Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Backyard

Hello! Remember the post about my new house? Well you know my new backyard? So today I am going to do more details of my backyard because my other post was supposed to tell more details about it but I didn't think you could read all that so now is the chance. My backyard is pretty cool. It is a forest backyard with many trees but not very much people get a forest backyard it's kinda rare. So as I was explaining about my backyard that it has a fountain sometimes if my sister and I find a dead bug like a grasshopper or ant we pick it up and drop it in the fountain for the bug's death bed. Sometimes I put my feet in the fountain or hands but after that I have to go in the shower or bath. One time we saw a cat in the backyard and it dug a hole in our plants and we didn't know what was happening and it picked up a dead bird and dropped it on the ground and left it there and then the cat left. So we took a photo of the bird and put a flower by it and then left. After four days we checked to see if it was there and there it was sitting there at the same spot. So I guess it was a present by the cat a bird. So my dad took a shovel and scooped it up and then we buried the bird. We also buried the flower with the bird. We put the bird in a spiky leafy place were animals can't get it and if the animals tried they will get a thorn. We also have 4 squirrels in our backyard 3 of them are scared of us and the other one is opposite she is brave my dad told me one day that he put a peanut in his hand and Mishca is what we named her took the peanut out of his hand and ate it. Also we have pet Steller's Jays they come from morning to evening when we throw peanuts out they swoop down and munch on their meal. We have fat ones and skinny ones and small ones and big ones. The Steller's Jays are blue and a black feathery mohawk on it's head the females are small and lighter blue with no black mohawk. But there are a lot more males then females. Females are very hard to find. We also have a hummingbird feeder witch is filled with nectar. But we haven't seen one yet but we noticed it went lower. We also have 8 bird feeders for tiny birds. It has millions of tiny seeds in there. We also have a squirrel feeder. You just put peanuts or anything else that squirrels eat and they go inside and the squirrels go munching away. Also we have lots of flowers and bushes in the backyard and also a table with four chairs on the deck and one table with two chairs by the fountain. We are also thinking of getting a fire pit or a hot tub outside. We even have hairy spiders out there that have black and white striped legs and red on the rest of the body and are about 2 inches or one inch. We even have a buddha by the fountain. We also have a real creek that runs down the forest backyard and my family believes that skunks,raccoons, deer, coyotes and owls come at night. We even have rocks under the deck and a green fence witch means you can't go any farther in the forest backyard. Sometimes we see an orange cat named Bonnie witch lives somewhere in my neighborhood comes in our backyard. You know that cat that had the killed the bird and we buried the bird well that cat lives in this neighborhood somewhere too but we don't know his name so we gave him a nickname witch is Tylon.

Okay I need to go because I playing with my sister of falling off the couch with tricks game. So bye!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Field Trip and Skunk

