajamas on and went to bed.

When it was morning I saw in my window Aunt Pam swimming with a fin. It looked like a orca fin. I dressed up in my clothes. I found eggs and toast on the table. I ate quickly and went outside. Then I yelled, "Aunt Pam there is a orca chasing you!" She looked and shrieked and came out of the water. She called the aquarium to trap it. She said on the phone. "Hello there is a orca by the shore of the ocean and it chased me. Would you go trap it away." Sure" said the answer.

After 1 hour they were here. "No, don't trap it I don't want you to take it. Please bring it back in the ocean please." Jillian said. I fighted them. " Hey." Said a man," There is no orca." They left. "Come back I did see one you won't believe me." Said Aunt Pam. They were gone already.

Then I ran upstairs in the house putted on my swimsuit and went to swim. Then I found a female orca. It had a scratch on its fin and dorsal fin. There was a net stuck on her too. I got off the net. Then went to get fish and stuff for the scratches. When I came back Aunt Pam saw me and said, "What are you doing that thing can eat you." " Sorry I am helping it." Jillian said. " Well stop that." Said Aunt Pam.

I went to help it anyways. I petted it for it to calm down. Then put antiseptic cream on her scratches. "There that will make it all better." Jillian said. Then she fed it all the fish. Her sonar worked fabulous. Then she found people coming. The orca swam away.

Then I came out of the water. They looked like hunters. They had guns and knives in their pockets. They came to Aunt Pam. "Hello." Said a hunter," Have you found a orca around here. We are the orca hunters." I was making a face no. "Um" said Aunt Pam," I didn't see one." "Okay bye then." Said the other hunter. They left.

Then the orca came back up to me. "Hi there I will call you Beluga because you are as nice as a beluga" I said. Beluga did a flip in the water. I laughed. Then it was lunchtime. I went to eat. I had macaroni and cheese. Then I went fishing. I caught 30 fish. I gave them to Beluga. She did tricks when I threw them. After that I played with her. I went inside and brought a beach-ball, a bucket and a floater. I sat on the floater. Then I taught her how to do tricks on the beach-ball. She did flips and holding it on her nose and twirled with it and jumped. I got super wet. She once flipped me over on the floater. Also I put the bucket on her so she would not see or hear. She just was crazy.

Then I took the stuff and went inside for dinner. I had shrimp and broccoli. Then I fed Beluga fish. After that I went to bed. I slept with my stuffed animal orca.

In the morning I was going to meet an animal rescuer. His name was Staffon. Before we went there I got dressed and had pancakes for breakfast. I asked, "Would you Aunt Pam let me buy something there?" "Okay but not an animal." Said Aunt Pam. " Yes" I yelled. Then we went in the car. It was old and wrinkled. It did not have a clean wash. It was dirty. "This stinks" I murmured.

When we were there we saw another boy there. He said, "Hello my name is Mike would you be friends with me?" "Uh sure?" Then I explained everything but not the orca. Then I asked, "Can you keep secrets?" "Yes I can." Then I said," Good then I have a pet orca named Beluga and I need somebody to help me help her." "Oh I will." Mike said. Then we went to the tour.

After that I went to buy something. I got 3 things. I got a book about orcas, a camera and a compass. Then I asked Staffon Mike's father if he could play. He said it was all right. Mike went with me and Aunt Pam in the car. When we were there we saw Beluga. We ran to her and got wet in our clothes. I hugged her. Mike got fish. We both fed her. Until it was time for lunch. We ate hamburgers. It was delicious. Then after lunch they washed the car and fixed the wrinkles and it looked new now. Aunt Pam said," That looks great thank you."

Then after a week later it was night and then I heard a scared voice from Beluga. I ran downstairs and out the door. I saw the orca hunters. They were capturing Beluga. I yelled, "Stay away from my orca!" Then they shot with their guns at Beluga.

I called the vet. "Hello my orca got shot from two mean hunters in the night please hurry." They came in ten minutes and the hunters were captured by the police. They took Beluga to the vet. After 3 days it was Wednesday. We went to pick up Beluga. I drove with Mike. I drove the car when Aunt Pam was still sleeping at 9:00 in the morning. We picked up Beluga and she was fine. Then we put her back in the water. It was hard work though.

Then It was time to leave South Carolina. I said bye to Mike, Staffon and Aunt Pam. I packed up with the welcome card and orca stuffed animal and my camera, book and compass. I said bye to Beluga too. We thought it was dangerous in the ocean so we brought Beluga to a river. There were other orcas too.

I said, "I want to say bye to Beluga one more time." I did. I put a flower on her head so I know her. But I saw something small behind her. It was a baby orca! She got a baby. I put a flower on the baby orca too. The baby was a she and her name was Lillie. I said bye to Beluga and Lillie.

Then I went in the car to Alabama. Sometimes I visit them. The End.

How did you like my dream? Well Brian you can make a little bit different. But not too much.

