Sunday, April 29, 2012

Killing Animals is Just Bad

Killing animals is just getting worse and worse every day and I mean serious talk.

Cows and chickens and sheep and all of that stuff we are eating is just bad. Mostly they just take a cow and peel off the skin while its still alive! It just sits there suffering! Its horrible! Sometimes they take out the guts while its still alive and what about the chickens? Guess what? People are throwing chickens inside this mini elevator and sort them like they are not alive but they are! They just peel off the feathers and skin while its still alive! That must really hurt. Even if you are allergic to meat don't eat it even if you have high cholesterol in your family be a vegetarian if you don't then that could do serious damage to you. The better way to kill an animal is like this. This is some reasons that I think should happen:

1. For example Native Americans. When they go on hunts and kill a buffalo they pray to it and that is better.

2. We should quit eating meat around the world.

3. We should just make the animal be old and when it dies we could eat it.

4. We should not cut down trees when you want your farm to be bigger for killing animals.

Now the good news. People are selling meat that is good. They don't kill animals alive. Its a better process. But still people kill it alive. Next some people are vegetarians like me and they like it that way without people making fun of them. Next and best of all if you don't eat meat for a year you are saving 7 miles of forest. You know why? Because people need their farms to be bigger for the process of killing animals.

But there is more people eating meat then people eating no meat. If you don't eat meat you are saving lives. Anyway there is a lot more foods that have protein than just meat. So don't eat meat its better for saving lives. Also if you like meat that much just eat meat once in a while and make it the good kind and not the bad yucky kind that makes animals suffer. And for Thanksgiving instead of turkey eat soy meat. Soy meat tastes like meat but it's not meat its soy. So be a better person and save lives!



About Dogs 4

Okay now you know the insides of a dog here is some breeds I know that might be a good pet for you.

German Shepherd
English Setter
Basset Hound
Old English Sheepdog
Golden Retriever
Chocolate Labrador
Golden Doodle
Border Collie
St. Bernard
Labrador Retriever
Standard Poodle
Modern Poodle
Jack Russell Terrier
English Bulldog
Modern Bulldog
New Guinea Singing Dog
Alasken Malamutes
Black Labrador
Yellow Labrador
American Pit Bull Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier
Shiba Inu
Doberman Pinscher
Afghan Hound
Cocker Spaniel
Irish Wolfhound
Shetland Sheepdog
German Wirehaired Pointer
Smooth Dachshund
Long-haired Dachshund
Wire-Haired Dachshund
Welsh Terrier
Curly-Coated Retriever
Miniature Snauzer
Mixed bred Dogs like for example Maltipoo or Yorkipoo

They're lots of types of dogs I don't even know about. If you do have one you can comment me below and thats the end of About Dogs series. We will do About Cats next coming soon. See ya!

About Dogs 3

We are back! Lets start to the Nervous System! Its about the brain and senses.

The brain is the information and command center to the dog and the rest of the nervous system is its communication network. The brain receives information from all its senses: smell, sight, hearing, touch, and taste. Then it sends out commands that controls the muscles and other parts of the body. And like your brain the dogs brain learns, solves problems, and remembers.
Vision is the most important sense for humans for dogs its different. Dogs have smell. Dogs noses uses 10 times more brainpower for smelling than you do. The smell detectors are in a layer of spongy tissue that covers the bones inside the naval cavity. A dog has millions of these detectors. If you could unfold the smell receptor tissue in your nose, it would be about as big as a postage stamp. Unfolded, the same tissue in a big dog would be almost as big as a grownup foot! Many working dogs use their smelling skills to do jobs that people are unable to do. Some of these jobs include finding lost people, sniffing out bombs, detecting pests such as termites, hunting underground truffles which are a type of mushroom, and searching victims of disasters. Some dogs have even show the ability to help doctors by smelling a patient's breath to detect signs of cancer! Dogs are good at finding out what direction smells are coming from because they can move each side of their nostrils. The bigger the nose is the better.
Dogs have eyes like humans. But humans can see more colors than dogs. If you see a rainbow its red and orange and yellow and you know. But dogs only see yellow and blue in the rainbow. How do we know? Well scientists learned about dogs' color vision by teaching them a " one of these things is not like the others" game. The dogs were shown sets of colored lights, where two were the same color and one was different. To get a treat, a dog has to indicate which color was different by touching it with its nose. After many tests, the scientists figured out which colors dogs could tell apart.

