Friday, July 22, 2011

The Giant Sleep-over

Hello! Today I have to tell you about a 2 day sleep-over. Well Isabel had a mom and a dad and she is my friend and her mom and dad were going somewhere. They had to go for their work to keep it. It was for 2 days. So Isabel decided to come to our house for 2 days. Well Bailee our cousin wanted one too. She could only stay for 1 day. So at 10:00 Bailee arrived. We played pet shops for an hour or 2. Then we played school. I was the teacher. I was giving them their school supplies when the door knocked we screamed for joy that it was Isabel. It was actually a teenager boy that was wondering to come to make us go to his concert. Mom said, " Sorry we are moving. But thank you. You are so very kind." Well that was stupid. So I went back giving supplies when mom said about a text that Isabel was going to be late because she is helping walk dogs. So when we were almost done giving supplies the door knocked again. It was Isabel! We were so happy. Then we played school and what we did is we did math, art contest, wipe art, book report, recess and I taught them multiplication. I did easy ones. Then we cleaned up. Then we played pet shops again. I came down to tell mom I was bored. Mom said to tell the girls we are going on a Field Trip. So I told the girls and they were wondering where we were going to go to. I gave them a clue that we were walking there. It was not a park. Not a play date. Not another sleep-over. We were going to see Porter! We walked there. His owners were still on vacation. So we petted him and made him go outside. Then we went back home. So then we went to play pet shops. Then we decided to play dress up, makeup and hair making. Then we decided for me to be the jaguar because I was wearing one and we could play games. Then it was time for bed time. We went to go to sleep. Isabel and me were on my bed. Bailee and Brooklynn were on the mattress. We slept until it was morning. We had french toast and then played pet shops. Then we played jaguar and then it was time for Bailee to leave. We said bye and went to Ellie's house she is my friend. We played on the trampoline. But then it was time to leave and Brooklynn twisted her foot. So we went home and went to bed. Then we got up and played pet shops. Then we went for the store and then it was time for Isabel to leave. So she went home and that is the end of the story. The End. Bye it is time for me to leave. Ps That was 2 days ago you get it 2 day sleep-over and that was in 2 days. Ps Bailee came for a play date here and she is really bossy. She said, " That is no fair you get to play on the computer." Then I said, " I am doing work." I was writing my blog when she said that. Bye see you soon. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Funny Things at the Store

Hello! Today Fuzzy is feeling much better. He is eating more because it was better with that tooth out. That is why he won't eat much and if he doesn't eat much he will be hungry and if he is hungry he will be skinny. He is skinny anyways you can feel his ribs. He is eating more and he is full and soon will be fat. 

Now lets talk about when I went to the store with my mom. We were going to Target. I get to have a pet shop also my sister. We get only 1 and it has to be small and 2 dollars. So first we bought sun screen then some smell good candles then we bought pet shops. I got a monkey and it was one of the best fashionable pet shops. I named it Zeus. My sister got a cat. It was a calico cat. It came with a giant cat food can and a small fish. She didn't name it yet. I think my monkey was purple with decorations on it. Then we went to the underwear section. They were for my mom's sister Kirsten she is my aunt. It is so funny. Then we went to check out. There was a teenage boy on the counter. He slashed the underwear and said," Awkward." He thought it was funny slashing girl underwear. I thought it was so funny I could not hold my laugh. But I did. If you want to continue on the next store thing you can. 

We went in the car and drove to Petco. That is a pet store. We got out and went there. We saw cats first. There was a gray kitten. It was so cute. It was a tabby. There was a fat orange tabby. There was a black cat. There was another black cat. I think that is all. Then we went to get cat food. On the way I saw parakeets. I saw some fish too. Then we got our cat food. Then we went and saw cute lizards and turtles. I even saw a tarantula. Then we went to the corner of the store. My mom thought there was rabbits here. We went there and it was actually ferrets sleeping. We also saw rats,mice,fish and guinea pigs over there. Then we saw two dogs getting groomed. There was a black poodle and a small dog I didn't know. Then we were at the check out counter. The lady had to slash a lot of cat food cans. She told us it was free slurpy day.

