Sunday, August 19, 2012

Story Ideas

Are you stuck on a story from writers block? Or you need an idea for a story? Well you are at the right place because I will be giving some ideas.

Your character is a vampire slayer.

You character goes mad from being locked in her room too long.

There is a evil queen with a nice daughter and they fight about the village being poor all the time.

Your character rushes to the hospital for help.

Your character opens a strange email.

Your character finds an old book under her bed.

Your character moves to a new school but the school is haunted.

Your character goes to the wrong meeting at work.

Your character's school is full of monsters and to stop them she has to fight the king of monsters.

Your character loses his job and becomes pore and loses his house and car and has to live in the woods.

Your character goes camping with her friends and then there is a scream.

Your character is on cruise and the ship sinks so she swims to the nearest island but she can't escape the island.

Your character opens a fortune cookie at a restaurant and she gets bad luck and the next day it actually happens.

Your character reads a book before bed and then the next day everything is what happened in the story.

Your character goes time traveling.

Your character is a scientist and maybe a burglar.

Your character doesn't know the family secret.

Your character breaks up with her boyfriend but her boyfriend is making her life in danger.

Your character takes karate but her friend is in danger with a vampire.

Your character goes to the school dance but then she forgot she can't dance.

Your character is going swimming in the river but then she sees a fin sticking up in the water.

Your character finds a bottle with a piece of paper washed up on the cove.

Your character goes on a hike and goes to the bathroom but then the toilet sucks her up and brings her to a magical world.

Your character goes to dinner and finds an attractive waitress and asks for her number. But will it turn out well?

Your character finds an article on the newspaper and finds out that a killer is on the loose.

Your character goes fishing and catches a HUGE fish!!!!!!!!

Your character finds a strange animal outside in the backyard.

Your character can't find her cat but does find a lion in the attic.

Your character thinks that Mickey Mouse is real but actually Mickey Mouse is a murderer.

That is all I can think right now. Enjoy! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

LPS Movies on YouTube

Hello everybody! Sorry I haven't written in my blog in like forever! So anyway about the vampire thing it kinda you know stopped. And the other thing is these are LPS videos that I really like on Youtube. If you like LPS's or Littlest Pet Shops then please subscribe below. And another thing is thanks Kelcie! She is my friend. Thanks for the letter and also thanks for the info about your dog and snake for the Pet Competition. Now onto the LPS videos you should watch now!

Scary LPS Videos:

Music Videos:
Listen to your Heart, Courage, Cannibal, Monster, Calling all the Monsters, What the H!ll, Nom Nom Nom, Hamster Dance Song, The Babysitter's a Vampire, This is Halloween, Perfect, Earth Day, Dynamite, Mr. Saxobeat, Moves Like Jagger, The Duck Song, Starships, Bad Boy, Party's in my Head, Airplanes, I Need a Doctor, Time of Dying, Take it Off, Your Love is my Drug, Blind, Blow, Main LPS Song,Criminal,Toxic, Mr. Saxobeat

Sad Videos:
Stay Strong, The Shadowed Heart, CSI Episode 11, Creepy,

Funny Videos:
Mr. Fart's Adventures, Stuck in Traffic, Malk, Random Events, 2 Men 1 Bathroom, The Fattest LPS Ever Show, Strange Happenings, Zac and Annie's Date, Fashion Show, The Secret Seller, Dr. Thomson's SPooDie, The Witch, Good Luck Charlie, Pie, LPSlover 4,000 Subscribers, LPSlover 4,000 Subscribers Bloopers, LPSlover 9,000 Subscribers, The Big Poop, The Evil Toilette, Don't Play in the Street, I'm a What?,

Not Viewer Discretion:
Popular, Guess the Animal, Will I Ever get a Girlfriend, Fashion Matters, Kandy TV, Truth or Dare,  Hands,Glasses Aren't Uncool, Rockstars, Bullying is Bad, Wizard of Oz, Tribe, St. Patricks Day Special, Barkwood High, A Witches Honor, Future LPS, Time Travelers, Repunzel by KittyCuteLPS, Face in the Mirror,

Viewer Discretion:
My Life of Revenge, The Runaway, The Closer, Wolves and Cougars, Bloody Mary, Bring me Back to Life, Fire and Ice, Survivor, Orphan Killer, The Zombie Bride, The Evil Queen, Nightmare Called Life, The Orphan, Killer Mom, The Evil Queen, Coast to Ghost, Forbidden, Bond, Perfect, The Three Journals,Totally Super, You Deserve Better, Grave Matters, Life, Kodiak, Agent Z13, Kyle the Wolfdog, More Than That, Mirror Images, Crystal,  

Okay I think thats it! Go on YouTube and search for these videos and don't forget to write LPS in the beginning of each video. So see ya!