Now lets talk about the muscle system. A dog uses its muscles to run and wag its tail and jump and all those sorts of things. Muscles also enable a dog's internal organs to function. A dog's body has three types of muscle tissue: skeletal, cardiac, and smooth. Skeletal muscle moves the limbs and the other parts of the dog's body that you can see moving from the outside. Most of these are voluntary muscles. That is, the dog can choose whether or not to move them. Cardiac muscle is found only in the wall of the heart. This muscle contracts by itself, without signals from the nervous system. But the nervous system does not send signals to speed up or slow down in the heart rate. Smooth muscle is the muscle tissue in the dog's organs such as the muscles that squeeze food through the digestive system. These muscles are controlled by the dog's nervous system. The dog can't choose whether or not to move them. Their muscles can help people by swimming to a person who is drowning or even to help the dog win a competition. They even help run after a hurt person so the dog can move.

Now lets talk about skin and fur. Do you know dogs have whiskers like cats? You just can't see them as clear as cat whiskers. Whiskers are very special for animals they can sense things very well when they are touched by something. They are very useful for dogs that are blind. Anyway a dogs skin is more than just a barrier between the dog's body and the outside world. It helps the dog keep a steady body temperature by changing the flow of the blood to the surface more blood when its hot out, less when its cold. The hair that grows from the skin insulates the dog. The skin also a sense organ for detecting touch, pain, and temperature. Hackles are coarse hairs over the dogs shoulders, at the base of the neck. Some dogs also have rump hackles over their hips. Muscles in the rump area make these hairs stand up. A dog raises its hackles when it is feeling aggressive or afraid.

I learned all this body information from the book Uncover A Dog by Paul Beck they even have other information I didn't talk about yet. I just used the information people don't really know about. Okay About Dogs 4 will be coming up next. See you soon!

About Dogs 2

Hi again! Fast huh? Well here is About Dogs 2 hope you enjoy it!

Lets talk about the heart now. They have about the same heart as us but a little smaller or bigger. It just depends how big the dog is. Like us they carry red blood cells around the body that helps carry oxygen. Also dog blood carries more oxygen than human blood did you know? When the dog needs more oxygen its spleen can squirt out extra red blood cells into the blood. Humans can't do that. Super dog athletes like sled-pulling Alaskan malamutes and sprinting grey hounds, have so many extra blood cells that their blood ends up all being thick and goopy. Their heart and pump a lot of blood!

Now lets talk about the lungs. Lungs on dogs are very much like the same as our lungs. But if you image lungs inside just pink or red your wrong. Inside lungs they have a big long tube that attaches to the top. Then little branch-looking things are inside the lungs. They are called branches. At the tip of the branches they have these mini looking balls that you can only see through a microscope. They are called capillaries. Inside the capillaries there more mini yellowish balls called alveoli. Blood cells pass the alveoli to collect air to bring to the heart and back. Thats their job for animals and humans. Here are some tongue signs when they are panting.

1. Tongue loose, floppy, and relaxed means hot and tired but happy.
2. Tongue tense, flattened, and curled up at the end like a spoon or spatula means tense and stressed.

Now here are some urine signs. ( Urine means the yellowish liquid coming out of you or the word pee.) When a dog drinks water everybody knows it will start coming out soon. But the urine is stored in the dog's bladder until the dog gets rid of it by urinating. Also dogs use their urine to communicate to other dogs Its easiest to notice with male dogs, who lift their legs to mark trees, rocks, walls, fire hydrants, and all kinds of other things when they are out on a walk. The urine also contains special scent chemicals. The scent marking mostly says to other dogs " This is me. I was here. This is my territory."

