Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kiki Looks Terrible

Hello! Well Kiki was back from surgery and when I was back from school. I saw that she had her whole stomach shaved. My mom told me she had stitches and a cone around her head so she can't lick her belly or it will cause an infection. The stitches will go away by itself. Kiki had her arm shaved for the DNA. Kiki needed surgery because she can't have any babies and when Kiki got microchiped. She had a tuff of fur sticking out of her fur and inside the microchip is in the second layer of the skin. Microchip means putting a phone number in the skin. That means if a cat got lost the vet will find it and they x-ray the cat to the owner so they know the phone number and address. Kiki is sleeping right now for two days. This will heal her so we have to be quiet. Kiki knocks into things with her cone. She wants it off. You should see her stomach. It is sure white. In two months she will be back to normal. I feel sad for her.

At school my principal shaved his head! It is very bald because kids won the fun run (means a big run). Seven people beat my principal. They get to shave his head one strip. The volunteer shaved the rest off.

Bye! See you soon.

P.s. Fuzzy guards Kiki. He knows that she doesn't feel well.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hi! Do you know about Squinkies? Well they are on commercials and they are cute, bouncy and squishy. They have different colors and accessories. I brought mine to school. Jakob wants one. Should I give one to him? He said for a dollar. You find them at Shopco, Target and Toysrus. They are all gone now. But next summer there will be more.

Go to It is awesome! You can create your own doll and animal. Okay so there are monkeys, turtles, babies, friends, pigs, horses, dogs and rabbits. Those are different types of Squinkies. I have about 100 Squinkies.

Kiki is at the hospital because she can't have any babies and she needs to be microchiped. So she needs to stay for one day. We will get her tomorrow morning. Bye!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Jackie and Kennedy

Hi! Guess what? Today I was watching TV before taekwondo lessons. Mom put on a new channel and said, "Look watch what happens to Jackie." I watched and she made it to the next level. I watched America's Got Talent. Jackie is a little girl who sings opera like a grown-up. She said if she wins she will spend all her million dollars for the animals! Everybody was happy she said that.

Well this story here is about Kennedy. She is my best friend. Here is a story when I lost her little tiny toy poodle. Given by a friend very special to her. She said at school that I can babysit her poodle. I forgot to give it back to her after cursive. Two days later she asked, "Do you have my poodle?" I said, "I will get it." I lost it and told Kennedy sorry. At recess me and Adam (my boy friend) went like lost in found people and asked people if they had the poodle. We asked Justin first and he said "What poodle?" I said "It's Kennedy's, it is small and has high heels, a bow on its head, a bone collar around the neck and it's white like a squeaky." He nodded no. So me and Adam asked a group of boys four of them. We said the same things. They said "no." Me and adam said "all right " and left.

Then we ran to tons of girls playing together. We had a while talk and finally one of the girls said "I know where it is. It is in my portable." She ran to the portable and was gone. After ten minutes she came back with the right poodle. "Yaa!" I shouted "We found it!" and ran straight to Kennedy. She was so happy that she gave us a great big hug. "Thanks guys! You're the best!" "Told you we will find it" I said and played on the swings. Nice story, huh?

Well bye, write more soon.