Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oregon Trees

Hello! When I was in Oregon I went to a cabin and what I did is that I did jet skiing. I went super fast. There was also big storms over in the forest and I was so scared I thought there was lightning going to hit a tree! But I got used to it. Also Brian brought his friend Jason. He was really nice. I also saw hawks, mice, squirrels, owls, beetles, snake homes and ladybugs. Now that was cool!

At night we saw a full moon after dinner outside at the lodge I had fish and french fries. Also we took a walk in the forest. There it was a small forest and we did a small walk anyways. Do you know what I have learned about a tree? When it falls it turns into dust. It's called decomposing. Cool my mom taught me that on the walk.

Also today we are going to the children's museum today, fun huh? (Fun place for kids to be when they grow up.) I am also going blue berry picking tomorrow. Write more later bye.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Brian is Coming !

Hello! Today my uncle named Brian is coming to Oregon today. I saw the baby squirrel from Chester's family at "Mouse's" house. Brian is a movie maker. He does the mouth where the characters talk. These are some of the movies he did Open Season, G-Force, Alice In Wonderland 2, Polar Express, Shrek and Stuart Little 2. Brian also does Taekwondo. He is in black belt but he quit. I am going to black belt 10, lots of work huh? He's really funny and I am going to show him Taekwondo. Right now I am waiting for Brian to come. Then we are going to the house and have fun with Brian. Bye I can't think anything else to write. Bye see you soon.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Hello! Today I am talking about Oregon, Portland. I came here, because we miss my grandma. I call her Mouse, because when I was a baby I called her mouse. I said it like this "mos," so my mom and Mouse said "that's Mouse"!

So I was in the plane today and it was a bumpy ride but fun. I got a new suitcase. It's pink and yellow and has a Paris picture on it. I'm leaving on Friday next week. I get to stay here for seven days. Mouse has car seats, princess ones that are Belle. They are soft and cozy. On the way to Mouse's house (our second home with lots of trees -- we feel like we are in heaven), I fell asleep in the car and Brooklynn too my sister. Then my mom woke me up and I got so exited.

Mouse made us bunk beds and prizes in the drawers. Suddenly the door was locked! Mouse opened the door and I went in our room. It was beautiful. Mouse said "wait, I need to take a photo. Let me get my camera." So after she got it, we went upstairs and went in and saw it was... wonderful!!! I saw butterflies, ladybugs, flowers, birds and dragonflies and in the drawers there was tons of prizes. We went over to Mouse and gave her a big hug and kiss and said "thank you." I want to sleep in the bottom and Brooky wants to sleep in the top.

Then we saw a gigantic doll house. We always wanted it. It was at Target. We loved it so much. Then we went outside to play in the playhouse (which is a shed with girl stuff in it. It used to be a shed). We went in and it was new! We played a long time in there and outside. Then we went back in to eat lunch and color. After that we had a cupcake and ice cream bars and then went outside again. I saw a bee and hit Brooky`s foot, sorry, with the wheel on my baby stroller. Then I ran too fast and hit my foot and leg and got bruised. The wheel got broken too. Then We played with the flowers with a water can. Then Brooky saw a snake! It was medium black and scary. Mouse thought it was a Gardner snake. Then we got wet from a spraying beach ball. We laughed and I dumped a bucket of water on me. Then I had to go in the shower and I dried off and put my pajamas on and started typing while mom and dad go get dinner.

This is funny: Mouse has a pet squirrel named Chester. Funny huh? Other people don't have pet squirrels. It's cool. Bye write more tomorrow about Oregon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fuzzy And My Favorite Things

Hello! Today we are going to tell about my favorite things and Fuzzy (my black and gray cat) got attacked by a fox.

Well Fuzzy wanted to go outside in the dark and I was asleep and my sister Brooklynn was asleep. My mom let him out and Fuzzy played and when he came in he was really hurt. He had his ear bent and bit, his eye squinting and lot's of marks on his neck of bites and his neck was almost bald! My mom took Fuzzy to the emergency hospital. He got shots, checked up and everything he needed. The doctor said "he will not eat and use the bathroom and will hiss if you carry him," so mom brought him home down stairs and in the morning she told me and my sister about Fuzzy. I thought it was a cat, Brooky thought it was a dog, mom thought it was a fox and dad didn't want to guess. My mom also said that "there are two foxes in the neighborhood." That's what Rebekah next door said. Mom said "Fuzzy almost died from that fox and there will be more...they eat small creatures like cats, mice, rats and more, so keep your cat inside or small dog or mice and rats in balls...keep them inside, not outside, only in the morning, just want your pets to be safe."

