Friday, December 24, 2010


Hello there here again. I learned something from my uncle Brian. I learned about exponentials. I learned about millions and trillions. Like if your doing 10 times like 10 * 10 = 100 you know why because you add both 0's on the 10's to make it 100 see is it easy. How about harder 10 * 10 * 10 = 1,000. Harder? 10* 10* 10 * 10 = 10,000 = 10^4. Infinity never ends the more 0's you do it never ever ends.

Now let's talk about men and woman. Well why is there ms and mrs but with men mr well maybe we should do mr and mrs. Well bye see you soon.


Hi, everybody sorry, I was not here for a long time because I was so busy.

 Well on Christmas or another holiday or birthday you really should be good to your pets and always because like you might forget your pets like if your moving to like Africa for example and you forgot your dog perhaps outside and you left them the dog probably will get out and run away. Well that be sad if you lost your pet? Well if you are mean to your pet it might be sad and run away.

 Perhaps your a cat and lots of kids are bugging you when you go to sleep. How would you like that? Bad right? So be good to them.

Here are some things to get ready for your pet... First ask your parents to have a pet or think about it. Second get supplies ready like a bed, food, toys, water, bowls, spoons for taking the food out and lots more. Third go to the shelter and buy your pet bring it home safe. Fourth take the pets you have at home and hide them so the pet doesn't get hurt. Fifth take your out your pet and make it explore around the house make sure you do it in basement and upstairs and downstairs make sure you show everything how to use the bathroom make sure it loves everything.

 These are choices for your pet fish, scorpions, chameleon, cat, dog, mouse, ferret, genuine pig, lizard,bird and plenty more.

 So be good to your pets. Bye there wright more soon.