Friday, October 29, 2010

Choices For Halloween

Happy Halloween! Guess what if you do not have a costume yet or want a costume for next year here are some choices: vampire, ghost, pumpkin, cat, buzz light year, pirate, Hermione, Ginny ( what it means Jinny), Harry, Rob, cowboy, 100 Dalmatians, spongbob, goblin, skeleton, phantom, witch, wizard, bacon, mermaid, princess, puppy, spider, pig, cow, horse, skateboarder, jaguar, lion, zebra, an animal, Woody, hunter, Dark thater, robot, wood chopper, sphinx, phenix, monster, werewolf, mummy, bat, bird, candy corn witch, jazz girl, rock-star, hippy, clown, Thomas, police man, ninja, octopus, kitten, rabbit, nurse, doctor anything. I was Hermione Granger and my sister was Ginny Weasley. Bye! See you soon. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Animal Ideas.

Hello! I am off track from school.

 First of all I want to say lots of animals that you can rescue. There are lot's that I don't know. White tailed deer, bullfrog, frogs, toads, tree frogs, mallard duck, ducks, goose, cobras, giraffes, zebras, snakes, fish, sharks, dolphins, whales, peacocks, lions, tigers, cats, dogs, moose, deers, birds, wood pecker, doves, bears, kangaroos, koala bear, owls, lizards, cheetahs, butterflies, jaguars, leopards, wolves, bumble bees, dragonflies, sheep, lambs, cows, pigs, horses, chickens, roosters, turkeys, gorillas, monkeys, apes, black bears, cinnamon bears, hippos, alligators, ants, spiders, elephants, goats, turtles, rabbits, foxes, huskies, sea horses, penguins, polar bears, grizzly bears, brown bears, sloths, people, trees, bushes, flowers, grass, wars, poor people, albatross, lady bugs, big beetles, beetles, caterpillars, mosquitos, eggs, chicks, puppies, kittens, gila monster, giant squid, squids, crabs, snails, worms, hermit crabs, gold fish, gulls, sea gulls, octopus, geckos, clams, sponge, starfish, iguana, ants, leaf bugs, eels, camels and more. Those are some ideas to rescue animals. Well bye! Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Party

Hi! Today I am talking about a Halloween party. It was at school. First I had to find a creature. There was a ghost, werewolf, mummy and bat. I caught mummy. My friends T.J., Kelcie, Kennedy and Caleb were with me. They caught mummies too. 

First we played a ghost game and this is how you play: You need a dice, cup, lollipops, tissues, stained markers and black yarn. First pick your lollipop. Then get a tissue. Tie it around with a piece of string. Then get the stained marker and make a ghost face. Then you need some string sticking out. Put your ghost on a table. You will need five players or more. Hold your string. Let a player be the ghost catcher. They have the cup and the dice. If they role it a 1 or a 6 they try to get a ghost. If the player got trapped they put their ghost on the floor and be the catcher next. Fun huh? 

Then I went to the next station. This time make your own shirts. You need: a blank white shirt, colored stained markers, a pusher thing and bacteria to spread the drawing. You get to color whatever and put the bacteria in the pusher and squirt. Then your shirt will smear beautiful. 

The next station was carmel apples! We had oreos, m and m's, marshmallows, nuts, red apples and carmel. Then I made mine good. 

Next station was awesome! You be a detective to throw the hoops to the witch hat. Then get the beanbags and throw them at the goblin with sprite under them. Next throw eyeballs in the bucket you earn points. My team won. 

Guess what I got for surprises? In my bag I got from the ghost game a lip whistle and licorice. The shirt station I got sillybands and candy. When I made my carmel apple. I got play-do. I got black play-do. On the last one I got a squishy, pencil and candy. Well that's a lot. 

Bye! Happy Halloween! Wonder what you are going to be for Halloween? Vote by telling me. 

Friday, October 1, 2010


Hunting season is here! The rabbits,deers,moose,birds,elk and fish. It is not nice. I say it is bad some people say it is important. Well pretend you are at Australia and you did not have any food and there is no city. You will have to eat a animal. Well listen to this. If a animal poops in the water take a bag and get some water put it in sun wait for a hour and it is fresh because the sun melts the germs away. Thank you bye!