Now lets start with the baby born thing called Reproductive. Puppies who are born have a lot of brothers and sisters. The usual size of a litter is between 3 and 9. But litters can be bigger! The world record is 24 Neapolitan mastiff puppies! Its also possible for different puppies within a litter to have different fathers. A female dog can become pregnant only during certain times, when she is said to be " in heat." Females get into heat twice a year. If you don't want your female to have babies you cna bring it to your vet to neuter your dog. When the pup is 60 days old it will come out of its mothers tummy. So it could be 2 months. When puppies are born they can't see or hear yet. It might take 2 weeks for it to open its ears and eyes. Same for us babies.

Do you know how to count a dogs age not like 1 2 3 4 5. They grow faster than humans. For example When its one year old its 16. You count by eights and when your dog is two that means its 24. Then when it turns 3 its 29 and you start counting by fives until it dies. Easy Peesy Lemon Squizy.

Now lets talk about the intestines of Digestion. The parts for digestion is the mouth, esophagus, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, and rectum. If you don't know what rectum means it means where the waste comes out like you know. Do you know what digestive enzymes are? Well they are chemicals that break down food. They're made by organs such as the stomach, liver, and pancreas. When you see a dog not chewing so much on food it's because they chomp off big pieces of food and swallow it down. Even though they have back molars in their mouth which are back teeth, the dog's teeth just aren't built for chewing just like us people. Dogs don't just eat meat but sometimes they eat plant material. The diet for a wild dog is mostly 80 percent of meat. If you ever got kissed from a dog they just have very slobbery tongue kisses. The saliva is not just for breaking down food its also known for senses and keeping the dog cool when she/he pants. The saliva helps break down food to swallow. That is why saliva is so important. The senses hep the dog taste not for feeling the air like a snake does. Saliva helps dogs detect flavor molecules unless they're dissolved in liquid saliva. If you don't know your dogs favorite flavor its meat. They have the same flavors as yours: sweet, bitter, salty, umami, and sour. Did you know that when dogs poop they can communicate to other dogs? In the skin they're are two sacs that produce scent chemicals. So when a dog poops it can squeeze a little of that scent to the poop. Be careful what your dog eats they can become dangerously sick like anti-freeze from cars. Or chocolate or even this chemical called ethylene glycol. Theobromine is very poisonous to dogs as well.

Okay we will stop there and I will tell you the rest in my next post. Bye!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fun Songs to Download

Here are fun songs to download:

Funhouse by Pink
So What by Pink
You make me Sick by Pink
Party Rock
Dancing in the Dark
I Wanna Go
Entertainment by Adam Lambert
Strut by Adam Lambert
Whatya Want from Me by Adam Lambert
Don Gato
La Bamba
Get on your Feet
Put your Head up
The Friendship Song
Count on Me
You got a Friend in Me
I Love you like a Love Song Baby
Sure Fire Winners by Adam Lambert
Oh Yeah by Big Time Rush
The City is Ours by Big Time Rush
Fruit Salad by The Wiggles
Black Widow
Drawing by Bare Naked Ladies

Comment be about others see you soon!


Experiments are very important to learn about for education. For kids and even adults. Here are experiments I did with my teacher Mr. Q and my class. Hope you share your experiments to me because here are two.

Plant Experiment:
Our class was going to compare dirt and compost. If you hate worms this might disgust you. Compost is poop from worms. But its good for the earth. Worms eat natural growing things. Like for examples apple cores or orange peels or even banana peels. Worms eat it then poop it. Then it helps plants grow. But we didn't know how much dirt to put in and how much compost to put in. Here is how we set it up:

We used milk cartons and cut of the lids of them ( They were empty.) Then next we put different amounts of dirt and compost like 1/2 of dirt and 1/2 of compost in one milk cup. We planted two different plants that are yummy to eat and they were vegetables. I can't remember but anyway we did. After that we measured them time to time. Then jotted them down. Today we were supposed to pick some radishes I suppose? But we forgot. Anyway then we got out answers. Here they are:

Just dirt makes plants die and just compost so they need both. How much? You decide!

