Saturday, October 29, 2011

Making the Halloween Party

Hello! Today I am going to talk about this Halloween party I made for Isabel my friend that is from far away. Well first of all it was my sister Brooklynn who decided it and Isabel was going to come in 5 days. It was Monday by the way. Well after she said that me and Brooklynn made a meeting so we made a list of things to do on the party on Saturday. We chose 10 games. It was Halloween Bingo, Art Competition, Pet Shops, Halloween Brainstorm, Hot Potato, Manicures, Freeze Dance, Watch a Movie, Hide and go Halloween and Witches Potion. But then the list was too long so we narrowed it down. We were going to do Halloween Bingo, Art Competition, Pet Shops, Halloween Brainstorm, Hot Potato and Witches Potion when she just barely comes from the plane. Then if we have time we will play Freeze Dance and Hide and go Halloween. Then the next day we are going to Watch a Movie and do Manicures. See it is all situated. But I wanted to do Halloween Brainstorm first. Brooklynn was making Halloween Bingo. I needed some paper with squares on it, some paper with Halloween questions on it and 2 stuffed animals that are squishy. The way it works is that there are 2 people who are the costumers and 1 person that is the question person. The customers need a square paper. They each even need a pencil. They each have a stuffed animal too. So the question person which is me is going to ask a question. The harder the question is the more points you earn. The customers draw what they think it is. Then when they are finished they squash the stuffed animal. If they get the question right they earn points if wrong you take away 5 points. There is even points for quickest and neatest drawers which means 10 points. So that is how you play Halloween Brainstorm. So I made the game less than 30 minutes. When I finished Brooklynn came with the Bingo game. Oh my she made only 6 squares. I said " Brooklynn would you please add more squares?" But she kicked me and started to cry. Oh well I guess I need to make the party by myself. Well I was busy on the rest of the days at school. Until it was Thursday and we needed to get to work. I started to put the Halloween music on my radio so it is ready for freeze dance. Then I dumped all my pet shops on the floor and I took each of my 104 pet shops and put them in a line. Then I had to do my homework. The next day was Friday and Jillian my friend came over and said she could help me on the party before girl scouts started. We went to work. I told Rebecca and Brooklynn to get the crafts and put them by my bed so that we could make the art competition. While they worked me and Jillian went to mix foods for the Witches Potion Game. Our first creation was mint ice-cream mixed with ketchup. Thinking about it is grossing me out. Then we put each 5 creations and put them in the fridge. Then we checked on Brooklynn and Rebecca and they were doing great! Me and Jillian were starting to decorate the pet shops for the Halloween party. Then Brooklynn and Rebecca finished and they both went to get the hot corn sack for hot potato because we were going to burn it in the microwave so we could make hot potato. They brought the cold corn sack and we put it by the game Halloween Brainstorm. After they did that me and Jillian just finished decorating the pet shops. All of us started to put away the rest of the crafts. Then it was time for me and Jillian to go to girl scouts. After girl scouts I started to make a new bingo and grabbed candy for some of the games. When it was time for bedtime I couldn't finish my bingo game. So then the next day was Saturday and I finished the bingo game. Then Isabel my friend came and we had a great time. The End. So how did you like it? I got to go bye!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My 3rd Field Trip and Surprise Thing