 We went to get a free slurpy and a treat. I got air heads and my sister. Then we went to the car and drank then went home. Oh it was busy there too. It took us a long time to find a parking spot. The end

How do you like them? Well on halloween you have to tell me what you are going to be and ask other people too. Then tell me and I will pick the best one at the end of October. Bye. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fuzzy got Another Bad Injury

Hello! Today I saved a cat and to tell you a story about Fuzzy when he had surgery from his tooth. Well I was at my friends house they where on a vacation. I had to take care of their cat named Porter. He is a fat, gray, fluffy cat. He is a big breather. He also is a outside cat. My mom thought to bring him outside because he was in the house for a week! So he went outside. He jumped over the fence to somebody's house who had no pets I think. Then we came back after a hour to take him inside the house. We were in the car driving and it was raining! We rushed to get Porter in. We were calling him "Porter! Porter! Porter!" He still would not come. Then it rained more and more every second. Then we heard thunder. Then we saw lightning. There was a storm! We went inside. Still no sign of Porter. There was people coming to look at the house because they were moving. We ran to the car and waited until they were gone. When they left we went back and it was just sprinkling rain. We called and called mom was looking in a bush. Brooklynn was looking at mom. I was still calling. Then I heard a bell then a meow then a bell again. I saw Porter! I called mom and Brooklynn to let them see. We cried with joy. We picked up Porter and put him in the house. Then we left for home. The End. I saved the cat from the rain.

Okay now about Fuzzy our cat. I was sleeping and it was 7:00 am. I was so tired. My mom took Fuzzy to the veterinarian so his teeth can be cleaned and some to be pulled out because eating hurt his teeth. So I heard the garage door and I was so tired to say good bye. Then it was 9:00 am. I got up. Fuzzy was not here but mom came back. I got up and when it was finally 5:00 p.m. We got Kiki our other cat into the carrier. She needed a check up. We were picking up Fuzzy in the end of the check up for Kiki. When Kiki was there she was shaking then she turned around in the very corner. Then we got Kiki to the room. They weighed her, listened to her heart, touched her and got shots well two at least. Then we saw Fuzzy! He had a thermometer in his butt. Mom said to get it off and they did. There were a lot of fur on it. Fuzzy had his paw shaved for DNA for fluids. We got pictures of his mouth, special medicine, a chip, a sticker, papers and a manual. I saw a tube in his throat in the pictures. My sister asked why. It's because so he can breathe. They only pulled out 1 tooth. His teeth looked so white then yellow. They said he had to stay inside because he had stitches and he can't chew hard stuff. Like cat toys, hard food, grass, leaves,cat nip and many more. If he doesn't poop in three days we had to call the vet. We have to bring him back in two weeks so he can be checked to see if he is in a great condition. We have to squirt medicine by his token out tooth by opening his mouth in a way. He has to have medicine each 8 hours in 5 days. His tooth will be better in 10 days. We had to take him because he chews funny and very loud. He has too stay away from Kiki for 2 days so she doesn't hurt it. So he has to stay in my moms room. When he came back he was messy, his paw was shaved for DNA, very hungry, very thirsty, had to use the bathroom bad and he falls and wobbles. He was very tired too from that busy hard day. In 10 days he will be normal again. He didn't get to eat for 10 hours only had fluids such as water. He was cold too. Kiki is scratching the door to get in. She wants to suck her blanket and meet Fuzzy. Fuzzy is sleeping my mom had to sleep with him to make him sleep. The End. He was very hurt. So we are taking good care of him.

Bye have a great day. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

3 Fun Things

Hello! Today I have to tell you about something. Well I went to a pool yesterday and I found a new friend. Her name is Zoey. She has blonde hair and I think green eyes. She wore a bikini that was spotted with brown, light pink and white. She is a really fast swimmer. I also was the first one at the pool with my mom, dad and Brooklynn my sister. When we walked to the pool it was freezing cold! I loved it when I swam. I used goggles for seeing underwater. I liked my floating board best because I swam better and I floated better and I liked sitting on it I had to balance really good and it was pretty hard I had to swim up and balance or else it will flop out of my bum and floating in the water by itself until I catch it. I also get to go on my dad's back and he will go up and down like a dolphin and go underwater for three seconds. Also he will pick me up and throw me in the air and he will catch me. That was awesome!