That is how we did our 1st experiment.

Flight Experiment:
Our class is learning about flight from planes and such. So my teacher let us do our one experiment. My question was will big airplanes fly better or small airplanes? So I did that. So I folded one big airplane and a teeny tiny airplane. Then each of them had two trials and in all 4 trials. I measured them with a yard stick. The winner? If you want to know the answer try to find the answer on this blog. I will give you a clue look on the next post after this one. Then you will see. Have a great finding time!

Jillian P.S. Try to show me your experiment too on comments. P.P.S Act like a scientist.


Hi! Do you know Catios? Catios are great and fun for cats. If you do have a cat you should get this. They are about $100-$800. If your cat wants to go outside your in luck. Catios start with a cat door. The cats come out into a straight little cage then they can walk all the way to a huge big rectangle box where they can play. Birds and big creatures such as coyotes won't get in. But lock up at night please just in case. Here is one website to know more about Catios. Here it is:

Simple and fun and safe for cats. I am getting one very very soon. See you in a little bit! Oh and bad news the About Dogs post I did may not continue. So please wait patiently so I can work on some more research because this is very tricky to learn about. So wait please.

See you have a nice day!


Answer on Experiments: Big Airplanes

Saturday, April 21, 2012

About Dogs

Hi! Today we are going to talk about dogs! If you are a dog lover you should like this post. I might write a post about cats so get prepared for it. First lets talk about the insides of a dog. Like the heart and the liver and the lungs and other parts of the body. First lets talk about the skull of a dog.

There are three different types of skulls. The first type of skull is kinda like a long skull. For examples like borzoi, greyhounds, and saluki. The name for this shape is dolichocephalic. The other type of skull is like a squashed headed skull. For examples mastiffs, boxers, and pugs. The name for this shape is brachycephalic. The other type of skull is like a between or in the middle. For examples labrador retrievers, standard poodles, jack russell terriers, and border collies. The name for this shape is mesocephalic. One of the things that makes dogs apart from their cousins,wolves, is the size of their skulls. Dogs have 20 percent smaller heads than their cousins heads. Does it mean wolves are smarter than dogs? Well in my calculations it depends on how you look at it. Wolves can get out of cages and they have brainpower. Dogs can be trained from humans. So the dogs are better at learning what humans want them to do. If your dog has this body form called a "breed standard" then it can result some teeth problems. So you better watch your dog closely if it has this body form from their heads.

Now lets talk a little about their teeth. Dogs need to have their teeth brushed just like humans. Talk to your veterinarian to find the right dog toothpaste for your dog. Also some of these listed things could happen to your dog. Here they are. Plaque, tartar, and gum disease. Sometimes dogs get braces to straighten out their teeth!

Now lets talk about their skeletons. You know tails have bones in them? Here is some tail signs you should watch for with your dog.
1. Whole tail wagging with enthusiasm means happy and excited.
2. Tail held low with the tip wagging very fast means anxious.
3. Tail held high sweeping slowly from side to side means alert and paying attention to something.
4. Tail between the legs, hunched posture means anxious and frightened
5. Tail held high and stiff, accompanied by staring or even growling means aggressive and mad.

Watch for those signals! When you are at a park or field watch a dog running full speed across the field catching a ball or Frisbee and you'll see how amazingly fast and smooth its going. This flexibility comes from the shoulder blades just like yours you know. Also dogs have 319 bones in their bodies while humans have just 206 bones! Bones are even flexible enough to slide through a gap in a fence for a dog! The dog lundehund or Norwegian puffin dog was bred to catch puffins along the rocks of Norway. This dog is interesting because they have 6 toes on each foot! That means they have a little more bones then a natural dog. Did you also now that dogs walk on their tippy tippy toes? You can try to do it too. Its hard right?

