Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lagoon Visit

Hello! Today I am going to talk about my visit at Lagoon. The first ride was The Bat as usual. My glasses almost fell off. It was also my first roller coaster I went on a year ago. Next we went to the brand new roller coaster Bambora. There was a lot of steep turns but it was fun. Then we went on the White Roller Coaster. I was so scared on that ride. There were a lot of ups and downs and it was totally straight. It was also the second scariest roller coaster at Lagoon. Then we went on Wild Mouse. Let me give you a clue it's a roller coaster. But it was fun! Then we were about to go to The Spider roller coaster when I didn't want to go. So my mom and dad took me to go to get a snow cone. I got Tiger's Blood it is not real tiger blood but that is what they call it. Then while I was eating my dad went on Colossus. It has a steep hill, two loops and 3 really steep turns. Then my mom went on Colossus. After eating my snow cone we went on a music ride but it is not a roller coaster. My sister and my dad went with me. It went up and down and then faster and faster and then we got squashed. After that we went on the gondola and went across Lagoon to the other side. Then we went on a parachute ride. You go around and around but no loops and is a little fast. After that my dad and my sister went to a car race. My sister was a passenger and my dad the driver. They won first place against other racers. Then we went to get lunch and do a bathroom break. After lunch and the bathroom break we went on The Bat and then Bambora and Bambora was busy. After that we went on Jet Star. It had 5 steep turns, 2 big hills and a twisty thing. On that ride my mom hurt her neck super bad but didn't break it and I bonked my head on something. After that we went on a plane ride it just turned around and around. After that we went on a water slide two times. After that we went to a fountain and played in the water. We had our shoes off when a man said that works here to put our shoes on in a rude like way. After that mean man did to us we went home. Oh do you want to know the 3 scary roller coasters there? Okay well first is Wicked. Second is White Roller Coaster. Third is The Spider. Now that is all to tell you about my fun time at Lagoon. Bye!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane in New York

Hello! Today I have something to talk about. There is a hurricane coming in New York, North Carolina, Maryland and Rhode Island there is some more but I don't know all of them. It is coming tomorrow morning at 9:00. It is going to hit North Carolina first then Maryland and so on up the east coast. Did you know scientists name each hurricane that happens. This hurricane is named Irene. If you don't know what a hurricane is you came to the right place here it is. A hurricane has lots and lots of rain witch makes it flood. When it floods lots of things come rolling around in the salt water. There is a big storm too. Lots of lightning and thunder happens. The biggest thing of all is the wind. The wind is so strong it could sometimes make a house fall down. The hurricane lasts a couple of hours and goes 100 miles per hour that's a long way. But not as big as the whole entire world the whole entire world would be like thousands and thousands of miles. Now that you know what a hurricane is you could read the top part again. Also did you know that all the airports are closed for going for vacation there. So don't go there for vacation just cancel your appointment. Also if you live in one of those places pack up and leave now! Bye!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Website to the Oyster Crash and Mice

Hello! Now to tell you the website of the Giant Oyster Crash it is then go to Giant Oyster Crash and your there. Read the article and there is others you can look at. Now I am going to talk about my brand new mice from my two friends who are brother and sister Janae and Adain. I got Adain's mouse witch is a girl. My sister get's Janae's mouse witch is a girl too. I named mine Cookie and my sister Brooklynn named hers Cupcake. Now Cupcake here is a very scared mouse but Cookie on the other hand is scared not as much. We play with them each day just one time or they will bite. Cupcake is one fast, skinny, scared mouse and Cookie is slow, fat, brave mouse. Once Cupcake was so scared she did a full flip she also is one crazy mouse witch does like impossible things. The mice poop on you when they are scared. Today Cookie pooped on me twice! We got the mice three days ago from today. I love those mice I am so attached to them. They are like white with black spots and cute pink noses with black eyes. They are so tiny. They look just the same but Cookie is fat and Cupcake is skinny. Bye! See you soon!