Hello! Today I am going to talk about my third field trip that happened 2 weeks ago. Well it was at an apple orchard called Hood River County and it was organic apples they didn't just have organic apples but organic pumpkins and pears. There are different types of apples, pears and pumpkins. They were so hard to choose. But here I will tell you everything. Lets start when I got up in the morning. I got up on a cloudy day on a Thursday in October. I swung out of bed and started to take my pajama pants off. Then I got my clothes on. After I just barely put on my pants and got out of my bedroom with my homework folder in my hand I went downstairs for breakfast. I had cereal with cut up strawberries inside with some lemon yogurt and some water. I started chomping away on my food hearing my sister yelling upstairs. After eating my delicious breakfast I went upstairs to brush my teeth with some mint toothpaste. I scrubbed and scrubbed until it looked clean enough. Then I went to brush and comb my hair and use some cream to smooth my hair out and also to use the flat iron. After that I went downstairs and put my homework folder away and some other stuff and then I put my dark pink rain coat on with my pink owl backpack on top. Then my sister came whooshing down the stairs and put her homework in her backpack  and put her light blue rain coat on and her pink spotted backpack on top of that. Then we raced up to the bus stop. My mom came up 3 minutes later with her pink jacket on. We waited for the bus then there came the bus whoops wrong bus that was bus 49. We waited then there came the bus whoops wrong again that was bus 93. Then the bus came that was our bus. Bus 40 here we come. We jumped in and said hi to Dave my bus driver. After we said hi we jumped in a seat in the bus. I looked out the window my sister was playing a hand game with a friend. We waited and waited until there came the school. Our normal school sitting there waiting for us. Bus 40 stopped and we said thanks to Dave and jumped off the bus. We walked into the school and in a long hallway and then I went to my classroom and hanged up my backpack in the hall. Then I took out my homework folder and put it in the In Box for Mr.Q my teacher to look at. After putting my homework folder away I went to my desk and started pulling out a book called Super Fudge and I started reading a funny chapter I even laughed a little. We finally heard the honk on the honker Mr.Q honked on to give us attention. We dropped our things and stayed quiet for a minute while he talked ", Hello class right now it is time to go on our filed trip to the apple orchard. We cheered and then he announced for us to line up. Then we walked down the hallway again and went to a bus I really never met. Then we climbed in one by one and picked a seat. Kelsey sat with me. My new best friend. We sat together and talked and played hand games and red together and wrote together and we made movies up on her camera. Then the bus stopped and Mr.Q gave instructions and Mr.Rogers too who is another teacher in another class in fourth grade. Then we clambered one by one out of the bus and went to our chaperone or our group. Then we started to our stations. My group went to station B. We made apple cider with apples. We even get to have 2 tiny cups of apple cider to try. There were bees and wasps everywhere and some kids were very scared of them. I quickly drank my apple cider so the wasps won't get it. But the cider was so good and my breath smelled like apple cider. Then we went to station C for a hayride and we picked 3 apples on tiny apple trees. We put the apples in our blue plastic baggies. Some kids got 2 or 1 apples. After picking we went to the rest of the hayride and saw some animals we saw a bull, a horse, a billy goat and 3 tiny goats. After seeing them we went to station A our last station and we learned more about apples and tried some. After that we went shopping for free at a little market filled with apples and pears and pumpkins and apple cider and some cinnamon apple crackers and more. Then we went back to the bus and ate some lunch on the way back to class at school. The End

Now lets go to the next story of the surprise and it is really cool. You know I have a forest backyard? Well when I was getting dressed for school on a Tuesday morning that was really foggy I looked out my window and what did you know I saw a cat? No how about a coyote? No that is bigger. Oh my gosh I saw a DEER! A DEER a DEER! This is big it looked like a teenager to me but it was a female  trust me ad it had coal black eyes. Cool huh? But I got to go. Bye!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Food Problems

Hello! Today we have a big food problem we have 5 problems and you guys are the only ones that can help the world. The first thing is if you are allergic to any type of this food don't eat it still.

Number 1. This is a tuna fish problem. You know there is 2 different types of tuna I think but the first one is getting over caught and the second type of tuna is way far away then the other tuna and nobody wants to eat them. So I got a plan. Can we do this? Can we save the tuna? Will this plan work? Well we don't know yet but this is my plan. The over caught tuna should not be eaten anymore and we should switch to the other tuna which is Wild Albacore Tuna and everybody should do it. Then we eat them for 3 years and after 3 years the other over caught tuna would have big numbers while the Wild Albacore Tuna will have lower numbers and we eat the over caught tuna again while the Wild Albacore Tuna reaches big numbers again for 3 years. So we go back and forth each 3 years. Then if we eat just the over caught tuna we won't have any of that tuna anymore so we switch to the other tuna and we won't switch anymore and then all the tuna would be gone and we won't eat them anymore and anyways both the tuna taste the same. Oh please eat the other tuna and we switch it will help me so much.

Number 2. Fruit problem here. Well this is bad news for nature. We need to buy fruit local because fruit from far away places takes the fruit in trucks or planes and the trucks and planes put more gas in the air for global warming and the global warming melts Antarctica and if that happens the polar bears fall from the ice and die. Then we won't have any polar bears or maybe penguins and other animals. While the fruit comes the fruit turns old and when it is put in the store it doesn't have any nutrients anymore and nobody wants to buy the fruit anymore so then we waste gas and fruit and cause global warming. So buy local and local means the place you live like if you grow apples from Oregon for example and they only come in fall so you eat apples only in fall and not in summer, winter or spring. So that means that it is local and the trucks and planes don't have to come with yucky fruits and vegetables.