I will tell About Dogs 2 later. You will learn about the heart, birth place, intestines, brain, muscles, and skin soon. Then I will tell you on About Dogs 3 of how to care one. See you soon!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Mini Animal Shelter

Yesterday I made a mini animal shelter in my backyard. It was by my creek and I made rocks to make it a swimming pool. Then I added plants and other things inside my animal shelter. Then I did my search for animals. I looked under dirt, under rocks, in the water, on bark, on trees, in holes, and other places to find hurt and needing help insects. I found 3 adult worms, 1 baby worm, 1 jumping spider, 2 slugs, 2 flies, and a ladybug. I found all the adult worms in the water, I found the baby worm sitting alone in the dirt, I found the jumping spider stuck in the mud, I found both slugs in the water, I found the two flies in the water, and I found the ladybug on a plant. Well the spider will eat them so I put him/her in a private section in my mini animal shelter. The others were hanging out and having fun. But the spider didn't so I gave him/her more attention. Then I went back to the others and they were gone! I noticed holes in the ground so the worms must have dug in the ground. The ladybug was hiding under a leaf I figured. The 2 flies were resting on 2 seperate leaves. The 2 slugs were gone! I looked under rocks and leaves and dirt and water. No sight. Then I looked under the pool rocks found one! Then I found the other one under a big piece of dirt. I got him! Now they are safe. Then I looked back at the spider who was resting. then looked at the others. The flies flew away and the ladybug! Oh well. I guess I will see them soon-not! At least I saved them. Then the jumping spider jumped over the barriers into the world around him and out the shelter he went. I guess he is ready to live again in the open. Then the slugs went under leaves and rested. I guess I should leave them alone now so I went inside the house.

Guess what? On my driveway I saved a pregnant slug. It was fat and I saw it give birth to a baby slug. Right in front of me! It just pooped it out! Really! That is what birth is all about! What? Anyway I took both and put them under the bush and my bus came so I said goodbye and watched the next baby come out and I just went on the bus next.

Have to go! Bye!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My New Cat

About my new cat who is named Fluffhead I wrote a post about him if you can find it anyway I am getting him in 2 weeks on a Friday with my uncle. So it is double great! My uncle is coming to visit and we are getting a new cat!

Also my sister, Brooklynn is going to soccer next week. She did it before but she is nervous. Can you cheer her up with nice comments to help? She really will be happy and not as nervous. Thanks! I depend on you guys! I really know you can!

Next I went horse back riding yesterday. It was fun. We groomed our horse named Blue and he had lots of fur we brushed out! Next he was super soft. Then we rode him slowly. We learned how to do techniques on him. Anyway it was fun and we got to put on the saddle and everything! We have to drive all the way to Washington to get there! Also I met Cody and said hi to the big black horse and to Belle and I even saw a horse for sale who had a white dot on his eyeball. He went to the vet and he was fine. Also we even got to pick out the dirt and rocks out of Blue's foot! We even gave him treats. Then fed him.

Next I am taking violin next week. For 6 weeks I am doing it. Also we do it on Mondays and Wednesdays. It sucks sometimes and I plead my mom to make me quit. It sucks. But she always says its part of my learning skills. The librarian Mrs.VB is mean and tells us to be quiet and to sit up and she yells yells yells! Its driving me crazy! Also we do songs over and over again and its pretty much boring. Sometimes its so hard to read the notes I cry but try to hold it. I try to ask to go to the bathroom and they don't when I really have to cry. Sometimes Ms.VB yells at me about something people don't really care about like "Sit up more straight!" or "Quiet! We need to work!" Its annoying! She is so mean! I wish she was fired. Or even sent to a zoo of human eating tigers. Or what about into the middle of space. That is why I hate violin practice.