Well bye.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Date with Justin Bieber

Hello I was playing a game on the computer and there was questions on it. It was a date game. When I was done it said Justin Bieber. It also said" Bieber fever has taken you over. It's always good to date a guy with great hair-and moves as smooth as yours. Baby, never let him go!" That is gross huh? Also I really do have a crush on him. Bye I am embarrassed right now.

Surprise and Father's Day

Hello! Today is Father's Day you know. Give your father, husband and grandpa a card, gift or a big hug and a kiss. Now the surprise writing. Well there is two. First my sister got a blog too! Here is the website it is about fashion. It is from my sister and she 6 years old! Also you can read her posts or join as a fashion person. But I rather let you stay here and be a animal rescuer or you can be both. Now for the next surprise writing. It is about snails. My dad saved a snail family! Well I will tell you the snail story. We have a fountain in our backyard and there snails in the fountain. Then dad turned on the water. The snails ran up under a dry spot under a rock. Then dad took the hose and put a little bit of water under the rock so the snails won't dry up and die. So he saved the snail family. There were six snails but there was still three snails in the fountain but they are fine. There is all together nine snails. Dad forgot to take the picture of them but it is okay. The end. Liked it? Good. Bye then. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Friends

Hello Today I have to tell you about my friends. I will say all their names first. Adam, Kennedy, Kelcie, Jakob, Justin, Libby, Caleb, Camery, Aidan, Jorden, Gracie, Aspen 1 , Aspen 2 , Ellie, Isabel, Faith, Emily, Noelle, Dane, TJ, Ashtyn, Zack, Camren, Colton, Jackson, Eli, Staffon, Gabe, Kily, Lexy, Aubrey, Deidre, Mrs.Glade, Mr. Munro, Miss. Forman, Miss. Miles, Preston, Courtney, Ashley, Janae, Annie and Aleondro. They are my best friends. Some of these friends will be in my friend stories. Let's do Aspen 1. She is my best friend. We are best friends forever. She came to my house for a late night. We went outside first. We played on the dome. We climb on it. We also rode bikes. After that we on the computers. We played lot's of games. After that we went to color. It was fun. We drew pictures for our dad for Father's Day. After that we had ice cream. I had strawberry ice cream with chocolate sauce, sprinkles and a cherry on top. It was delicious. After that we went outside for little bit on the dome. Then it was time to leave. It was 9:00 p.m. time for bedtime. We went in the car. It was quite a drive. Then we back home to wright this post. The End. How did you like it? Good huh? Next story about Diedre. Well me and Deidre were out from lunch. Deidre told me she was going to a birthday party. She told me it was cousins birthday. She said she will give me a laffy taffy. I was watching Diedre play with Jakob by kicking the ball to each other. I asked to play. They said," No". Well I played with Aspen 1. We played Hops Scotch. It was better then playing that ball game with Jakob and Diedre. The End. How was that story? Good huh? All these have good endings. Next story. It is about Zack Camren and Ellie. We were at our neighbors house playing on the trampoline. Then we were done and played in the sandbox. Then Zack was on the trampoline doing flips. We went on the trampoline again. We played lot's of games with Zack. Until Ellie cried from Zack who tripped her. Camren came to help Ellie. I got a basket ball. I hit on Zack. Ellie laughed. We did it more. Then me, Zack, Camren, Ellie and Brooklynn played games on the trampoline together. It was fun. Until we left. The End. Good huh? Last story of all. It is about Staffon. We were at school doing work. We saw the principal come in the class with a new student. His name was Staffon. He came from Mexico. He can speak Spanish and English. But now he lives here. Cool huh? We welcomed him. Now he is my friend. We play together and talk together sometimes. The End. Liked it? Well bye have to go. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Field Trip

Hello today I am going to talk about the field trip I went on. First of all I had to wait until 9:00 in the morning. But my mom was a helper and she was not there. We went to walk to the school bus. Then I got worried that my mom won't come. Then we sat in the grass waiting for my mom. Then she came right before we went in the bus. We picked a group yesterday and they were my mom, Adam, Gabe and me. It took a half of a hour to get there and I did not know where we were going.

When we came off we noticed we were at a pioneer place about pioneers in the 1800s. There were shops, real pioneer houses that pioneers make, carpenter shops, schools, hotels, food stores and barns. People were dressed up as pioneers and there was trains we can go on for free. There was a big pond too and there was a small train you can go on around the pond. But it was broken.

First we were taken to a weird wagon thing. It was called a cart. It weighted 3 pounds. There was a girl line and a boy line. We went in different groups. We will be back in our old group later. It was me, Aubrey, a girl I did not know, Blake, a boy I did not know and Noah. Boys were in the back and girls in the front. After 5 minutes we switched girls in the back boys in the front. Then after another 5 minutes we parked it was hard though because we couldn't stop it. It is big as a counter.