Giant Oyster Crash and Lost Chihuahua Puppy

Hello! Today I have lots of things to say. Well, first of all if you live in Park City please find a chihuahua that has a collar on with her leash still on. I will tell you the story. I have a friend named Janae and she was helping walking dogs at an animal shelter. She was walking a chihuahua puppy when she let go of the leash. It ran away and she is crying now. So please find it and I know it has a tag on her collar of the animal shelter. So Janae if you are reading this post I have something to say. It is okay you let go of the leash that happens to lots of other dogs. But don't cry just because you lost her because just one dog thats fine but if you lost thousands of dogs that is bad probably but that doesn't mean you are the bad guy. So cheer up and be happy the people out there will find her. Okay now that is settled. Let's start about the giant oyster crash. Now if you want to learn more of this story go to well I will tell you on my next post. Well you know oysters there like clams. Well you know pollution it can effect water you know. So all the marine animals have dirty water but there is this disease that effects from that pollution to the animals but mostly oysters. Now there is not very much oysters now. Well there is one more problem. People eat oysters a lot now. Each year they eat seven million and four hundred oysters now that's a lot of oysters. Now people are trying to change the menu of oysters to protect them from people eating them. So we need to help them save the oysters. Bye! I will see you soon.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cute Dogs to Tell About.

Hello! Today to talk about these dogs I know that are cute. 1 Owner: Bailee my cousin. Pet name: Sammy. B or G: boy. Type:Yorkipoo. 2 Owner: Isabel my half cousin. Pet name: Pepsi. B or G: Boy. Type: Maltese. 3 Owner: Bruce. Pets names: Murry and Howard. B or G: girl and boy. Type: I have no idea. 4 Owner: Ellie. Pet name: Mimi. B or G: girl. Type: Maltese. 5 Owner: Ashtyn. Pet name: Zeus. B or G: boy. Type: Yorkie. I think that is all I know just wanted to share it. Hope you like these cute dogs. Bye! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mouse Accident

Hello! Today I have some really funny news from my sister. This is for real life. Well we were going to my friends house witch was Adian's house with Porter you know. But they took Porter with them and so we need to take care of their mice. So we took them out of their cage and put them on the carpet witch took for 10 minutes. Then I needed to help my sister pick up the mouse. So I put down the mouse I had and helped her. While the mouse was on the floor he crawled up my sister's pants. I picked up her mouse when I heard a scream. She was standing up and wiggling like she was doing a dance. The mouse fell out and landed on the floor near a book. I picked up the two mice. I thought the mouse in my sister's pants was going to fall and die but it didn't. I picked them both up and put them back in the cage. My sister was crying now. She hated that mouse. After that big mouse accident we left very soon. So that is what happened to my sister that was about 4 hours ago today. Bye. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacation and Horrible Animal News

Hello! Today I am going to tell you my vacation I had 2 days ago. Well I was going to Oregon again. We went to visit our grandma mouse. I named her that when I was a baby. I said, "Mos Mos." My mom and mouse thought it was mouse. So we called her mouse. Thanks to me. Also my friend Isabel was coming too. But they had to get a rental car. They got a white car. But me, Isabel and Brooklynn my sister went in mouse's car. Plus my dad and mouse. Mom, Shon and Nicole Isabel's parents is Shon and Nicole went in the rental car. We drove all the way to mouse's house. Isabel's parents went in the hotel for free. We had so much fun playing. We went in the shed. All of these things are fake in the shed that I am about to explain about. There is a fridge, stove with a sink and oven, a washing machine, two couches, two chairs, a table, brooms and dust sweepers, fake food, fake drinks, a princess tent, babies and two strollers. We took the princess tent, strollers and babies outside of the shed. It took a lot of room in there. She also had other things outside. These are real things that I am about to explain about a sand box, a giant wooden castle, a eagle nest witch is a big play house, balls, rackets and a table with chairs and a big umbrella stuck on it. We played for 6 hours outside. Then the next day we went to a trampoline place and Jhon's Incredible Pizza Place. It is when you eat then you play at the arcade. It was fun. Then the next day we were driving to the cabin. It is a 3 hour drive. We drove and drove until we were there. We were staying for a week. What we did in that week is we went jet skiing, went to Crater Lake, bought toys at a gift shop, went to restaurants and stayed at the cabin. We drove back for 3 hours and what a fun vacation we had. The End. 

Now we are going to tell the horrible animal news. Did you know each minute there is 6 meters of trees cut. That might kill 100 animals. Also there is bug spray in airplanes that kills thousands of bugs because they eat the farmer's crops it is also poisonous for bald eagles, monkeys and many more animals. Also when people cut trees for farm land in a rain forest rain kills the crops and they don't want the farm anymore. Also they make timber for houses. That is why that is bad for killing trees. Because trees, plants and animals don't want to die. We humans put these animals in danger, cutting trees more and making the world a bad place from garbage, killing animals and cutting trees and we got to do something about it. 

Bye see you soon enough. Jillian