Number 4. Global Warming is here. If you want to help stop global warming you are at the right place. Here is a list of things you can do to help the world stop global warming.
1. Try to ride a bike, scooter, and skateboard or you can walk or run.
2. Ride the bus to school or somewhere because if you ride a car that causes more global warming but a bus that is just fine then 100 cars.
3. Try not to put on the heater in your house that causes global warming put on some clothes, wear a blanket or some other way instead.
4. If you don't have a heater and have a fireplace instead try not to use it put on some blankets, exercise because it warms you up, put more clothes on or some other way.
5. Thanks for participating. Will you help stop global warming? Also try not to use your car too much!

Number 5. Meat problem here! People are eating too much meat. Meat has protein I know but it has lot's have fatness. You can get protein from different foods not just meat. Also meat means killing animals! So try not to eat meat. Thanks! You can try to be a vegetarian like giraffes, hippos, elephants, caterpillars, butterflies, kangaroo's, some types of lizards, cows, horses, bees, sheep, some types of birds, deer, moose, antelopes, squirrels, buffalo, worms, bulls, goats, manatee's, pigs, seahorse, some types of fish, fruit bats and others.

Thanks for reading my post. Bye. P.s The Halloween competition is almost coming. So try to write back! Bye!


Friday, October 14, 2011

My Big Messy Play-date

Hello! Today I am going to talk about a messy play-date that I had 2 days ago. Also something is funny with my friend's name we both have the same name! We are both Jillian's and soon she is getting glasses like me. That is why we have to say our first name and the capital of our last name. So my friend's name is Jillian T. and my name is Jillian O. in the story. Also don't forget my sister Brooklynn has a friend over too her name is Rebecca. She is my friend's sister. Now let's begin now.

After Parent Teacher Conference's at my school my best friend Jillian T. was coming over. She was coming half an hour after Parent Teacher Conference's. After the half an hour we heard the doorbell ring and we answered the door. It was my best friend and my sister's best friend plus my mom's best friend. Then all of us went in the kitchen looking out the window but not my mom but her best friend left. So Jillian T. suggested ," How about we go outside." All of us agreed. So we went outside. It was warm. We walked down the deck and went on the gravel and on some stone steps and went over the fountain bridge and sat on some little chairs, looking around the backyard and enjoying the breeze on our faces. We also were wondering what to do. Then Jillian T. asked ," How about we go in the little creek down there." I said," What a wonderful idea." So we walked down slippery mud and my flip-flops kept coming off my feet and then I stepped in the mud with my bare feet. Jillian T. said," Maybe I should put on some of your shoes on because I don't want my boots to get muddy." I said," Sure." So she ran off and Rebecca went off too to put on some new shoes. Then I went searching for black shells that have baby water slugs in them that got washed off the water and I put them back in the water so we could save them before they die without water oxygen. Brooklynn my sister asked," What are you doing Jillian?" I answered back saying," I am saving little shells that got washed up in shore and in the shells are baby sea slugs see like this one in my hand." I held out my hand and my sister looked in. Then she said," Can I help too?" "Sure" I said. After about 10 minutes Jillian T. and Rebecca came back Rebecca was wearing zebra striped flip-flops and Jillian T. was wearing hello kitty boots. I told both of them about the black shells and what is in them and when they get up on the shore and rescuing them. Both of them wanted to help too. Remember that face we have on the tree? Well there is an eye and eye brow missing on the face and do you want to hear something funny? Okay I will tell you. Well while we were searching for the black shells Jillian T. said ," Why is there an eye in the mud?" Brooklynn ran to see what it was. We saw an eyeball right there in the mud. Brooklynn said she will show mom and then we will hang it up on the tree again and in the back of the eye there was a hook so we could hang it up on the tree again. So now we are happy. Then it was time for lunch we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit snacks, water, grandam crackers and some rolls with organic sugar and butter and jam. I and Brooklynn also had macaroni and cheese. After that we played littlest pet shops by making our own little cities. Jillian T. and I made our own city together while Brooklynn and Rebecca made their city by themselves. We named our city Petspurg and Brooklynn and Rebecca named their's Paris. After we just barely finished our city it was time for Jillian T. and Rebecca to go. So they left and it was such a messy time. Jillian T. had the hello kitty shoes right? Well they were really muddy. All our shoes were really muddy and some parts of our wood floor got muddy too also some of our clothes got muddy too.

So it is time for me to leave. Bye I will come back soon!                      Jillian O

Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Second Field Trip and Another Skunk Sighting

Hello! Today I am going to talk about my second field trip and another skunk sighting in my backyard at 6:00 pm. It was strange though because skunks come late at night when it is dark outside. Also don't forget the judging of your Halloween costume just go to comments below this post and type in what you are going to be for Halloween the judging is over at the first day of November and then if you win I will wright you on my post of first place second place and third place and everybody that is an animal rescuer in my blog will read about you. Sounds cool huh? 

