Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Advice for Friends

Hi! Today I will be telling you how to get a friend and how to stop fights with people.

Question: If your friend starts calling you names and makes you feel bad. What do you do?
Answer: If she is I would rather tell her to stop. If you are shy to tell an adult her write a simple note and put it on her desk, on the front porch of her house, text her, call her, email her, put it in her backpack, or just plain give it to her. If she doesn't stop give her a warning that if she does it again you won't be her friend. If she still does get an adult. The adult can be a guardian, parent, teacher, police, or anybody you trust.

Question: I don't have very fancy clothes and I am smelly and have bad hair-does. My friends make fun of me. What should I do?
Answer: If that happens tell her to stop or just walk away and don't care what they say. You can tell an adult or maybe you could just get more fancier. Trust me soon enough you would be a pop-star. But even fancier.

Question: I have a friend and she has an enemy and I like her enemy. I told her that and she said if I made friends with her she won't be my friend. What should I do?
Answer: Just break up with her or tell an adult. Or for a bigger challenge sneak on being her enemy's friend. Or just ask what the problem is and why they are enemies. Maybe you can work it out.

Question: Some person thinks I'm weird. I told her why. She said that I am not smart and thinks my cat is stupid. What should I do?
Answer: Tell her leave me alone. Or just walk away and ignore her. If it's that serious just tell an adult that you trust.

Question: I want to make friends with somebody. How?
Answer: Say hi and talk to him/her. If you think they are sweet and a good friend ask. If you are nervous write a note and give it. Or ask a trusted adult. Maybe you guys will be great friends.

Question: I just went to a new school. People are mean to me. What should I do?
Answer: Just ignore them. Just show the better. Just act like you are happy and having a good time. Or talk to an adult. Maybe you might be popular. And people will be jealous.

Question: I had a great friend then she broke up with me. When we were friends I told her all my secrets. Now she is spreading them to the school and people think I'm weird. What should I do?
Answer: Just be positive. Try to be happy. Then they are like what? What happened to make her/him happy? Then they notice your having fun and they want fun too. So they will ask to be friends and you will be popular. If it doesn't work out right it just takes time. Or ask a trusted adult. Maybe talk to a teacher or principal.

If you have questions just ask me. Just go on comments below this post. Write down your question and I will answer. BYE!


The Teenage Idea

I have a plan for the teenager problem. If you haven't red post scroll down to the next post. So remember those teenagers doing those problems? So I went on Amazon and bought a fake rubber rat that looks real, fake blood, fake poop, fake barf, shocking quarters, gagging gum, and a camera. So I will scare them with the rubber rat on top of blood. I will try to make them step in fake poop and barf. I will try to shock them with quarters and make them gag from yucky gum. And I will catch them on video with my camera. My camera came but not the other things. Hope this works! Any other ideas? Thanks! Oh and they did another bad thing. They played with those guns again! UGGG!


P.S. When will they learn?

Monday, June 25, 2012


This is serious. I have a revenge on some stupid teenagers. I can't do work on posts they really bother me. Listen guess what they did. They did bad things. They threw bibi guns and bibi's in our yard and  in the park. After my mom told them to stop they got mad and started doing more bad things. While we were at vacation they put in soap in the creek and now fish are dying. Stupid right? Then bad part they were coming like overflowing zombies into the yard and started vandalizing. They spray painted the sidewalk and the property of our house. They wrote the F word and put scribbles and painted plants and the sidewalk. Plants are dying and the place looks a mess! Please help. I cry and get scared at night that the teenagers might murder us or do something bad. Please help me. We call the police and it's that serious. They are killing things. And guess what you can help. Here is how.

1. If you know our address send in some money for buying a waterproof, night vision, security camera.

2. Go on Google and find some pranks and then comment me. Maybe we can stop them.

3. If you are teenager and doing something bad please stop.

4. Donate

5. Ask questions on comments so then you can help

6. Try other things.

And if you are the teenagers doing this. STOP! I really am getting upset and more upset. AND this is my revenge. I will try to make a LPS video to stop this nonsense on YouTube. So try to expect it soon or not. PLEASE help. I know together as a team we can do it.

-From your helping hand that saves the world,

Jillian-10 years old