Anyway my sister we found out is scared of Bigfoot even if its her favorite animal. She is more scared at night when Bigfoot is active. There was sightings here in my state of Bigfoot that is why she is scared. Also she heard that he might come breaking into your house. So she always asks us if the doors are closed  every night like 100 times! Can you courage her to not be scared because its driving me nuts! Comment below!

Have a nice day!

Movies that are Fun!

Here are movies that are fun.

Liar Liar
Alice in Wonderland 2
Cats and Dogs 1 and 2
Hocus Pocus
Harry Potter series
Adventures of Tin Tin
Alvin and Chimpmunks series
We Bought a Zoo
How to Train a Dragon
Harry Potter series
Narnia series

You can comment me for more great movies if you like.

Movies are fun but sometimes they can over control your brain. You see if you stare at the TV and not do anything your body won't get exercise and pretty much you might not get very healthy. You need to do fun things. Not sitting in the front of the TV. Its okay if you watch once in a while. Like every week. Also you won't learn to be experienced to anything and its like frying what you know into the TV and you are giving it strength. That means you are like frying your brain but it really isn't its just an expression for making you understand. You know what I mean? Well anyway I have to go. Bye!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My 100th Post!!!

Hello this is my 100th post! I will of course talk about things but this is my 100th post!

Anyway do you know I work at an animal shelter on Wednesdays? I work at the Paws Animal Shelter. They have lots of cats roaming free and two dogs plus a rabbit. Well they name the cats celebrity names. Like Micheal J Fox or Adam Lambert or Opera Winfrey or how about Katy Perry. They have a cat named Jhonny Depp there and he is a black fat cat. But its the shelters cat and he can sit stay and even jump when commanded even come here. He loves to perch on your shoulder and have loves. They have a cat there named Opera Winfrey and she likes to hide in draweres and nip at you sometimes. They even have a orange and white kitty named Riba Macentire and she likes to nip a lot! But she even sometimes will lick you and touch you with her nose. There is a kitty named Adam Lambert who is white and he likes to sit on your lap and he is deaf in the ears he can't hear. There is a cat named Katy Perry who was locked in a car for two days and she is just a kitten. She likes to have loves and be carried like a baby. There is a kitty named George and he has Cerabol Poulsy which is a desease. He can't walk talk or even can't control his body right. He has little nail things on his very sharp claws sense he can't control his body and might swipe you. He is the shelter's pet and he lives in a little baby crib. There is a kitty named Brad Pitt and he is a beuatiful cat. He loves to be pet and might sometimes bite. But he moved into a pet store. There is a cat named Jimmy Farlin he is white and orange and likes to play and be pet. He will purr so loudly. There also is a kitty named Micheal J. Fox who is black and has a fluffy black mane. But he got adopted. There is a kitty named Seriana and she is a little black kitten with a pink collar. She is so light like a penny and loves to be pet and will purr. There is a kitty that is gray and white and he is huge and will bite. There also is one like that but will jump on your shoulder and nip and howl. He is gray. They also have a tan lokking kitten which looks like it blends in sand in the desert. She is super shy though. They figured out it was actually a boy and not a girl. There is Amelia Airheart who is gray and shy. But has a bond with my mom. She got adopted. There is a kitty that has a nerve problem on her back so you only touch her head and she is brown lookish. Also very fluffy. She stayed at the shelter for 8 years. There is a kitty that stayed here for 10 years but got adpoted by an ederly lady. There is a kitty that is new here at the shelter and has a pink collar but is super shy. There also is a cat that loves to rub on your legs and is ginger colored. There is a kitty with a watery eye and has ginger colered fur but I am supposed to name her famous name. Comment me below for names for her. There is a kitty that is ugly looking that is gray. He looks mean sometimes. There also is a kitty that is jet black and purrs but it got adopted. They also have another ginger cat that loves to be on heights and sleeps. They also have lots of other black cats. They even have a white cat that has mini scratches on its face and has a huge scar on its back. Poor cat. But it is evil. They have a black and white beautiful cat that is new but got adopted 5 days later. There also is a cat that looked like it got burned in a fire. But she actually has a allergic reaction to something. She is pure nakid like a nakid cat. She is actually being baysitted by somebody. They even have lots of other cats you can adopt too that I don't even know about