 Also last night I watched fireworks. My dad still has some. I did sparklers. You hold these sticks and you put fire on it at the very top. Then it will shoot fire out. It is so cool! We also did fireworks in the sky. We did fireworks in the bottom. One of the fireworks on the bottom is like a fast top with rainbow colors. Then it stops and shoots sparkly stuff and it scares the crap out of you. Well it mostly scared Sammy. He is half yorkie and half poodle. He looks like a little lamb that is white. He is as small as a basketball and as long as a basketball. I liked watching the fireworks and petting and walking Sammy. We liked the parachute fireworks. They have to be in the daylight were you can find the parachutes. You have to light it up. Then it shoots like a rocket in the sky. Then you see a small parachute come out. Then you have to grab it and throw it away. Don't leave it there it could be a fire. I ran with Sammy to catch them. 

Now for our surprise guest who reads my posts a lot and our second guest that likes my posts most. The first guest is... Brian! He reads a lot of them and enjoys them. Our second guest is... Caleb! He loves my posts a lot and reads them. Well hi Caleb and Brian! Good job you earn a great responsibility and you can throw a party with your friends or mom and dad or uncles and aunts and cousins and grandpa's and grandma's or your pets or stuffed animals or yourself or sisters or brothers or girlfriends or boyfriends. Or your wife or husband or somebody you really like that you maybe love and marry. Great job you can go somewhere to celebrate it. 

Bye have a great day and those who had a great responsibility will have a better day! Bye and have a shine of happiness no grumpy aloud. Bye!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Fair Fun Hello! I went to a fair. The fair was so fun. I went there at 7:30 I got scared because my dad wanted me to go on a twisting thing and it turns around and around and you rock and spin and go upside down. He also wanted me to go on the upside down roller coaster. What it does is it goes forward then back then goes higher forward then farther back. Then turns completely upside down 5 times forward. Then backwards completely 5 times then it is done. It is scary.

Car Ride
I had to go with my sister on a baby ride. It was a car one. You had to pretend drive on it. It moves but is not scary. The best part is when you turn steep it looks like it is over but it turns more and you squash yourself. But we giggle a little. We went around and around over and over again 5 times. We laughed at first then went lower to giggles and then got bored and didn't laugh or giggle just frowned. We looked grumpy. Then finally it was over. I was like "Well that spend our tickets."

Big Slide
We went on a huge slide you had to sit on a blanket and slide down. I gave my tickets and got a black,ragged,broken and dirty blanket. It was gross. I carried it anyways. Up the stairs I went with the gross blanket. At the top my sister slid down already. A lady took my blanket and laid it down on the slide. It was big,scary and yellow and bumpy. It was hard to climb on. I thought the blanket would slip away and I had to go down the slide without one. I went down it was so better then the car ride. I thought I would fly on the bumps. But I didn't I curved. It was amazing. At the bottom I tried to stop but it won't it stopped at the very edge of the grass. I gave the blanket back and went out the exit door.

Chinese Dragon Then we found a chinese dragon ride. It was bumpy and slow. It was like the car one but no driving. I was not scared at all. I gave my tickets. Then I climbed on. We were at the very back. I wanted to go in the front. My sister was happy I was not. It started. We went up and down and up and down over and over again. It was like a small roller coaster that was babyish. There were toddlers and little kids and some babies and grownups. I felt like the oldest kid here baby-sitting their kids and bringing them to the fair. Well finally it was over. We climbed out the exit door and down steep small steps. 

Twister Ride
 Then we went past games and other rides that I wasn't interested with. I found the perfect ride of all. The twister. You spin around and around and turns around and around. It was a fast turner. It was super fast. I gave my last tickets and climbed on with my sister and dad. Dad said," That guy was so nice he let me have this ride for free." Then it started very slow and boring then stopped. Then went really fast all of a sudden. I screamed and my sister. My dad yelled. Then he got sick he almost puked. Then we went faster and faster and I squashed dad. Then we stopped it screeched a sound of a dragon. Then we turned backwards faster and faster. My dad was about to puke. Until it stopped with that screech of a dragon. We got out and then I said to mom,"I need to use the bathroom really bad." Dad said,"Look at that ride come on let's go see it."
Bathroom Break
We walked there. It was scary then mom said,"Troy let Jillian use the bathroom she might pee her pants on that ride." Dad said,"But we have to get out of the fair and use it then walk a big walk. " Mom also said,"That twister ride you went on that guy there was so nice he gave us extra tickets and there is plenty more."  We went anyways to the bathroom and dad ran to catch up with us. I used the bathroom it was so gross when I opened the toilet seat there was poop and pee in there. I hold my breath. When I went out I got a gulp of fresh air. Then went to wash my hands. There was no soap left. So I only used cold water.

