Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Save an Animal

If you want to save an animal hears how. This is step by step and how you can save the world.

1. Don't feed an animal poison.
2. Don't make animals eat candy like bubble gum and chocolate.
3. Don't make pets drink coffee.
4. Don't feed animals Macadamia Nuts.
5. Don't feed animals tylenol and lbuprofen.
6. Don't feed animals onions and garlic.
7. Don't make animals eat rat and mole bait.
8. No grapes or raisins for animals.
9. Don't feed animals lilies or anti-freeze.
10. Don't let animals eat cocoa bean mulch.
11. Don't make sudden moves to scare animals.
12. If you have a cat please try not to put oranges on their nose because that can sting their noses.
13. Don't yell at animals.
14. Be patient with animals.
15. Don't throw stuff at animals. That could hurt them.
16. Try not to hurt animals feelings because once I did it to my cat and she meowed sadly.
17. Don't kill animals with sharp stuff like knifes, swords, needles etc.
18. Don't kick or punch animals because that would hurt them too.
19. No bullets or guns.
20. Don't step on animals.
21. Don't step on cat's tails.
22. Pet softly with animals not hard.
23. Never ever be mean to an animal.
24. Never forget to feed the animal and change the water.
25. Take care of it.
26. Brush it and wash it daily so no gnats or mosquitos or ticks can hurt it. Or fleas.
27. Remove the collar or accessory just to make sure it doesn't hurt the pet.
28. Take the animal to the vet once or twice per year.
29. Make sure your pets teeth are clean.
30. If your pet needs medication give it to him or her daily.
31. Animals need to eat what they eat.
32. Give your pet exercise like walking him or her or playing with it.
32. Make sure they have a nice place to live and they have a comfortable place to sleep.
33. Never chain an animal.
34. Give lots of love to your animal.
35. If you want an animal get an animal and if you don't love it or care it then why did you get it in the first place?

Think about that question and how you can make these animals have happy lives. Like you! Plus try to buy lots of pets and take care of them from the shelter. Do you know billions of animals die each day? Bye! Comment soon below.

Saving 6 Unique Animals at School

Hello today we are going to talk about these 6 animals I saved in a week! ( They are insects sorry. ) Well anyway lets start with the first one.

1. It was Tuesday and I went to recess at school. I loved to play in this little river creation I made. There was usually a lot of water in it. So today there was very little water and so I decided to take a stroll instead. So I walked over to a giant rock climbing structure. It was made of plastic. I saw Nikki my friend having a tiny little red bucket with water and dirt inside plus some twigs and leaves. I asked " What is in there? " She answered " I found a snail or maybe it is a nut." I snatched the bucket and said " I will take it. I will save it and examine it." I peered in and saw a shell or a nut. I flipped it over and saw a snail. Jillian T. took it and dumped the bucket. I screamed " Be careful!" She said " It is just a nut." " No it isn't." I said. I showed her and she said " Ohhh. Sorry." I picked it up and put it through the chain link fence were it will be safe and nobody will crush it. It also had leaves and twigs everywhere and plants. Plus maybe lots of bugs. I knew it will be safe and by the time it was the next day I saw it all the way by a bush.

2. It was Wednesday and I saw a tiny puddle of water in the creek today. But not very much to use. So I started to update the creek a little by putting more passageways into it and it looked good. I saw Nikki shoveling a dam that was put in and she saw something. It was red and black and tiny. The red looked like blood. Then it tumbled and I ran to it for it's rescue. I saw a beetle that died from losing all it's blood. I sniffled and put it on a ledge in the sandbox. Then I grabbed water to make sure it was alive or if it was just a red seed. I sprinkled only one drop and saw a beautiful black beetle, it's legs curled up and was already dead. The blood smeared on the wood and sand. I picked it up from my shovel and put it in a hole. Then I buried it and put a big wood chip and rock as it's grave. I said one last word to it. " Have a good life and you were a good bug."

3. On the same day I found a worm in the puddle trying to swim. I knew it was dying. So I picked it up with my shovel. It looked like it said ' Thank you now let me down. ' I put it threw the chain link fence and saw it curled up in a twig. The next day it was gone and I saw a tiny hole were it dug. I knew that was one lucky worm.

4. On the same day it was raining finally and we found buckets of water to put in the creek. While I came back with a huge amount of water, I saw a gnat but a little bigger. It was drowning. I carefully put the bucket down and grabbed my shovel. I scooped it up. Whoops! I dropped him. I got him again. Yes! I put him on a twig by the worm on the chain link fence and it whooshed away.

5. On Thursday I went to the creek and saw a ton of water! In it I found a moth with a tattered wing. I knew it wouldn't survive so I took it in my shovel very very carefully. Because butterfly and moth wings are very fragile. I carefully put it on a flower over the chain link fence. He looked very hurt. But very thankful.

6. I peered at my shovel and saw a ladybug stuck on it. I didn't know if it will survive because I found it in the water. I placed it on a twig and heard the whistle blow. I had to hurry so I put the shovel down carefully and saw the ladybug's legs curled up. It died but I tried to save it. That is enough for now.

Bye now! P.s. These animals were saved last week. Bye!