Okay we are back to telling my favorite things. My favorite animal is an owl. My favorite books are animal books. My favorite toy is the computer, writing, reading or Nintendo d.s. My favorite color is pink. My second favorite color is yellow. My third favorite color is purple. My fourth favorite color is blue. My fifth favorite color is green. My favorite stuffed animal is... What I really want is that cute white furry seal at the aquarium.

Good bye for now. I will report tomorrow.

Polar Bears

Hello! More endangered animals need help! Well the polar bears' homes are breaking! They can swim, but not too long, so they sink and die. You know why? I do, because we are polluting with our cars. HEY I HAVE A GOOD IDEA! How about we have floating cars and we go high about 10 inches, so we don't pollute and pick up garbage too and we use air to fill up our cars instead of gas to help the polar bear! Can we? 

I know why hands are called hands, because they have five fingers and skin and I know paws are called paws, because they have five fingers and fur and pink things in the bottom and I know why hooves are called hooves, because they have six fingers and are hard like stone, so that's why. I know why fins are called fins because they are silky and slimy and squishy and the fingers are stuck together that's why.  
Bye see you later soon. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Very Endangered Animals

Hello! Today I have bad news. These animals really need help! Grownups you can help right now. The albatross (a type of bird) is in trouble! It's black and white and has big wingspan of up to 12 feet and 36 meters, big isn't it? You know they eat fish and squid. Well a fisherman comes, then an albatross comes for food it gets the fish or squid on the pole. When it's up the pole the fisherman kills the albatross. They live in the open sea, except for visiting islands to breed (get babies). Ashtyn has saved a duck! That reminds me of  the albatross. Thanks Ashtyn! 

The gray wolf is also in trouble, because they kill people's cows and oxen, so people kill them. Hey wait a minute. Why does the gray wolf become a dog a long time ago and people kill dogs from a long time ago? THAT'S NOT NICE! 

Also polar bears are in trouble. People kill animals, because they have oil in their body like seals and fresh meat and a soft fur coat for coats and rugs and medicine from china with their teeth and claws and for hunter's cottage house for heads. Polar bears are sinking because that place is breaking apart. Well they can swim, but not too long and fish. People catch fish, eat fish and poison water, so other animals can't eat the fish and starve and die. Dinosaurs used to make oil for gas you know. 

I will write some more of very endangered animals bye.

Surprise Writing

Hello! I can do Taekwondo (karate). It's hard to do. I am in green belt. Also soon I will be in green/blue stripe. First step there you do stretches. Second step Taekwondo. Third step you go home. 

We have an emergency with your kids: They can NOT eat in front of the TV, because they can become fat or too skinny. They can eat too much or eat too little, so be careful about that! Go to google and learn about that. 

Bye, write more later on.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Pets

I have 2 cats named Fuzzy (black tabby old grownup boy) and KiKi on the bottom of my blog (orange tabby young kitten girl). She is bigger now. The picture on the bottom of my blog that's when we got her the first time. Fuzzy when he was a kitten my parents used to call him the acrobat jumper because he used to do flips in the air when he caught something in his paws. Kiki is a big jumper! Whenever we do our shadow high, put a toy on the wall, a light she will jump really high. Higher than Fuzzy, weird huh? 

I used to have fish. They died after one day. I had 7 that died and 2 still alive but we moved them to my dad's work. The 2 that lived are named Storm (black guppy fish grownup boy) and Sam (orange guppy fish boy grownup). I had 2 other cats that are gone now Buzzy (black tabby cat grownup boy). He died and Ninja (black and white cat grownup girl). She had to move because she attacks Fuzzy. See you soon. I will write tomorrow. Bye see you soon!

A Little Instruction About Animals

To be an Animal Rescuer you have to be brave, smart and nice. Also you have to say to people to not do any wars and nice to poor people who need help so help them. You can help your favorite animal or person. You can even help animals you're scared of. You can help any animal like a elephant, giraffe, dogs, cats, komodo dragon, reptile any kind.

I live in North America. If you live somewhere else you can help the animals where you live. For example if you live in hawaii you can help the birds, underwater creatures and snakes. About one-third of the 1,ooo animals that are endangered (in trouble) live in hawaii. Good bye for now. I will write more later.