Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oregon Again

Hello again. How so you like the story of Howard the dog? Well today I am at Oregon,Portland again. I am so spoiled right now well because I went to this trampoline place twice,I also get to have a toy,and doing a craft, and also I went here for Easter,and I got pet shops, and the kids are going to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. I am very spoiled. Guess what I have a littlest pet shop lion, ostrich, and monkey. I named the lion King Obada and named the ostrich Jennifer and named the monkey Scrambled. It came with a bamboo bench, a purple hat, a banana, a crown, a pond, postcards, a sticker, and binoculars. I gave the purple hat and the banana to Brooklynn my sister. She took forever to find her toy. She got pet shops too. But different. She got a yellow seal, a blue mouse, and a pink cat. We are lucky. The End.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Howard the Dog

Hello today I rescued a dog named Howard. Here's how the story started. It was a storm with lightning and thunder and hard rain and I was playing with my Nintendo D.S. Suddenly Brooklynn my sister found a dog outside in the storm. Mom went to go get it but she decided to put it in the garage because we have cats. We went in the garage with mom and she got the dog! We looked the collar his name was Howard and mom called the first number on the collar. Nobody answered so she did the last one. Somebody called! The owner said,"Hello this is Bruce."mom said,"Hello we found your dog Howard he was on the streets in the terrible storm and my daughter has saw it would you come pick it up?"Bruce said,"Thank you I will come over I am at the other side of town". Me and Brooklynn played with him for 10 minutes then Brooklynn was bored and went inside while I stayed the rest of the time. After 30 minutes Bruce was here we brought back Howard. Now that I was writing my post I saw Howard again! So I got my flip flops on and Brooklynn and mom came with me we brought Howard home and now Brooklynn is watching the window for Howard again. The End. How was that story? Bad dog. This happened on April the 21th in 2011