Friday, July 20, 2012

I LOVE Vampires!

I LOVE VAMPIRES! And I want info about them. And I want to share some vampire info. Even though this blog is about animals I really keep it as my diary.

Lets start!

Vampires have many different colors for their eyes normally their eyes change color the more thirsty or hungry they are. Or their color of eyes change lighter. Vampires also have fangs for biting others necks. Or to drink their blood. They only drink blood. Also Vampires are cold blooded and they always are. If you get bit by a Vampire the symptoms are coldness, hurt on the neck, two little bite marks on your neck, and other symptoms. And thats all I know. So I need info. OH and also if you get steak and stab a Vampire in the heart they die. And they also die from garlic and sunlight. Most Vampires also like to play the Organ. So I need more info because I am making an LPS video. So see ya! Bye!

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PS I sometimes act like a vampire!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

What to get at a Birthday Party for Pets 2

Back again for part 2! Lets start. If you are wondering why I am starting on 2 is because on the 1st What to get at a Birthday Party for Pets I started on 1 there.

2. Banners. Make your house decorative with floating banners for your pet to play with.

3. If your pet lives in a cage put in decorative things inside. Like for a fish a castle inside or a treasure chest. If not in a cage put out for like a cat a big cat scratcher.

4. Put toys around the house or cage for your pet to have fun with and make sure you PLAY with them!

5. Buy presents. Like maybe a dog wants a juicy bone. Or for a cat a new toy. Or for a fish a castle. Or for a turtle a log. Or for a spider a vine. Or for a bird a new perch. Or for a mouse a new fun cage.

6. Make sure the house is clean or the cage so your pet feels fresh and clean.

7. Balloons. Balloons will scare pets of how big they are or how bouncy they are. Try not to put balloons.

8. Don't put poison around the house or your pet could accidently eat it.

9. Make sure the house is not too hot or too cold.

10. Make a giant play house or cage! Maybe your pet can get out of the cage.

11. Don't dress up your pet they could get scared.

12. Make windows open so they can get fresh air.

13. Maybe let your pet go outside for a walk.

14. Sing songs but not too loud.

15. Make a birthday chair for your pet.

16. Birthday Signs. Put birthday sings up so everybody knows it's your pets birthday.

17. Make cards for your pet. Even though they don't understand!

18. Make sure your pet has FUN!

Thats all thanks for reading!


What to get at a Birthday Party for Pets

Hola! (Hello). Today I'll tell you the best things you should get at a birthday party foThat r your pet or somebody eles's.

1. A pet-free cake. Make a cake that doesn't include human food. For example if i's for a cat use different cat treats for sprinkles. Use squishy cat food for frosting. And use hard cat food for the base. Also use dry food for more sprinkles. If you add a candle don't light it. Sometimes wax can get in your pets food and can make them sick. just put it in and then take it out after singing Happy Birthday.

You can also use for a dog. Squishy dog food for frosting. Dog treats for sprinkles. Dry food for decor. And hard food for base.

For birds use squishy cat food for frosting. You can also add worms in there and seeds. Use seeds for sprinkles and pieces of lettuce and carrots. Never use dry cat food that can kill them from choking. So choking hazard.

For hamsters use regular food and then add strawberries on top and other fruits. You can also add little insects that are right. That will be a good enough feast. You can alos feed this cake to gerbils, chinchillas, mice, guinea pigs, rats, ferrets, and rabbits.

For snakes use a pile of insects and bits of cat food and dog food. And maybe some fruit. Then that will be good. This could also work on lizards, salamanders, and frogs.  

For fish you can't feed them too much. So use a very expensive, delicate, fish food thats very yummy or use a type of fish food that your fish loves.

For turtles they would want lots of fruit and insects for their cake thats what makes them happy. Try to make a pile and stick them into a shape of a cake.

For insects go online to see what type of food they eat. Then make a shape of a cake for them. This also includes spiders and scorpions.

Sorry. Can't make the post bigger just read part 2 for more info.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Littlest Pet Shop

Hello! Today I'm talking about LPS's again. And now they have mommy and baby's. They are adorable. They have poodles, pigs, horses, koalas, cats, and more! 

And if you are a LPS fan then go on YouTube and watch LPS videos. My most favorite ones are LPS Strange Happenings, LPS Grave Matters, LPS Two Men One Bathroom, LPS The Secret Seller, LPS Haunted House, LPSlover 3,000 Subscribers, LPSlover 3,000 Subscribers Bloopers, LPS Life, LPS CSI, LPS Agent Z100, LPS Totally Super, LPS Popular, LPS Wolves and Cougars, LPSlover 4th of July, LPS Life of a Book, LPS The Runaway, LPS Zac and Annie's Date, LPS Fashion Show, LPS Truth or Dare, LPS Haunted, LPS You Deserve Better, LPS The Zombie Bride, LPS Kodiak, LPS A Life of Revenge, LPS Survivor, LPS The Witch, LPS Lemonade Stand, LPS Questions and Answers, LPS Guess the Animal, LPS Dirty Little Secret, LPS Killer Mom, LPS Orphan Killer, LPS Repunzel, and you can watch others! But I think these videos are good and well put together. 

That's all! See you!