Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hey! Have you heard about DragonVale?! It's the best IPad or IPhone or IPod Touch game ever! It's an app on the app store and it's boring at first but it's fun when you go higher levels. Anyway so what you are supposed to do is take care of dragons you bred or bought. You can feed them with food and buy decorations for your park and buildings. You can also get gems to make things go faster but getting gems is hard so save up on them! Next of all you can also buy more gems but sadly, with real live money. I have a picture below of DragonVale. P.S. You can even buy islands!

See you! Jillian :)!


HI! So I"m so sorry that I haven't written again it's just that school started again and I'm in fifth grade now. And there is way more homework to do! Next year I'm going to middle school! Okay anyway my cat Fuzzy he's fine! He just had a respiratory infection. And he got better.

Next also have you seen Hotel Transylvania? That movie is awesome! I can even make Dracula's voice also! Like "Welcome to Hotel Transylvania!" or "I am Dracula blah blah blah I do not say blah blah blah." And also my uncle Brian designed all the characters faces. He's pretty good at it? And if you like Cloudy of a Chance of Meatballs then you have luck. The next movie is Cloudy of a Chance of Meatballs 2! It turns out everybody goes to a planet and meet animals made of food! Like the Tacodile. Which is half Crocodile and half Taco! Their mouths are tacos while the rest of their body is of course a crocodile. Just a simple update on the next movie.

Next I might not post back in a while because my aunt and my uncle which my uncle is coming tomorrow will be staying at my house for a while. My aunt is from Germany, and my uncle from California. So yup.

Also deer are everywhere in my backyard. My cat sleeps in a plastic bag and in a suitcase a lot right now. And also burritos are awesome!

Kay kay gotta go!