Up And Down Ride
Then I went back to the fair and decided if I wanted to go on a another slide or that ride that dad explained earlier. It was a ride you went up then down then around but you don't go upside down it you go up and down and it really tickles your tummy. I decided the slide then I thought I was a baby. So I did the up and down ride. I was so scared my sister wanted me to come or she would cry and I would ruin her day at the fair. So I did. I became brave. I gave my tickets. Then went on the ride. My sister saved me a seat. I sat down. I was like is there no seat belts or holders!? Then holders came down I said,"Wow I did not notice that." I pulled them down. I was next to a boy with a orange shirt and my sister. Next to her I saw a girl with a purple shirt. She was also by me. Then it started. The girl said,"If you scream it will go faster." It tickled my tummy so bad. I went really high. I squeezed my eyes shut. Then the tickling went away. I was used to it. I opened them. I saw the whole entire fair. I saw the rides I went on. The rides that my dad wanted me to go on. Games and other rides. I loved this ride most. It was a beautiful sight. Then it stopped and went the other way. I screamed and shut my eyes I was not used to it my tummy tickled really bad again. Then it went away I opened my eyes didn't scream anymore and the tickling went away. I saw the whole entire fair again. Then it stopped I was sad I could go on it forever.
 Up And Down Ride Again
Then I wanted to go on the slide. But my sister wanted to go on that ride again. I took my last and only tickets. There was one more ticket left. No rides had one ticket cost and my sister would be sad if I went on a extra ride and not her. I will also be sad if she got a extra ride and I didn't. Well we went on that beautiful, fun awesome ride. I enjoyed my last ride of all. 

Then we went for cotton candy. But my sister wanted to go on another ride! We didn't have enough tickets. Mom didn't want to buy more tickets. So mom said we could get a prize from a game. I decided to go on the one when you fish for the fish when they open their mouths. I caught a red and blue fish. That meant I got a medium prize. Also my sister too. I wanted a Dalmatian stuffed animal. My sister wanted one too. Dad reached for one. But then cut his finger. It bled really bad. He said," There is a needle thing hooking them how can we get them?" The woman asked , " What would you like?" "Two Dalmatians" said mom. She grabbed them with a hooker. She gave them to us. Then said thank you. We left. I saw a girl that won putting balls in colorful fish tanks. She won a real living goldfish. That was awesome. I saw men climbing ladders to grab big huge stuffed animals. They kept falling from those twisty and small ropes. They almost had but then fell. I saw dad playing basket ball to win a big stuffed animal. He payed 5 dollars and threw them. He missed and missed again and missed. You pay 5 dollars and you get 3 shots. Then he payed more. He missed them all. He payed again. He missed them all. He said the hoops were to small. The guy let him have one free shot. He missed. Then asked our mom to try for free. She missed them all too. But we already have prizes we had our Dalmatians. 
Cotton Candy
We bought cotton candy for 8 dollars. Then ate our cotton candy. It was white and a little blue. Mom said we gave 50 dollars away.
Waiting For Fireworks
When we were at the car we waited for the fireworks. We ate cotton candy and talked. Then we heard a noise. It sounded like a monster. Dad thought it was just sound effects for the fireworks and they are about to start. Mom checked her phone she said, " It is at 10:00." We waited for 10 minutes then dad said," Lets go where those a million people are." We walked and left our Dalmatians in the car. We brought a blanket and sweater. Also our cotton candy. We ate and got warm. The sound affects was actually a giant television of a movie. People were watching to wait for the fireworks. They were watching How To Train A Dragon. I loved that movie. But I couldn't see. I stood up. Then moved to dad where I could see. Then boys stood up and I couldn't see. So I played and hid in my blanket. Dad said," Mosquitoes are coming hide me with the blanket!" So I did. I moved in his lap and hid him. 3 mosquitoes got him 1 mosquito got mom and 0 for me and 0 for my sister. Then we asked a lady if there was fireworks she said," No it is tomorrow." So we went in the car and drove home and went to bed. The End. 
Bye Bye
How do you like it? Well this was yesterday. Bye got to go.