Now let's start about my field trip well I got up on a cool cloudy morning and I put some warm clothes on because it was supposed to be very cold that day. Then I went to eat some chocolate cereal with milk on top and some banana's and I had water for a drink. After eating I brushed my hair and my teeth. Then went to put my shoes and socks on and my coat and backpack. My mom said we had to go in the car because we had to be there early. After a short time of having gas in our car we drove to school. Then finally about an hour later we went in the bus to Eagle Creek and it took about an hour or so to get there. So after about an hour we got out of the bus and got instructions from Mr.Q and headed for our stations. I was in station b first. There was a guy who told about salmon which we were supposed to learn about which was very interesting. He showed all the different types of fins on a salmon with a real dead fish that died of old age. He showed the fins and what they do and he showed the Pectoral Line and after looking in the outside of the body he cut open the fish and we looked in the inside. He showed us the heart, intestines, blood, spine, eggs which were dead, lungs, breathing sac that makes the fish go up or sink and a few more that I forgot and this field trip was 2 days ago. Then we went to station c and went to see real living mother fish making nests for their eggs called Redds. We even saw some males and females chasing each other. We just took a short hike around to see them. Then we went to station a to see the habitat the salmon live in but it was a shorter hike then station c. After that we went to the bus and had lunch and drove to a salmon sanctuary to see salmon in water cages. After we stopped we cleaned up our lunches and went to our chaperone. Chaperone means the parent you are with. We looked around the sanctuary and saw some salmon jumping up and down in their cages. We fed them some crumbs of salmon food. We even watched a little movie about salmon. We even saw one of the biggest salmon which is named Herman the Sturgeon.  We saw some smolts and fry's which means that probably the fish are teenagers. We even saw a few trouts. After time was up we went back to the bus for the field trip to be over. The End 

Now about the skunk that came at 6:00 at my house in the backyard. When I came home from school and played with my toys my mom was closing the blinds. Then she yelled", Jillian come here look a skunk!" I ran downstairs and saw the skunk it looked like the same one I saw a while ago before I went to bed. Well I am wondering why did it come in the morning? That is so strange. You could probably guess on comments by going to comments on the bottom of this post and click on it then do a guess and I will answer back. Bye! 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Dumb Sore Legs

Hello! Today I am talking about my sore legs from a big run at school which is called the Jog-A-Thon. Well it was in a Friday last week. My sore legs lasted for two days. Well it started at school that the Jog-A-Thon was big. You had to wear pins on your back and connected to the pins was a blue sign that had numbers on the back with your name and date. The way the Jog-A-Thon works is if you run a lap the mom or dad has a marker in his or her hand and they check a number so they will know how many laps you did. Also your mom or dad or anybody in your family pays how much laps you did for the school. While I just barely ran it felt good to run for some reason then after twelve laps it got badder because I got tired running and my feet had blisters. But I ran more not giving up my dad ran with me also for the rest of the Jog-A-Thon. When the Jog-A-Thon was finished I ran 24 laps in all. I was happy it finished. Then we got blue wristbands from not breaking the rules. After the Jog-A-Thon my blisters on my feet hurt a lot. After school I put my feet in some rest. The next day was Saturday and I didn't know my legs hurt when I was sleeping in my bed. When I got up I put my glasses on and got out of bed my legs hurt so bad I could just barely stand. I took a few steps and it hurt. But I got a little used to it. My dad who ran with me at the Jog-A-Thon had sore legs too even my sister. My mom was just fine. It hurt so bad we couldn't go to Jhon's Incredible Pizza Place for fun. So I and my dad went to a restaurant to eat instead and it was a Thai restaurant. It was at I think 5:00. When we were driving back to the house there was a hill and I told my dad I could climb to the top with my sore legs so I did and it wasn't that easy as you think. That Saturday I almost sat the whole day. The next day which was Sunday my legs were still sore but a lot better. I was so happy. I almost played the whole day. The next day will be Monday but I think my legs will be better by then. But I need to go to bed now. Oh I almost forgot to tell you two things on that Sunday we went to Jhon's Incredible Pizza Place that day and since it is almost Halloween I have something to tell you. First is go to comments on the post at the bottom and click on it. Then type in what you want to be for Halloween and I will wright back on another post to see the best costume yet. Okay I got to go. Bye. Jillian