Monday, December 26, 2011

Chihuahua Found and Big News

Okay guess what? Remember the chihuahua was you know unleashed. Well guess what? It was found. When the dog was unleashed people were searching for it and after 2 days after the dog was unleashed they found it by a mall. Sorry I couldn't tell you after a couple of days because I forgot about it.

Now the big news is that an animal has become extinct. Extinct means gone forever. The African Rhino has become extinct. People were wiping them out for their horns. Plus their lands were being built with buildings and roads. The other news is that the Spotted Owl is so close to being extinct. Their homes are being cut down from loggers. Plus people are using poison spray to kill their food that they eat so food becomes scarce. Scarce means very little.

Now lets help this animal and have a funeral for the African Rhino which is extinct. By the way my friend told me this animal is extinct. So if I am wrong blame my friend. Bye!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Time Animal

Sorry I have't typed in 2 weeks it is just that I was busy. So anyways Christmas is coming right and Hanukah? So we have to celebrate. Give yourself a pat on the back if you celebrate Christmas. Now give yourself a pat on the back if you celebrate Hanukah. Good. Lots of people for Christmas and lots of people for Hanukah. Now we are going to talk about some animals that live in the cold days of Christmas and Hanukah. These animals I am going to talk about do not hibernate. Hibernate means sleeping a long time. Maybe we would do just one animal.

1. The Snowy Owl. Family: Strigidae. These owls are really big for their family which is Strigidae. Some people call this owl Arctic Owl, Great White Owl or Harfang. It was so close to be related with the Great Horned Owl. But recently they are in different groups. These beautiful owls have yellow eyes and black bills ( beaks). They have speckled black and white on their body and they can twist their heads all the way if there is any danger. Their faces are almost shaped as a heart not exactly but almost and around that heart is no black only white. They even have black claws. The Snowy Owl does not have any teeth. Their sharp beaks help them stab their prey ( food ). The Snowy Owls are about 52-71 centimeters long. They have a 125-150 centimeter wingspan. Also these magnificent birds weigh 1.6 to 3 kilograms. They need to weigh less or they will be too heavy to carry when they fly. These owls are one of the biggest owls on North America and are the heaviest. To tell the deference of a female and male is that the male is almost pure white while the females are speckled with black and white. The Snowy Owls have lots of fluffy feathers on their feet this helps them walk in the snow and camouflage them from predators. They act as snowshoes. Theses owls have barked calls when danger is near it is like krek-krek. This noise almost sounds like quacking. The krek-krek is for males but for females their call is pyee-pyee or prek-prek. They may also clap their beak in the air. Some people think it is the tongue that does the clapping or the beak. The Snowy Owls are typically found in the Northern circumpolar region. These owls make nests out of mound or boulder. They put on the nests eagle feathers and gravel bars. They will also need a lack of snow. Then they lay their eggs up to 5-14. These owls eat rodents and lemmings. These owls also eat small mammals, meadow voles, deer mice, hares, rodents, muskrats, marmots, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, prairie dogs, rats, moles, grouse, ducks, geese, shorebirds, pheasants, coots, grebes, gulls, songbirds, other owls, fish, carrion and entrapped furbearers. These owls can eat the fur and bones and then they puke it out to make pellets. Snowy Owls have very few predators. Some predators eat their eggs.
You like that information? Good. Well do you remember the skull I had well guess what? We figured it out it was a cat skull. I just found it so what? I didn't kill it I just found it sitting there in the ground. Bye have a Merry Christmas and Hanukah!