If they lay out chicken or cat food or any type of food you will see a bunch of big fluffy furballs galloping toward you. You will see hundereds of cats. They live in a small shelter so you can send money to them and they can try to buy another shelter for the cats. They have two cages there, a crib, many blankets, pillows,and other beds. But two funny ones are a bed with a hole in it and a mini couch for babies to sit in.

They even have two dogs but are being babysitted. One is a black terrier and another is a tan terrier. They both are very friendly and love to push hard on a walk. they are very energetic too. But tye tan dog I call Winndixie. The other I call Storm.

They also have a rabbit that acts like a cat. But the other cats don't mind him running around with them. So if you adopt it and you have a cat it won't mind. But the cat might. Anyway he is potty trained like a cat and will use the bathroom in a kitty litter box sometimes not. He even likes to kick litter out of the kitty litter boxes. He also might chase the cats to play a game of tag. Some people are thinking about adopting him. But you better hurry to get the esclusive rabbit. If you volenteer here you might wash the dishes, wash the floor, clean the kitty litter and bunny poop, scrub the beds, wash the cabinets, wash the dishes, feed the cats, give water to the cats, cook for the cats, clean the windows, and other duties. Anyway the rabbit needs to be locked up at night when they close because he will kick out the kitty litter. So yup!

You can adopt the animnals at Paws Animal Shelter in Portland,Oregon where I volenteer. But to tell you its faraway from my house like about an hour away or two. So come and adopt. There might be a lady that is shy that comes every day she volenteers to tell you. But the owner of the shop is Sharon at the office so you can ask the questions to her. Okay have to go!

If you have questions comment me and you can give me some famous names for the pets that don't have names like Micheal Jackson or Albert Enstien or even Jhonny Appleseed. Okay bye! Jillian P.S. If you go to the shelter comment me about the pet you want and I can help you choose. OKAY BYE! HAPPY 100TH POST! Also this week is EASTER!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I am Getting a new cat!

Next week or next month I am getting a new cat. His name is Fluffhead. He is a black cat with brown strips. He is super fluffy but we don't know what type of cat he is. He has pointy ears like needles and has a cut white clooar on with his beautiful golden eyes. He has an extra long fluffy tail. He is from California and he was almost killed. He was in an animal shelter for 9 years and they had him in the Putting Down List. My uncle took him the day before he was going to be killed. Then he asked us if we could take Fluffhead. His real name was Romeo. We are thinking about giving him a new name and you could comment me for one. The top number one name we have a good fit is Elvis Prescley. Fluffhead is extra playful and he likes to clean himself and nap. He loves to be pet and likes tummy rubbs and you can pick him up. But one spot he doesn't like to be touched is his croch. He might nip you if you touch it but other wise he is a nice kitty. He also likes to sleep on your head at night and loves to be with other cats. Kiki and Fuzzy my other two cats might be mad but he won't. Also Kiki is having a brother and Fuzzy. He likes to meow and watch birds like Kiki does and he is a huge explorer. Always if you get a new dog or cat put it in one room and after 20 minutes open the door for them to explore. So they would get used to the room and the smell and won't be as scared. The question about Fluffhead is will he like the cats and will he fight them? We don't know. If you have questions sbout Fluffhead please ask them in the comments section. He is a healthy kitty for sure we know.

Also Kiki and Fuzzy are great. I had a long great spring vacation and also my favorite student teacher Mr.Erwin is gone to Arizona to be a teacher like Mr.Q is my teacher. I will miss him. But he will visit until the next spring break. I hope you have a great day too! Bye!