Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Cat Might Die

Hi again! So it's 9:50 at night and I just can't sleep because my cat Fuzzy who is 13 might have kidney failure and his body will shut down. I'm scared. We took him to the vet and they took a blood test and told us they will call us tomorrow night and see if he has kidney failure. But if he does they might put him down. And he is part of our family and I don't want him to die. What should I do? But here are the symptoms of a cat dying if your wondering. Body odor Smelly breath Over weight Under weight Cold temperature Running away Hiding Not using the litter box Not eating or drinking Really quiet Sleepy Can't sleep Barfing constantly Bulging puffy eyes Blindness 30 breaths a minute Slower heart rate Sudden improvement Sickness Walking weird These are the symptoms but the cat needs to have at least 7 of these options so you know that they are dying. Another thing is also if your cat is acting not normal that is another sign to be careful for. I also want to know just in case what I should make maybe his last few days be worth while before he dies. It's 10 I better sleep now. Oh please god let my cat that was in my whole life live just for a few more years. He was with me my whole life and I have enjoyed him. Oh hi Kiki PS my other very young cat. Better get some shut eye. Bye! Jillian sorry I haven't been writing as often! Oh and also a few more days until school starts!