Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hi again. Today I have to tell you that you all need to tell other people about my blog! We need more helpers. I have to tell you that at school I did not play anything at school for 3 weeks. But I asked two of my best friends Aspen and Katherine to play with me and they told me they didn't get to play anything too! So I thought let's make up a game. Katherine thought maybe we should be fantasy animals I was a unicorn and Aspen was a dog with wings. Katherine thought she was the evil dragon. We ran away from her because she destroyed our village. I can turn into any animal with that power. Aspen can fly, explode stuff and turn into any animal like me with that power. Katherine can do lava,fire,laser,fire rocks, magma and fly. She is a big dragon she captures us. After school my legs were sore and I was sick and had cough and runny nose. I also almost puked at school. Because I had to run a half mile run and almost puked. My arms were sore too. I did not have a good day. Last Friday I went to the library at school and picked some books. Book number 1 is called Dangerous Animals and book number 2 is called The Water Horse. I thought they were cool. Well see you guys soon I will wright in a month of a exciting moment. Bye.