After that we went to the carpenter shop. The man showed tools. We get to try them after he explained. I made curly wood. Everything was made of wood and metal. After that we went to the school. It was really different inside. It looked like a church. The woman showed us stuff. When there was a student saying mean words they will have to stick their nose on the wall and make their arms straight out. They have do that for 20 minutes if the teacher sees your nose off the wall or arms flat they have to start all over again. If the teacher asked a question to a student and they got it wrong they sit on a stool and the teacher puts a hat on their head and says dunce. It looks like a party hat that is plain brown with the word dunce. If a student fights then the teacher takes him or her bending down her arms touching her feet and the teacher takes a wooden thing and slaps it hard on the bum 10 times until he or she cries. Teachers are sure mean when the pioneers settled the land. Also when you say a answer or question you have to cross your legs and put your hands together like saying a prayer.

After that we went to a house. I have learned that pioneers had to share houses, clothes and food. They took baths together. Did lot's of chores. Not very much money only like 4 to 9 dollars. Normally trade stuff and do chores for one another. Not very much houses but they share. Normally have 44 children and lots of grownups.

Then we did a dance. We went on our heels and toes 5 times then slide then slide heels and toes 5 times then slide again. Then clap right hand 3 times clap left hand 3 times then both hands 3 times then clap your heels 3 times. Then twist to another partner. We did lots of partners.

After that we had lunch. Then we played and went on the train and in the houses and also you get a party here and get married here. Also there's this guy who has 52 wives. Then we left for the bus. That was a day I would never forget. Bye see you soon. P.S. More helpers seriously people. Sincerely Jillian.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Choices for Toys

If your child needs a toy from there crying and whining here are some choices. ( These are some of my toys.) So let's began. Fact: You need to buy these at a store. Choice one: Pet Shops. Means: Little animals with different colors, shapes, types and sizes. Fun to play with and decorate with. Choice two: Zhu Zhu Pets. Means: Little hamsters,puppies,squirrels and many other pets roll around the ground making sounds. Different types and colors. Do not put hair on the wheels. Batteries included. Choice three: Zoobles. Means: Little pets with lots of decorations and houses. Pops up when feet touch the house or throw hard on the ground. Also you can fold it and put it in it's house for sleepy time. Choice four: Nintendo D.S. Means: A electronic playing thing with a pen and buttons play games in it, make music, go to settings, take photos, play math, chat with each other and draw. So fun when you are bored. Different colors and types. Choice five: Legos. Means: Little figures and play sets. You can build, make stuff and create. You can take off the stuff and put it back on. Different colors, shapes, types and sizes. Choice six: computer. Means: A big thing with a keyboard, mouse and screen. Play games, make music, make letters, send to each other, go to websites, put movies in, do work, go to blogs ( especially mine) and many many more. Choice seven: Books. Means: Reading and learning. Many types of books to pick. Choice eight: Crafts. Means: Get paper, google eyes, cotton balls, glue, scissors, crayons, markers, colored pencils, twistable, eraser, pencils, high lighters, stickers, yarn, buttons, paint, paint brushes, water cups, water, chalk, designs, fabric, paper bags, magazines ( Cut for pictures and words ), glue sticks, fake leaves, fake flowers, colored paper and more. You can make big projects give pictures to your friends, family and pets. Make your mind flow with the move on your designs. Choice nine: Say thank you to your parents or friends who gave the toys to you and that you are very lucky. Means: That you are lucky and you should say thank you and give a hug and a kiss to your parents and your friends give them a hug and a thank you and do something nice for them back. Like go bowling and you pay for it. Or do chores. Or give them a sleep over. Or a long play date. Bye have fun with your kids. They will be happy for a long time. P.s. I collect Pet Shops They have about 3,000. That is a lot. I have about 80 of them or 90. Bye. Have a great day. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bad News and Fun News

Hello. Today I am going to say the bad news first. Really we need more helpers and I have heard that lots of animals die every day and one type of species die each year. Now the good news. That game we played on the post that says School really got canceled I am playing a different game now at school. I am playing Narnia at school now. Three of my friends are playing with me. I will tell you the names Jakob Aspen and Kennedy well and me too that equals four now. Now Kennedy and Jakob don't want to play anymore. Because Jakob hates the game and quitted and Kennedy quitted because Jakob wasn't playing. Now it is me and Aspen so that equals two now. Jakob used to be a knight and Kennedy used to be a talking mouse. I was the talking lion named Aslan and Aspen is a talking owl. We pretend there are centaurs, ogres, monsters, dragons, unicorns, dwarfs, talking animals, griffons, wizards, witches, hippogriffs, ogresses, oglers, sea monsters, evil knights, cannons, swords, guns, arrows, bows, elfs, fauns, water monsters, moving trees, princes, princesses, kings, queens, Peter, Susan, Lucy, Edward, flying creatures, phoenixes, magical birds, houses, tents, forests, castles, Pegasus's and dinosaurs. We have a lot of fun by ourselves. Imagining is fun you know. I saw Narnia in movies it is great but scary. I am brave with scary movies but one is really scary for me I never saw the ending but it is called Jurassic Park. It is about dinosaurs but the dinosaurs look real. I never saw the part because it was scary of the Velocirapter it is a type of dinosaur and scary. Bye had enough talking. But see you later.