Monday, November 21, 2011

Mystery Skull and About Skunks

Hi! Today I am going to talk about my mystery skull. Well let me tell you more details of the story. I was watching T.V. I was watching Nickelodeon and Spongebob Squarepants was on. We were watching Mr.Crabs talk to Spongbob when my dad came inside the house with muddy boots and leaves on his shirt and he had a rake in one hand. He also was sweating. We looked at him. He said," I found an animal skull in the backyard." I got out of the couch and grabbed my flip-flops. My sister wasn't paying attention she didn't even listen because she was staring at the T.V. My Dad and I went on the deck and down the stairs and then we both ran to the fountain I have and we ran down a dirty hill and right beside a tree was a skull. My dad had gloves on so he picked it up and put it on a table in our backyard. I said", I will ask Mom if we could keep it and put it in a jar." So I ran to the house and asked mom and she said yes and I grabbed a big jar and we put it in. Then we looked at it. My sister and my mom and my dad and me all looked at it. Then I put it on my desk in my room. Then I went to my dad who was searching for his Ipad. Then he found it upstairs on his counter by his bed. So he took it and we did research on it to find the right skull for the skull we had. Then we found it! It was a CAT skull! It looked like a year old and we don't know how it died. It could have died from disease or got eaten from a predator or it died from old age. We don't know but we are going to keep it.

Now lets talk about skunks. You know skunks spray a stinky smell? Well you want to know how much the stink lasts? It lasts about weeks or months but it depends on how much you get sprayed. Also the spray goes about 10-15 feet I think. Also skunks weigh about 2.5 - 14 pounds and are 13 - 18 inches long but excluding the tail. Skunks have 1 stripe that goes to the face then it splits into 2 stripes on the back then goes back to 1 stripe on the tail. The rest of the body is black and it's eyes are black like the body. They are omnivores and munch on mostly insects like grasshoppers, beetles and crickets. It also eats earthworms, snails, crayfish, wasps and ants. It also eats frogs and small mammals which includes voles, squirrels, mice, moles and rats. They also eat bird eggs. They also eat plants like blackberries, raspberries, black cherries, blueberries, grains, corn and nuts. They also like to scavenge in garbage cans for leftover food left over from humans. Sometimes they eat pet food. They even eat bees to get bees they have fur that protects them from bee stings. Also it is common for skunks to dig holes in backyards to find food. Lots of skunks live in North America. They live in South Canada from Nova Scotia to British Columbia they also live in the United States and parts of Northern Mexico. Skunks can live in a number of habitats which includes woodlands, grasslands and agricultural lands. The skunk has increased it's range with the cutting of forests throughout North America. Skunks drink water from fountains and creeks and sometimes small rivers. They also drink water from water puddles and ponds. Skunks look cute but try not to go near one. I know you want to squash one but don't they will spray you. Also skunks have birth to about 4-7 babies before being born the mother skunk will make a den for her babies and female skunks mate only one male and that is all about skunks.

Now I have to go. Bye!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mystery Skull

Hello! Today we are going to talk about a mystery skull I found in my backyard. I was walking in my backyard when I found an old skull and it was a little bigger than a squirrel skull and also it had huge eyes. I have no idea what it is but I will tell you in my next post.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

About Owls

Hello! Today we are going to talk about owls. So should we start?

Owls are carnivores or meat eaters they eat voles, mice, rats, snakes, small rabbits and sometimes eggs. They lay about 3-7 eggs at a time and they come at night which means they are nocturnal. If you see an owl with ear tufts on each side then that means the category is a true owl and if you see an owl without ear tufts then the category is false owl but it doesn't mean that it is not an owl but that is the two owl categories. Some of the false owls are barn owls, Great Gray owls, snowy owls and others. Some of the true owls are great horned owls and others. Owls are sometimes brown, white, black, yellow or orange in color. Owls have beaks and talons ( claws ) that help them catch their prey. If a very small owl like the saw-whet can't find food they will eat insects instead. Owls live for about 8 or more years and they have feathers to keep them warm. They have beaks that are shaped like a crooked fat nail. They are threatened by habitat loss and other animals eating their food they need to eat to survive. Most animals eat their eggs and trees are chopped down to kill owls and owl eggs. Owls are also my favorite animal and I have seen a barn owl. Some people believe that if you hear 2 hoots of an owl you get bad luck but I don't believe it. I think it is a legend or some early travelers just thought of that. But that is about owls.