Hello! Today this is so much fun stuff in here there is about this hike or field trip and about a skunk sighting. Well you know when you are at school you get on the bus to go on a field trip but my mom came to so that is awesome. I also almost missed the field trip. Well I guess I will tell you the whole story. I was getting ready for school but it took forever for me to get up and get ready. My sister went to the bus while I went with my mom in her car. My mom said on the way to school she needed gas. So we went to the gas station. It took us a while then finally we went to school. When I got there everybody was there luckily. Then in about 3 minutes we left and walked in the hall to the bus. On the bus we had a different bus driver then my bus driver. My bus driver's name is Dave. But this one is a girl with red hair named June. When we went in the bus Cecelia sat next to me. She told me that she brought a book with her so she wont be bored. So Cecelia read the book to me. After that we got bored reading the book. So we played bubble gum, chopsticks, coconut and said a poem. It was fun. Then we got bored and just watched out the window hoping the bus will stop soon. Then after 10 minutes watching out the window the bus stopped at the Vista House witch was a big building and there was the Columbia River next to the Vista House we also saw Seal Rock in the Columbia River. There was lots of forests around the Columbia River too. Then a man stepped in the bus and he was a tour guider. He told us about the Gorge and he said, "Well at Montana there was a big lake and there was ice around the lake. Then on a very hot day the ice melted and the river crashed through. But the river crashed through making the Columbia River. Then when the pioneers were on a boat and went to Seal Rock they saw seals and they were happy because they were almost to sea. That's why Seal Rock is called Seal Rock. That is when they camped and admired the beautiful place they thought it was so beautiful they made the Vista House born. They bought glass windows and marble floors and everything they wanted even bathrooms then when us came we made the Vista House a little different. So after looking in the building and the river we went to the bus again and had a snack in the bus while it was driving to a forest path. When the bus parked we got out and Mr.Q gave us instructions he said," Okay class there are some hazards here there are 2 main hazards the first one is that some other hikers don't take the path they go past or over the path you could get lost if you don't take the path. Also if you are lost take the left path instead of the right path because the left path will take you to the beginning again. The second hazard is that there is lots of cliffs and mountains you could fall off so be careful. On your camera you may take 16 pictures the groups are find 4 types of bark, 4 types of living things, 4 types of rocks and 4 types of foliage witch means the things that are sticking out of the branches. I will be the head leader. Any questions? " Nobody raised their hand. Everybody was silent. Mr.Q said," Lets go then." Everybody followed him I was with my group witch were Mia, Logan, me, my mom and Kelton. While we were walking Mia had the camera taking a picture of a rock while I was day dreaming. We were walking a big hill then we saw a waterfall my mom said I could borrow her phone and take pictures then we went on walking. I was taking pictures of the green foliage while Mia was taking pictures with the school camera while I was using my moms phone. Pretending not to help Mia with what Mr.Q said about the 16 pictures. Just being free to take as many pictures as I want on my moms phone. Anyways Mia wanted to do the camera and her job by herself. That is why my mom let me use her phone. Then after a short period of time we saw a wooly bear caterpillar witch it is it's full name. Then a boy I didn't know came and flicked the caterpillar. The caterpillar was already dead. Then we saw slugs and snails everywhere and they are huge. The slugs are spotted with black and are squishy. The snails are not spotted and our moving slowly on their pretty shells. There was funny types of trees and bark. Some living things looked weird. The rocks had many types of shapes and sizes. There was moss growing everywhere and very few hikers. Two people found some types of frogs by them selves. Witch were a boy I didn't know and me. I found a frog that was brown and small. The boy found a warty toad that was black and green. We saw lots of waterfalls and only 1 dog. My mom found a squirrel. After the long hike we had lunch at a field. After we ate we played games at the field. I just talked with Mr.Q and my mom and a couple of friends. After lunch we packed up and went back to the bus. My legs were so sore and I was so tired. Then we came back to school and did some free time. Also thank you Mr.Q and Mr.Rogers for the field trip! So how was that story? Okay so now breaking news in my backyard. Last night I was getting ready for bed. I was talking to my mom when she said," Jillian be quiet. I see something. It looks like a skunk. Let me get to the window. " She tip toed to the window trying not to scare the thing. Then she said," It is a skunk. Come here Jillian. " I came too. Then my dad came. I got scared and ran back to my bed and under the covers with my head down. My mom said to come here but I said no. But I came back and saw the white stripe on the skunk's back and tail and saw the black coat. We had lights in the backyard so we can see it. I ran to my bed again scared of the skunk. Then the skunk left. So that is the breaking news of the skunk in my backyard. Okay I got to go. Bye.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Moving to a New House

