Friday, March 11, 2011

Animal Talk

Hi there nice to see you again. Thank you guys for becoming my helpers of rescuing animals. Then the wonderful animals would be so happy. Oh um you can tell your family friends or anybody to this website and they can become an animal rescuer. Guess what my birthday is coming very soon it is on May 22nd. Animals are wonderful but you know a lion is mean right? Well inside they are nice just feel them inside you and you will see kindness. So don't kill them because they don't want to die. How about you were a animal like a bird and a hunter came and shot you and you died how will that feel if you died. That's why a lion is angry because we kill them if we don't they will be peaceful animals. We totally need help to the rain forests in the world! We can't let them do that. Cutting down trees is bad. Guess what I know how to cut a tree better you know a person cuts like a chop on the tree on the bottom. Well what I will do is climb the top and take one small slice and cut smaller pieces. So the animals living in the tree won't get hurt. So we can tell them that right? So it is time for me to leave bye.