I got to go now Bye!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Messy Garden Tending and more Squirrels

Hello! Today I am going to talk about a messy garden tending day at my school and about squirrels. Let's do messy garden tending first. I was outside listening for instructions from my teacher. Then he gave each of us a group and the group does their job. I had Kennedy and Jillian T. as my group and we were picking out flowers and ripping them into tiny pieces ad putting them into the compost bin where  worms and other animals will eat them. After we finished Kennedy went to help somebody else. I and Jillian T.  decided we should make a motto which was "You bring it we'll break it." so other people will bring the flowers and vegetables and we will tear them for them and put it in the compost bin. I also heard that another group made a leaf pie shop. They collect leaves and bring them to us and we break the leaves and put it in the compost bin. Kelsey also brought huge barrels of leaves and we break them. James gave us scoopfuls of leaves and other people gave us flowers and vegetables to break for the winter. Some of the roots of vegetables were hard to tear so we used sharp metal small shovels to break them by chopping them. It felt like we were cutting celery and putting them into a giant bowl of soup which was the compost bin. We teared a lot of stuff including flowers to roots and vegetables to stems we even broke red stems and green stems and yellowish stems and we broke yellow flowers and red flowers and blue flowers we broke white roots and yellow roots. Then Hannah and Nina came to help me and half the time Jillian T. went to help some other people rake leaves. When we were finished the whole place looked plain the only thing left was some pear and apple trees and plum trees and that is the story. The End

Now lets talk about some squirrels. The first thing is about squirrels they are about 5-10 inches tall and weigh about your phone or an Ipad or maybe a book. They live for about 10-15 years and they like to eat berries and nuts. Their favorite food is peanuts and walnuts really! I have a wild squirrel and she likes to eat peanuts and walnuts her name is Mishca. They have about 3-8 babies. When they are threatened by a dog or a cat they will have their tails puffed and they will make a ruckus. They also jump really long like about 4 feet wide. Sometimes they bite or scratch. Their dung, poop or poo are very small they are about 5 centimeters long and weigh about a pencil eraser they sometimes are green but mostly brown. They are shaped like an oval. Their teeth are about 6 centimeters long and their claws are about 2 inches long. They also have black eyes. They look so cute and brown. Some squirrels are tan.

Now I have to go. Bye


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Ceremony and Animal Facts

Hello! Today is the time for the Halloween Ceremony for the first place second place and third place people. The first person for first place is my sister who was a skeleton cat.
For second place is my friend Sydney who is a gypsy.
For third place is my friend Isabel who is Lagoona Blue from Monsters High. I really like her wig and fins most.
Now that is the end and also thank you for participating.

I also have something else to talk about which is Animal Facts first of all have you guys heard about the Galapagos Turtle? It is one of the biggest turtles in the world and is 1.8 meters long and it lives for 200 years or more. It eats grasses, leaves, cacti and fruits. It weighs 150-200 kg and the turtles are threatened by non-active cats and feral pigs that eat their eggs and pigs and goats eat their vegetation and are also killed by forest fires.

Another fact is have you seen the Axolotl? They are white or black and they are fish. They have four legs  and have like 2 fins on their head that looks like fin ears and they have a tail. They look like half tadpole and half salamander. They live in freshwater lakes and they die from pollution and habitat loss. They are also very endangered. They even eat tadpoles, worms, insects, crustaceans and small fish.

Another fact is have you seen the Marabou Stork? They are like vultures but have legs like ostrich's. They are 1.5 meters high and weigh 9 kg. They eat carrion, birds, fish, reptiles and insects. They die from habitat loss, they are also losing their carnivore diet because the numbers are dropping down from hunters and other animals eat their food but the good news is they are adapted to town life so they scavenge in garbage cans and abattoirs.

Another fact is have you seen the African Grey Parrot? They are about 33 cm long and weigh 400-600 g. They even live for 60 years. They eat fruits, seeds, berries and flowers. Their numbers are dropping down from habitat loss and too many are taken away from the wild and are put in pet stores for the pet trade. They are also declining.

Another fact is have you ever seen a Serval? They have pointy ears and small faces. They look like house cats and they have spots like a cheetah. They eat hares, rodents, frogs and birds. They live in grasslands and are dying from hunters for their shiny coats they are also declining too which is very bad. They are also wiped out from eating small animals in farms. Most of them were wiped out in South Africa and North Africa were they live.

I got to go. Bye! I will write back soon!

Jillian P.s. Thank you so much for reading in my blog!