Hello! Today I moved to a new house but I moved a couple of days ago but I am here right now. I will tell you about the house if you like. I have a bigger room now. I painted my room green as grass on the wall and on the ceiling blue as the sky and my mom didn't paint this long white strip on the wall because it is for flowers. At the end of this post I want you to guess what type of room I got. Also I have an owl bed with a pink owl pillow and yellow owl pillow with a flower blanket and flower pillows. I also have an owl rug. I even have an owl picture frame. I even have white furniture witch is a bookshelf, two drawer sets one is big and one is small and a desk witch I am getting soon with a chair. I even have a remote for turning on my fan and my light that is on my ceiling. I even have a white flower lamp and another white lamp but is taller. On my big drawer set I put my clothes in the drawers and my play horses on top with my d.s. and headphones. On my bookshelf I have 5 books in the bookshelf and some glass stuff on the top so my sister wont take them I even have two blank spaces on my bookshelf. You know why I have a few stuff on my bookshelf because I have some boxes with lots of books inside to unpack and I don't have them on my bookshelf yet. In my small drawer set I have my crafts, journals, birthday cards, bracelets, keychains and drawings. In my closet you know toys exploding everywhere. Next we have my sisters room she has dark pink walls and gray walls. She has a fashion room but her room is a total mess. Next we have two closets in the hall one has games and the other blankets. My mom and dads room is next to my room they have a master bedroom. Why don't kids have a master bedroom while the grownups do they even have a master bathroom. I and my sister have a tiny bathroom that is close to us. Next is downstairs the downstairs has a laundry room and is also the way where the cats use you know bathroom in the kitty litter, the kitchen witch is huge, the living room is bigger then the kitchen and the backyard. We have a forest backyard. We even have a pet squirrel named Mishca a girl squirrel. She even has a couple of mates. Even when we throw peanuts outside the squirrels don't eat it the blue jays do. We even have a humming bird feeder witch we didn't put outside yet. We even have 7 bird feeders for tiny birds and a squirrel feeder for the squirrels to eat out of in a jar. In our forest backyard we have a fountain witch is cool you get it cool the awesome cool and the cold cool. Well when me and my sister find a dead bug we put the bug on a leaf and put it in the fountain for his sacrifice. Well so far we only sacrificed two bugs so far. Well it has been a hard typing day I better go bye!

Jillian P.s I forgot to tell you what type of room I got if you guessed nature room you are right. Bye!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New School

Hello! Today I went to a new school. My teacher is Mr. Q. Mr.Q is super nice and I also have new friends at school. My new friends are named Kelsey, Kennedy, Ashley,Yasmine, Jillian and this one I forgot. Oh I forgot one more Mr. Q. I love this school my other school didn't teach me that well like an array. I didn't know what it meant and like yesterday Mr.Q taught me it in a better example now I know what an array is now. I won't tell you because you probably know. At school they have a garden. Today we harvested them I harvested the tomatoes. In case you don't know what harvest means it means that you pick them off and put them in a basket. Now you know. The playground has jump ropes, balls and hoolahoops. There are two playgrounds you can go to the small one and the big one. The small one has no slides, one broken climbing thing, one climbing thing, logs to sit on, one big play house, one little play house, steps and a giant spider that lives there that me and Kennedy discovered. The big one has a giant rock climber, swings, bars to climb on, lots of other climbing things, basketball court, barn and don't forget you can walk around the garden. The school also has a big gym with a cool gym teacher. He is so nice we see him twice a week. On a Friday's and Saturday's is when we meet him. Then there is the library. There is lots of books and lot's of couches and bean bags and I checked out two books. One about cougars and another that is called Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Also we have to bring lunch boxes or you can get a lunch but we eat in the classroom because there is no lunch room. I also really like the classroom because I get to sit with two if my friends Kelsey and Kennedy. I hope you like my post. See you soon.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Cowabunga Bay

Hello! Today I went to Cowabunga. Do you know what that is? It's a place you go to. It's a water park. I love water parks. Cowabunga has a lazy river. The Lazy River is like a swirly pool. It also has tubes you can go on and you can relax. You can swim in it too. It has a car in it a real car but it can't drive. The car squirts water at you. My favorite squirting object is the shower one. It is like a shower. Also there is water slides at Cowabunga. There is a big purple one but it is pure black inside. There is 2 big yellow water slides that are the same but inside is pure black. There is two small yellow slides for tiny children to do races and you can see. There is a tiny purple one that is tinier then the two little yellow slides for tiny children. There is a blue water slide my first favorite. You can see too. There is also the green water slide. It is my second favorite one. You can see. Then there is a medium purple slide witch is my third favorite you can see. Then there are 2 big water buckets. There is a yellow and a blue one. The yellow one is the second biggest one while the blue one is the first. I never went in one. The warning call is a when one of the buckets are going to spill is a bell so when you hear you either go in or not. Cowabunga has yummy food too. They even have sweets. But you are not allowed to bring your own food there. Cowabunga also has a few red cones that are tiny. They spill on you. They are the third ones from the other giant buckets. So see you later hope you can go to Cowabunga soon. I warn you it is fun there.

Jillian. P.s. You make new friends there. Also the time to go there and leave is between 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Bye now!