Friday, May 18, 2012

Birthday Party Tomorrow

Hi! Tomorrow is my birthday party. I am so excited! And I am doing the party at the Paws Animal Shelter. It's going to be fun! Its at 3:00 p.m. But they are closed on Saturdays and I am doing it on a Saturday. This is awesome! Because I am going to have brownies for the party and have punch for drinks. Also we are making cat toys with feathers and balls and many other items. We also get to play with the cats. I love it! But too bad Odelle won't be there at the party. Remember? She is the very sick kitten that died 3 days ago. It was a rex cat that means she is a rare breed. And she was tan. Anyway about the party I am giving donations to the shelter from people for the party instead of toys. Anyway about that maybe they misunderstood but the kids that I have invited probably bought some toys along with donations. Oh well. It's okay for now at least.

Now my real birthday is next week and I can't wait!

Now I better go and cure my stinging nettle stings that I got from finding some prize boxes called Geocashing. I have like 20 stinging nettle stings. And they hurt! We had to cling a huge hill and I almost fell and killed myself. Then we had to go through stinging nettle. And it was field of them! Anyway I got stung millions of times so forget about it. That was bad luck near my birthday. Anyway just to tell you I found 3 prize boxes to tell you and I did what I was supposed to do. Anyway have to go!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


My new cat has a name now. His name is Chewy like in Star Wars. You know the gorilla fluffy big guy? Anyway Chewy is starting to like the cats now that I have hope he is well!


Adelle is Not Here

Hi again! So anyway I have some bad news about this cat at the shelter I work at. Here it is.

Well there is an animal shelter that I work at. Anyway there came a cat named Adelle that was brought in. She was dirty and had goobers in her eyes. Anyway we took her to the hospital fast. The vet said that Adelle had a foot problem. She had fungus in her feet that might be bad but she will recover quickly. But we couldn't touch her toes because that will hurt her really bad. Anyway she could just barely walk.

So last week I saw Adelle the first time. She was 8 months old. Just a kitten! They said she was a rex cat. That means she is a very special, rare, breed and costs millions of dollars. Anyway she is a tan cat. So last week I sat down on the floor by the heater where Adelle was. She walked towards me lazily. Then she got up on my lap. She sat there and then started to purr. She really never has done that ever to a person. So it was very special. Soon enough we became friends. Then she felt like my real friend and pet. But the shelter said nobody could buy her.

Then the next week came and I was really looking forward to seeing Adelle again. I came in and Adelle wasn't here. Sharon explained Adelle was in foster care from a nice lady. Then the phone rang and Sharon the chief of the shelter picked it up. After she finished talking she told us Adelle was missing! That was really bad and everybody panicked.

Then 10 minutes later the phone rang again. Sharon answered it. It was the same people. They said they had found Adelle! But they had bad news. Odelle was in her bed and was gone. She was dead. My companion that had loved me was gone. I wouldn't be seeing her again and the death happened today 3 hours ago on May, 16, 2012, 4:21. She was dead. Hold on I need to blow my nose. Okay so I think I should stop the post I need to calm down and cry. Everybody who red this should know pets die every day. Just like my companion, Adelle, who was there for me when I needed her.

As I heard Adelle was gone at the shelter I cried for dear life. I tried to cheer me by playing with the kittens but it didn't help. But then Sharon said,""Even though it's hard to lose one
it's better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all.
For every animal you lose there are a hundred waiting for you to
save." That is what she said and I miss Adelle but she's right. Now I have to go BYE!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pet Competition

Today I will like to tell you about something. Today I am doing a pet drawing thing. The first thing to start with is this. If you have a pet any type of animal please comment me below. I need the animal breed and the animals sex and name. Then I will put your pets name in a hat draw five pet names and then announce the winners so every day check the blog for winners. You have until January 5, 2013. Then I will draw. Then if you win you will earn a surprise item for your pet.

Hope you win!

Next of all I want to tell you that I will be going camping this weekend so I might not write any posts. Its part of my girl scout thing. Well people in my girl scouts are, Sydney S., Sydney R., Me, Jillian T., Zoey, Ashley, Brianna, this girl I forgot her name, Katie, Nikki, and some other people.

Have to go!